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Ad Optimization

UPDATE: We have a real, grown-up website now so please click over here to sign up and find out more!

Hi! Kelly here!

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re interested in making a little more money on your ads. Before you sign up for help, let me share all details with ya!

My husband Andy has been helping me and other bloggers optimize their ads. (This includes setting us up on DFP, but it’s much, much more than just that.)
He has what I think is a pretty brilliant way of helping bloggers maximize their CPMs. (CPM = money you make per pageview.) With my blog, he optimized my ads and I saw an immediate increase – maybe 50%, but that’s just a guess. But after he set it up, he kept working at it: testing and tweaking the layering, placement and networks and it continues to grow. He made a change last week that saw another ~20% or so increase. He’s really digging deep into the research, like the other day he sorted through historical adsense data to find some tricks for more optimization.

At first he was helping get bloggers set up on DFP and then sort of handing the reins back over to them. He was always excited to help people get immediate increases, but also a little frustrated because he knew he could do better if he could keep testing and making changes.

He knew he could do so much more if it’s a continual process, and he loves the idea of making it easy for bloggers who don’t want to have to mess with this stuff (ahem: me).

He wants to make it so we can focus on creating amazing content and driving traffic, without having to learn DFP or deal with the networks or any of that.
He’s offering a service where he pretty much takes the reins of the ads (just like he has done for me) and works on the behind the scenes all the time, testing, tweaking, changing, maximizing – and you would just sit back and collect the check. If you needed any changes or wanted to look into a new network or whatever, you could just shoot him a note and he’d take care of it.

The best part (that I’m SO excited about) is that he wants to do it without charging you anything. It would cost nothing, ever, and his only payment would be that he would place an ad at the very bottom of your blog, actually below the footer. (I have that ad on my site, and you actually have to scroll past the footer a good bit to see it. Go ahead – scroll down and check it out.) That ad would be his only payment for the continual work of optimizing your ads for as long he’s your ad guy, but a minimum of one year. The better-optimized your whole blog becomes, the better that ad performs for him, so he’s incentivized to do great work for you. (Plus he’s just an overachiever anyway!)


Of the blogs that Andy has had optimized for more than a month, the average increase has been 239% – (That’s not a typo!) – with the lowest increase at 13% and the highest at 1112%! Crazy, huh?


Andy sees how hard I work on the blog and how important it is to make sure you’re squeezing every dollar out of every pageview, so he definitely would only want to help if he thinks he can make a big difference for you in your earnings. He’d want to check out your site and make sure he could really help you first. Right now he’s only able to take on new blogs with at least 250,000 monthly pageviews.

(He doesn’t do DFP setups for a fee, because DFP is not a “magic bullet” solution to making more money, and it can make things more complicated and actually hurt your income if it’s not monitored and adjusted correctly.)

If you’d like to have him look over your site and move forward with it, you can fill out this little form below and he’ll get back in touch with you in a day or two. Before you do that, though, make sure you read over the contract right here. It’s short and it’s plain english. 🙂

Just a warning: Andy has a waiting list right now and it will likely take a while before he can get to your blog. Once you’re approved and you send him your data, you’ll secure your place in line.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ page here.

UPDATE: We have a real, grown-up website now so please click over here to sign up and find out more!

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