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Ad Optimization FAQs

I filled out the form. What happens next?
Andy will review your site and see if he thinks he’ll be able to help you out. He’ll email you in a week or two and let you know. If he’s able to take you on as client, he’ll add you to his waiting list. Your place on the waiting list is determined by your application date, how big of an impact on your income he thinks he can make, and your monthly pageviews. Currently there’s a high demand and a long waiting list but Andy hopes to help optimize as many people as he can, as quickly as he can.

When he gets close to working on your ads he’ll send you a spreadsheet which you’ll fill out with your ad network data.

What is AdThrive?
That’s the name of Andy’s business.

What type of increases should I expect to see?
Every blog is different, so there’s no way to say for sure what you’ll gain specifically, but of the blogs that Andy has had optimized for more than a month, the average increase has been 239%, with the lowest increase at 13% and the highest at 1112%! (That’s not a typo!) Your increase will depend on how optimized your ads are already and which ad networks you’re a member of.

How long will it take to see an increase?
It depends on the ad networks you’re running. Most people see increases starting the day after Andy sets them up. BlogHer blogs take as many as five days to start running the new backfill ads, and sometimes there’s a temporary dip in income during that time. Some blogs take a few weeks and some trial and error to get fully set up, but the majority of blogs will see increases within a day or two of setup.

I’m on BlogHer. Can Andy still help me?
Andy is very familiar with BlogHer’s terms and conditions and works with many BlogHer blogs. He’ll still be able to optimize your layering in a way that follows their requirements.

I use (fill in name of ad network.) Can Andy work with it?
Yep. Part of the service he’s offering is to research and familiarize himself with the available ad networks and their terms and conditions. He might even recommend new networks to you that he thinks might pay better than what you have.

Why doesn’t Andy charge for this service?
No worries! He’s getting paid for his work. When he places an ad on your site, that ad works just like all the other ads on your site, except it’s in his name. For every pageview that your blog receives, his ad also gets a pageview, and his ad networks pay him for those impressions. We love this setup because it allows everyone to make more money – you make money through your increased CPMs and he makes money through that ad – but there’s never any cash exchanged.

Will the ad that Andy runs on my site serve Adsense?
Nope. His ad doesn’t run adsense so that you can still run three paying adsense ads elsewhere on your site. He won’t use any networks that take away from your CPMs at all.

Will my data be shared?
We’re working on a privacy policy which will have details about this, coming soon! In short, your data will only be shared in the aggregate – for example, we might say that AdThrive clients as a whole gain an average x% increase. If you choose to opt into the new AdThrive ad network – more info coming soon! – your stats and data may be shared with potential advertisers. Other than that, it stays within AdThrive. The security of your login info is critical to AdThrive. It’s saved in an encrypted, password protected file.

Will Andy make big changes to my site without telling me?
Absolutely not. When he first sets up your blog, he’ll make recommendations for your ad placements, but he won’t make any visual changes without your permission. Once the placements are optimized, most of his work will involve changing which ad network’s ads appear in those slots – changes that won’t be visible to your readers.

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