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Marley: Discerning, Prudent, Shrewd

Sometimes I catch my dog Marley staring off into the distance, pensive. Deep thoughts weighing heavily on her mind.
Black dog looks at water

She’s so wise.

I think she ponders her future, and future of all mankind. If she could talk, she would have much to say about the state of the global economy, original sin, the environment and the falling value of the dollar.

Her outside perspective on the human condition, I expect, would be so enlightening as to erase nearly all controversy from even the most controversial of subjects.

“Wow,” we would all think, astonished. “Why has no one yet framed these issues in such a modern, intellectual way? Surely there is no longer a need for war.”

But alas: simple biology prevents her from being able to broadcast her observations.

Sometimes she sighs heavily and collapses, distressed, into a heap on the floor.
Black speckled dog face

That’s the weight of her convictions.

It’s a heavy burden, you must realize, to know that you carry the solution for man’s greatest difficulties, but cannot share them.

Just look at her:
Dog face brown eyes
The wheels are turning, can’t you see? Look how she philosophizes. She understands The Trinity.

She is so deep, that dog.

Such a tragedy that though she wishes she could communicate to us the keys to world peace and the end of world hunger, her life is spent napping, pooping and fetching.

A grievous squandering of rare brilliance.

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  1. Hahaha, love it. And so true. My pup, Maggie has been stuck in the cone of shame after some stitches a few weeks ago… i think that just intensifies her view of the world, her ability to listen to my thoughts and see everything in a different light. And run into walls.

  2. I saw Marley on your patio post today and I had to search to see if you’d written about her! She is my dog’s TWIN! What kind of dog is she? (My Army Dog was a Lab & Catahoula cross). I’ve never seen another dog that looked SOOOOO much like Army – it’s crazy! 🙂

    PS – I love your blog – I found you through Pinterest, but then I found out that you’re related to my friend Angie here in San Antonio… small world! 🙂


  1. […] we moved all over the country for my job. It was mostly a place to talk about important things like how my dog can save the world and end world hunger — until that all […]

  2. […] Andy warned me not to fall in love with her, but we both knew where this was going. I was living in an apartment where pets weren’t allowed, with two more years of college in front of me and just getting used to the feel of an engagement ring around my finger. But 12 hours on the road was more than enough time for the hot puppy breath scent and warm weight of her soft fur cuddled up beside me to seduce me and meld us together. We got home and found my mom didn’t want another dog, but it didn’t matter – it was already clear who she belonged to. Andy didn’t even fight it; he made space in his house with his roommates and she settled in to the craziness just perfectly. Her laid-back, easy-going demeanor earned her the name Marley, after Bob of course. She was the perfect dog: no awkward crotch-sniffing, no accidents, just full-on puppy enthusiasm and wholehearted desire to please. (And, of course, supernatural wisdom about the workings of the world.) […]

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