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Snowy Sunday

Sunday started out cold and rainy, the kind of weather that makes you stay in bed a little longer, and makes pajamas seem like the only attire appropriate for the occasion.

We woke slowly, enjoying the long morning. (*Cough* We may or may not have skipped church. *cough*) Then, the snow began to fall – first in tiny flakes that still might’ve been rain, then heavier, until they were huge, thick balls of snow swirling around our house.

I tried to take a picture, but couldn’t quite capture how heavy the snow was falling. I kept thinking, I should go outside and get a picture of the front of the house! But every time I opened the door and felt the cold wind and wet snow, it seemed like a VERY bad idea.

Marley felt the same way. She kept standing at the door and looking out like she needed to go. But every time we opened the front door, you could see her go “Whoa! What?! Heck NO I’m not going out in that.” And she would cross her legs and do the “I gotta pee” dance until she forgot how bad it was outside, then repeat the whole exercise again.

This picture was taken when it first started snowing. Later, the snow began to stick and blanket our new yard… it was beautiful.
Looking out the window to snow silhouette
Since the weather outside meant we weren’t going to be productive at all outside the house, we decided to be productive inside. And you know we’ve got TONS to do in our house.

So – time for a house update! I just checked back to see when my last update was. December? November? Nope. SEPTEMBER! Wow. And we’re STILL not finished with our hardwood floors.

But that’s okay, because we are making progress! Since the last update, we completely gutted the kitchen. Recall the kitchen before we moved in:
Kitchen needs tlc
After tearing out the half-wall, most of the old cabinets, the popcorn ceilings and the flooring, it looked like this. (That is: a construction site.) See that nice hole in the ceiling? That’s courtesy of our unexpected leak a few months ago.
kitchen under construction
Today, the kitchen looks different than even that. The new half-wall is in, along with ALL the new cabinets. And the floors in the kitchen are complete! But I’m not home now and I don’t have a picture, and thus my blog suffers again! *Sigh.*

To make up for it, I do have a before-and-almost-after! This was the guest bathroom before we moved in. I’m still really bummed that you can’t see the ballet slipper border that graced this bathroom.
Pink bathroom
Since then, we ripped out the flooring and Andy laid slate tile. We took out the old vanity, mirror, nasty toilet and the old bathroom hardware. It looks like this now:
bathroom dark wood vanity and mirror
Another view. It’s hard to take a nice picture of a small room!
Tan bathroom gray shower curtain
And a closer shot of the beautiful floors installed by my multi-talented husband.
Slate tile floors running bond
Next up: countertops get installed Thursday! That will (hopefully) bring an end to this season of our life, in which the only options for meals come from the microwave or my mom. It’s going to be life-changing!

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