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My Favorite Distraction

It’s my favorite little secret, and it strikes at just the right moments.

I’m sitting in a long meeting where the topic doesn’t apply to me, frantically trying to keep myself awake and entertained. I’ve tried reading emails on my Blackberry. I’ve checked Facebook and Twitter. I’ve counted the ceiling tiles and found the misspellings on the powerpoint slides. I’ve even played a full game of Brickbreaker on my phone, started a new one, gotten bored and put the phone down.

The speaker drones on but the clock seems unchanged. I’m desperate.

Then, movement! The baby is awake, and he wants me to know about it. First, a little kick, then he begins his gymnastics routine. I stare down at my lap and watch as my belly shifts and moves. I cover it with my hand and enjoy feeling his little parts glide by.

My baby and I have a little moment, a connection – privately – surrounded by people who have no idea what’s happening.

I’m smiling, and no one knows why. It’s my own little secret, and it’s my favorite part of pregnancy.

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  1. Enjoy him while hes still easy to care for.

  2. so sweet and so true…there are definitely times where I miss those moments!

  3. Yay God, thank you for giving us a baby,give him victory over his sin nature.

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