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After Pics: the Guest Room

Update: We’ve made some changes to this room which you can see here.

Well, some might call it a guest room. My mother-in-law calls it her Georgia bedroom, and I love that.

You might remember this room from our first “before” shots. What we knew at the time was that there were mysterious gross things stuck to the wall (which were a lot harder to remove than we expected!).

What we didn’t know when I first posted this photo was the depths of disgusting hiding under the carpet. You can see the stained carpet in this photo, and you can assume the worst from the color and nature of the stain. And you’d probably be right.
Foreclosure room with feces in carpet
What we soon learned when we pulled up the carpet was that the nasty poo goo had soaked straight through the carpet, straight into the floor boards and made them mildewy and, well, steeped in poop. Nice.

I can’t decide if the previous owners had locked their animals here and refused to clean the mess, or just mistaken this room for another bathroom? Because it’s not. It’s definitely not a bathroom.

We ripped out and replaced the nasty floorboards, ripped up and replaced the carpet, scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, added crown molding and a new light fixture, repainted everything, and installed new windows and window treatments.

Wait, don’t just skip through that paragraph. This was a lotta work! (And this was one of our EASIEST rooms to renovate!)

This is where it stands today:
Bedroom: Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Pain, Black Headboard, Ceiling FanChinese Chippendale Chair, Silk Curtain Drapes in a BedroomWhite Chinese Chippendale Chair in a BedroomSoft Blue-Green Bedroom with Black Furniture
Is it finished? Well, no. I still want to find a fancy little dresser for the wall opposite the bed, and a few more things, but:

  1. It is habitable.
  2. There is no visible or hidden human or animal excrement.

…and therefore it has met my standards for a guest room.

Update: We’ve made some changes to this room which you can see here.

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  1. I L.O.V.E. love this room! Straight out of a magazine! (secretly I hope you unveil it's neighboring spa- I mean- bathroom next!)

  2. Funny, but my favorite thing might be the bamboo blinds.

  3. Um, wow!! Can I come stay?! 😉 This is gorgeous!! Love the colors – and you said you weren't good at colors!! Way to go.

  4. Im loving your before and afters. I know exactly the amount of work that goes into removing carpets and scraping paint off and repainting. So. Much. Work. but thats ok because it follows with So. Much. Drinking! Or is that just me 😉

  5. That's quite a before and after. Looks amazing now.

  6. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    where did you get those curtains? I love them!

  7. Thanks! They're from Bed Bath and Beyond. I really love them – they're great insulators too!

  8. Kat from California says:

    and that was the best room? wow. I'm guessing you got the house for a good deal. It's beautiful!!! Where did you get the blinds?

  9. Hi There,

    I love your style and love the colour on the walls of your room. What brand of paint and what colour is it?

    • Thanks! It’s Benjamin Moore Warm Caviar. I LOOOOVE the color so much because it changes all throughout the day, and when people visit my home for the first time, they sometimes debate with each other over what color it “really” is. 😉

  10. hmm… Warm Caviar doesn’t sound good but the color is BEAUTIFUL! And now they don’t list it! They have a Deep Caviar but it’s dark brown. Dang it.

  11. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    i love the fuzzy sheepskin! We have a similar one in brown in our bedroom. The texture just adds warmth and coziness.

  12. Beautiful job! Where on earth did you find that headboard?! My husband just got stationed at a new base which means furnishing a new home on the cheap. Absolutely loving the before and after shots.

    • Thanks so much! It actually came from walmart of all places. 🙂 It was super cheap, I can’t remember exactly but definitely under $100. Best wishes on the move and thanks so much for serving!


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