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Beginning the Nursery {It Never Did Become a Workout Room…}

Rewind a year and a half. We’re house-hunting when we stumble upon The One. It needs help, but has good bones. The master bedroom is huge, and just across the hall, there’s another bedroom.

It is your standard box, plus a solid layer of nasty that matches the rest of the house.
Nursery - Before
Terrified of pregnancy/labor/babies/change, I declare this extra room to be The Workout Room.

My parents and mother-in-law call it The Nursery. Very prematurely.

We give this room the works (you’ve heard it all before: repaint, remove popcorn ceilings, remove and replace carpet and windows, yada yada), throw our desk in there and use it as a temporary office.

Today, it is becoming The Nursery.

I’m going to post one part of the nursery at a time, since it’s still not complete, but it’s really coming along, promise!

Step one: paint. (No pics of this step, see step 2 for reason.)

Step two: hate the color you chose, cringe and ask husband to repaint. (This is standard practice in our home.)

Step three: hate the second color you chose, but settle. Wait. Decide you actually like it after all.

Step four: order and assemble crib.
Building Graco Lauren Espresso CribGraco Lauren Espresso Crib
Step five: score matching dresser (that will double as a changing table) at Ikea, spend entirely too much time assembling (in mismatched pajamas), and admire Ikea’s your handiwork.
Ikea Espresso Dresser/ExpressoStep six: Complete closet remodel, courtesy of resident handyman. (See that post here!)

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  1. It is hard to tell on a computer, but from what I can see I love the color!!! Getting excited to see pictures of your little one!

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