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Nursery: Building a Built-in Front-Facing Bookshelf Wall

Having known Weston for a little over two weeks now, a few things are already clear.

He’s pretty much the smartest, strongest, cutest baby ever.

So his future probably includes male modeling, playing football at the University of Georgia, and a profession in either medicine, law or astrophysics. (We’re going to let him choose which of those three professions, because we want him to live his own dreams, you know.)

To help him get a jumpstart on becoming valedictorian, we wanted build him a sweet set of built-in bookshelves.

And because it’ll be at least two more weeks before he can read the spines of books, we made the bookshelves front-facing, like you used to have in your kindergarten classroom.
Building a Front-Facing Bookshelf/Bookshelves for a Nursery
(I really, really like being married to a handy kind of guy.)
Front-Facing Built-in Bookshelves in a Nursery/Kids Room
Last step: painting them out!
Painting Trim Color on a Front-Facing Bookshelf Wall
Ta-da! The crib, and later his bed, will go in the center.
Front-Facing Built-in Bookshelf/Bookshelves in a Kids Room/Nursery, Book Storage Solutions, Ideas
Now that the construction jobs are complete, it was time to decorate! (My fave!) I found this adorable little print on, and it became “my inspiration.” (It feels so presumptuous to say that. I’m not sure why.)

I really liked it because Andy reminds me of a turtle. (I don’t know why, but if Andy was an animal, he’d be a turtle.) And I loved the owl, so I knew we could do cute things with it.

…Like paint a little owl mural, courtesy of my mom, who is so talented and good at this. She drew a perfect oval on the wall freehand, for crying out loud!
Painting an Owl Mural
And together we designed this little owl-in-a-tree mural, seen underway here:
Painting an Owl in a Tree Mural on a Nursery Wall
But once we got going on that mural, it was so cute that we had to do a few more. Next nursery post will show them completed, just days before little Weston made his grand entrance!

…and just for kicks, a sweet picture of my little man:
Baby on Sheepskin

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  1. Nice wall shelving design! And painting details (You mean that one does not have to just roller paint right over the electrical wall outlet cover plate?).

    Seriously LAST WEEK our 'little man' had his own custom room at home. Today, he is a 21 year old Industrial Engineering major and a senior in college. Yesterday, he studied abroad for a year at two universities in Australia. Four years ago (beginning his college freshman year), I made a note on my calendar, "Last night at home …". I could tell you the exact date.

    God bless your lives. Do enjoy your 'little man' in his room now and then also enjoy him later when it all changes


  2. Angela Olson says:

    Hey! Any chance you could tell me how you made those awesome shelves. My hubby is not naturally handy, but he can follow directions:) LOVE them!

  3. Do you have a link to that print on Etsy?

  4. Please, can we see a tutorial for the bookshelf so I can make one myself? Pretty pleeeaaassse?

  5. Can you please send me directions for the bookshelf as well?


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