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The Nursery: Not quite finished, but good enough for now

Here’s a newsflash: it’s not easy to run out on a quick shopping trip with a one-month-old guy following you around.

So Weston, it’s definitely your fault that your nursery has stalled out at “good enough for now,” and might not get to “completely finished” for some time.

But here it is for now:
Green Boy Nursery with Owl Wall Murals
See that little speck on the wall, above and to the left of the pictures? That’s this guy, which my mom drew:
Tiny Bee Mural in Green Baby Boy Nursery
These are Weston’s little owl and turtle pals, who will hang out with him during his nap time… when he finally starts using this room.
Owl, Turtle, Snail Art in Green Baby Boy Nursery
Valance Curtains in Green Baby Boy Nursery
That picture between the windows, which you cannot hope to see in this photo, is another little owl playing drums. I hope someday Weston rocks out on the drums like his mom used to, except much better than I ever did. Because what I used to do on the drums probably doesn’t even qualify as rocking out. If I could’ve found a photo of an owl pole vaulting (like Andy used to do), I would’ve been all over that too.

Below that is a little mushroom mural. Andy is concerned this will lead to Weston being a little TOO into mushrooms someday, but I say let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.
Tan Glider and Owl Tree Mural in Green Baby Boy Nursery
Someday, the glider will also have a super cute side table and lamp, and above the dresser will be a little collage of frames which Andy is currently building.

Here’s a shot of the little guy enjoying his room:
Baby Boy in Glider with Stuffed Owl
By the way, will you PLEASE look at that tiny owl pillow that’s sitting next to him? Have you ever seen anything cuter, ever? (Aside from the baby?) Seriously you guys. Seriously.

And doing a little light reading from his glider:
Baby Reading Guess How Much I Love You Book in Glider

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  1. Bo, Emily, and Emma Catherine says:

    Kelly, please come tell me how to decorate my house – in all your spare time! Seriously, Weston's room is awesome! And Bo is inspired by the book shelves. So when we have our next baby (hopefully soon!) will you please help me design a seriously cute nursery like Weston's? Love it!

  2. Love the owls…and that pillow is adorable!!! So much fun!

  3. Looks great, and he is too sweet. Hope to meet him soon!

    Carrie & Demian

  4. It looks great, Kelly! And is it just me or has Weston doubled in size?!! I wanna see more pics of that boy. How are you doing? Ok, I guess, seeing as how you're posting blogs, right?! 😉

    love and miss you!!

  5. Emily, don't tease me 🙂 Let's get a little Lane on the way and it would be SO much fun to do another nursery! Angie, he is growing exponentially right before our eyes! I can't believe it! I do need to get more pics up – coming soon!

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