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Emo baby

If you’re only a couple months old, life is full of extreme ups and downs. Delay your breakfast for a moment too long, and the world will come crashing down! But after a full tummy and a long nap, the intense joy can overwhelm your soul.

Weston experiences a broad range of emotions just from watching the mobile on his swing go in circles. Just when you think you’ve got that thing figured out, it goes in another circle!

I think this was the series of thoughts going through Weston’s mind this morning:

Hey! It’s my swing mobile! Sa-weet!

Whoa, hold up. That little hanging bear is getting straight-up CHASED by those fluffy stars.

Hey bear, look behind you!

That hanging star is gaining on you, bear!


Sock that fluffy star right in the kisser!

Wait a sec. Now it looks like the fluffy stars are chasing the bear! I do not get it.

Maybe they’re all dear friends!

The world is a happy place after all.

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  1. Hes TOO cute!!!

  2. loved the blog. One of the best. Loved the actor, he knew each line and played the part perfectly. I was totally engrossed in the performance and lost all track of time. I will surely see any sequels that are coming in the near future and give him five stars.

  3. Andy sent us the link today, which made me laugh when I was dealing with children who were not that funny. 🙂 Thanks! Enjoy every minute! -Gretchen

  4. Thanks Gretchen! And thanks for all the cute stuff from your little boy!

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