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100 projects

The other day after arriving at our (perhaps slightly disheveled) house and stepping over various random piles of wood, tools and furnishings, my mom casually commented, “Looks like you have a lot of projects going on right now.”

What that really means is: this place is crazy! Can’t you guys finish one thing before starting another?

No. No, we can’t.

We also can’t corral all the pieces into one place that is not right where you walk in the front door.

Right now we have multiple projects in work:

one “simple” headboard re-upholstery job that quickly snowballed into building an entire new bed from scratch…

refinishing and re-upholstering two antique chairs I picked up with intentions to refinish, oh, two years or so ago…

(Have I mentioned that I have…

never re-upholstered anything?

Also, never refinished a single piece of furniture?

But now have two upholstery jobs in work at once, without completing one of them first to see if I can even fake my way to an actual finished job?

No? Hmm.)

Also, building and recovering a new light fixture…

and decorating. Always decorating. We have a new media cabinet to replace the good ol’ table-covered-with-a-sheet that we pretended could pass for grown-up furniture. But a new media cabinet means a new thing to decorate! (*Yay!*)

Posts on our projects coming soon! I’ve been taking lots of pics along the way, to document all the tomfoolery around here. (You’re welcome, Andy. He loves it when I can find times to use the world “tomfoolery.” We’re trying to get it to become part of everyone’s vocab, like “off the chain” did back in 1995. Spread the word!)

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  1. Bo, Emily, and Emma Catherine says:

    Love this post! Exactly how I feel right now with us preparing to move upstairs. Who would even think you would need to "prepare" to move upstairs in a house you are already living in? Maybe we just have to much junk. And on top of that, I'm nesting like crazy! So here we are organizing, clearing the clutter, trying some diy projects, planning new layouts for all our furniture, dealing with toys my toddler leaves every where, and oh yeah, the normal up keep of a house! At least I know that if you stop by, you will understand where we are coming from ;o)

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