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Sofa Table

One thing my living room is missing: lamps.

During the day, you’d hardly notice.
Living room: tan sectional, fireplaceLiving room: tan sectional, leather ottoman
But if you plan to do anything task-related on the sofa after dark, you should probably bring your night-vision goggles. And unfortunately, there was just no good place to actually put lamps.

So, I put in an order: one super-long, very skinny sofa table please. Doesn’t need to look like anything special, because it’ll be mostly hidden. In fact, I want it to almost disappear.

Coming right up!

So Andy whipped this guy up for me:
DIY sofa tableDIY sofa tableThrew the sofa in front if it, and I’m all set!
Styled/decorated sofa table behind tan sectional sofaStyled/decorated sofa table behind tan sectional sofa
The only thing it’s missing? Um, lamps.

Why do I always see hundreds of lamps I love and want when I have no place for them, but now that I have this table specially built for a beautiful pair of lamps… I can’t find anything I remotely like? TJ Maxx, please get on this stat.

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  1. raddesigning says:

    Love this! definitely a huge improvement to the space. and much cheaper than hitting up West Elm for the same thing just $400 more expensive!

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  3. How do your curtains function with the table? I have a sofa in front of 4 windows almost the exact same height. The window treatments are sheer curtains with heavy opaque curtains layered on top. I usually open and close them daily.

    • We have the sofa table set a little bit away from the windows and curtains, so they still open and close easily. Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Hi! Love this, as this is a similar layout of my couch/window. How do you prevent the table and couch from moving around? Thanks!


  1. […] are clinging to their last days here until I can replace them with something I like better. The sofa table that Andy custom-built to hide behind our old sectional is now a little too big for the new sofa, so we’ll also have […]

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