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Least Grandma-ish Thing Ever: My Plate Wall

It’s controversial. It’s divisive. It tears families apart.

It’s my plate wall.

Andy and I have a standing “disagreement.” He believes walls-o-plates are grandma-ish, while I – having seen lots of incredible plate displays in beautiful rooms (see below) – know he’s wrong.

I present to you my first piece of evidence, from Apartment Therapy:
Plate Display from Apartment TherapyThis gorge room (not sure where it’s from!):
Dining Room Plate Wall, Symmetrical
Or this beautiful display, from Casa Sugar:
Blue and White Plate Wall Display, Random
All decidedly non-grandma-ish, yes?

Note that my husband declined to mention this concern while I was carefully collecting fun plates in whites, blues and greens from yard sales and thrift stores. (Almost all were under a buck!)

Once the plate wall was up, I promised him I would take his concern under consideration, and get other opinions. Both our moms weighed in, as did friends and visitors. (Unfortunately, at least half of those people I asked are grandmas, giving Andy the ammunition he needed.)

But that’s okay, because I love it, and it’s up and finished. Ta-da!

Symmetrical Plate Arrangement Wall Display, Blues and Greens

Anchoring the display is a giant black sleeping dog, who doesn’t seem to understand that she’d have more room if she didn’t lay in her bed sideways.

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  1. That is my lease favorite wall in our whole house!

  2. Aww, Andy, it'll grow on you. 😉 I for one, love it and I'm not a grandma yet… And I would LOVE to know how you hung those beautiful finds…

  3. Erin @ My Rented House says:

    Found you through Centsational Girl's feature on your headboard–we've done some reupholstery, and I sympathize with your pain and frustration! Looks like the pain was well worth it, though–your end product is fabulous!

    And oh–I love your sense of humor. Gotta like a creative AND funny blogger. 🙂

  4. I found you through Centsational Girls blog as well. I agree with Erin- you are hilarious. Adding you to my blog list.

  5. I love this idea! Now if I can convince my husband too. He did not get it when I mentioned the idea of plates on a wall.

    Your blog is fantastic, I stumbled on it as I was reading Centsational Girl's blog. thank you for sharing your home decor projects with such honesty and humor.

  6. Linda, good luck! 🙂 Let me know if you do a better job of convincing than I did!

  7. I am far from being a grandma, and I think your plates look great. They are way too cool to belong in an old lady's house.

  8. I love it, but you need more plates. If you notice the other plate walls were stuffed with plates. These should be closer together and have more. Make it a statement. A big bold statement. Add more plates.

    And Andy – bless you and your patience. My husband can commiserate. Our living room is yellow (think Italy or south of France) and my husband hates it.

  9. Shira, thanks for the tips! I think you're totally right that they would look much more fabulous as a bigger statement, but in my case, this was the only way I could get a certain someone to let me proceed. 🙂


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