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Wedding Weekend

In November, we went to Michigan to see my sister-in-law get married.

The wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun.

Weston had a lot to say during the ceremony, but with both Andy and me in the bridal party, there wasn’t much we could do except look on and smile!

(Weston wore a button-down shirt with a matching vest and tie. I died. So classy, that guy.)

The day before the wedding, I woke up with pink eye. Totally lame. But a quick trip to the urgent care center – thank you, health insurance! – and it started clearing up by the time the day ended. Still, it was embarrassing. No one hugs you when you have pink eye. I felt like I had eye herpes.

The day after the wedding, we watched Weston wake up from his nap in the hotel room, and caught him being freaking adorable. Look at this. One pacifier in the mouth, and one in his hand for safekeeping. That’s called being prepared, ladies and gentlemen.Baby holding multiple pacifiers

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