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Fabric, Wood, a Plan and Superman

So get this: I *made a decision* on the bed fabric and special-ordered it, with an expected wait of two to four weeks for it to come in.

Can we go back and acknowledge the part about me making a decision? That is thanks to you, my friends. Thanks for your input here; I went with the option you all voted on: Robert Allen Textured Weave in Sand.
Robert Allen Textured Weave Sand fabric sample
…and yep, I think you were exactly right. I’m applauding you and sending you virtual dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses. Because those say I love you, am I right? In a non-creepy way?

More good news: the fabric already here! Waiting at the fabric store for me to find a free half hour in my day. But here’s the sitch: free half-hour periods are pretty scarce around here.

We’ve got all the projects cookin’ at once:

  • Planning and preparing a birthday party for this guy, who turns one year old on Tuesday. Freaking crazy, that is. But that’s a post for another day. Like Tuesday.

Baby boy thinking

  • Cleaning and preparing our house for five family members who are coming to visit and help us celebrate next weekend. We’re pumped about the visit, less pumped about the slave labor we’ve imposed on ourselves to get the house ready. (I mean… how much will they care if the floor underneath the rug has been mopped? But it will mopped. It will be mopped.)
  • Throwing a baby shower for a sweet friend at church today.

Now please tell me why I thought I could do all these things in one weekend and not collapse on the couch today at 5 p.m., mostly dead, convinced I am more tired than anyone has ever been in the history of the world?

What has two thumbs and is decidedly not superwoman?


But! We only need one superhero in this family, and it’s not me. Check out all the goods that Andy managed to fit into our compact SUV yesterday:

SUV back packed full of lumber/wood, subaru forrester, subaru forester trunk space, internal space, internal volume, how much can you fit in an suv

There’s more on top!

Blue subaru forrester suv full of lumber

Part of the wood is for the bed, and part of it is for another project you’ll be hearing about very soon! That means, coming tomorrow: total bed supply list, costs and a headboard. I’ll see you here then. Same bat time.


Update: Check out the updated posts on this new bed as we:

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  1. laurenjanelle says:

    I am seriously impressed with the amount of lumber you fit in your suv and seriously jealous that I only have a compact car and could never attempt to bring lumber home in it.

    I've definitely had those "no one has ever felt this exhausted" days before. They're pretty satisfying actually because you feel somewhat justified to be on the couch at 5pm.

  2. Carol@TheDesignPages says:

    I feel your pain. I blame my bouts of over commitment to poor planning. I think I can do everything because I don't ever really calculate the number of hours involved. Do NOT mop under the carpet. Go get your fabric instead. You'll be much more satisfied and you can show it off to your family on the weekend:)…Carol

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