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Starting a DIY upholstered platform bed: Part 1


We’re finally going to start on our new bed – the resurrected version of this guy – and you can expect the full play-by-play so you can copy it, improve upon it, and send me pictures of your fabulous new bed that blows mine outta the water. (Update – see the whole project by following the links at the bottom of this post.)

Andy made me cross-my-heart pinky-swear that I would choose a fabric for this next bed that will last beyond this paint color, that I love, and that I know that I know that I know will work and make me happy for all time.


He obviously doesn’t know me very well. But alas.

I picked up a bunch of fabric pieces from Joann the other day, and thumb-tacked them to the wall in our bedroom, right above some very sloppy looking white pillows. Please forgive the sloppiness – I threw ’em against the wall and did not make much of an effort.

This I know: I love all-white bedding. It got me through those first weeks with a newborn when you have to wash the sheets every single day, and it didn’t fade… because it can’t. So whatever fabric I choose has to look okay with white bedding and the current wall color.

Here are the pieces I brought home to consider:


Robert Allen Eclipse Linen Natural Fabric Swatch

Robert allen – Eclipse Ln – natural. Reg price: $44.99

It’s pretty, but I’m just not sure how a large-scale pattern will look on the full bed with platform. I think it might be a little more awesome as curtains. Thoughts?


Robert Allen Binaria Sand Fabric Swatch

Robert Allen – Binaria – sand. Reg price: $34.99


It’s a lot like #1, but maybe a little too modern and a little too graphic for our room.



Sunbrella Grove Wren Fabric Sample

 Sunbrella – Grove Wren. Reg price: $129.99
This one looks cooler in person than it photographed, but I definitely want something lighter. Also, did you see that price? *Cringe.*

Burlap fabric swatch

 Good ‘ol all-American burlap. Reg price: pretty cheap… around six bucks I think. 
Please don’t think I’m crazy for considering burlap. I thought I was crazy until I saw this post – look at these gorgeous beds with burlap headboards!
The problem here is that my hubs is a textures kinda guy. If he doesn’t love the texture, it’s not gonna fly, and he ruled this one out right away because of its fabulous nubbiness. 
{I need more excuses to use the word “nubbiness.”}
He didn’t even care that it was suuuuuuper cheap, and when the “super-cheap” argument fails to win him over, I know it’s just not happening. I hope some of you will do the burlap thing and make it look ultra-glam.

Robert Allen textured weave snow fabric swatch

Robert Allen – Textured weave – snow. Reg price: $49.99
At this point, I was interrupted by someone who thought he needed to be in the photo while he drooled on my phone. Very helpful, bud. Thanks.
But back to the fabric: it’s such a glorious texture, but it read a little yellow against those walls and the bedding. (Kate at Centsational Girl used this exact fabric on her bed and it’s glorious.)

Robert Allen eclipse linen sand fabric swatch

Same as #5, but in sand.
This is probably my fave. Nice soft neutral that will probably stand the test of time (read: five minutes from now, when I usually start to hate things I bought). Same delightful texture as the one above.

Robert allen eclipse linen snow fabric swatch


Robert Allen Royal Damask Cloud fabric swatch
Robert Allen – Royal damask – cloud. Reg price: $79.99.

This is not it. A little to traditional and a LOT too matchy-matchy.

– – –

So those are the choices!

Important note: if you’re following along and building your own bed, now’s a great time to buy fabric from Joann – if that’s where you’re buying. It’s 50 percent off, plus you can use printable coupons to score an extra 20 percent before Feb 10!

Now, I need to hear your input, and here’s why. If together we all love the same fabric, and I order it and then regret it, my conversation with Andy can go like this:

Andy: You said you would love this fabric until the end of days!
Me: But honey, it’s not my fault – it was the BLOGOSPHERE!

And I’ll be resolved of all blame. Will you be my scapegoat? Which fabric would you choose?


Follow along with the whole tutorial on this post!

How to make your own DIY upholstered bed! Complete guide with materials, costs and step-by-step instructions!

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  1. My vote is for 6! It has texture that is simple enough to last for a while – maybe, it is Kelly we are talking about 😉

    Then I love 2 and 1 – in that order – for curtains if they look good with 6. It is hard to tell when you aren't looking at things in person 🙂

    It will be fabulous!! Good luck!

  2. Katie @ OhhBaby says:

    I personally love the last one. But that is only because I have an unhealthy obsession with damask prints! 🙂 But thats my vote!

  3. #6, for sure! It's the perfect color and the texture is amazing. I will happily take the blame if you hate it in a week 🙂

  4. I think I like #6 too, but I'm not the person to trust : ) But I also love #1 and think you need to use it for something…curtains, a chair, something!

  5. I really like the first one, but I can't tell on my monitor if it looks okay with the wall color.

  6. rindercella @ neatheringourfest says:

    I like #2 and #6 – can't wait to see what you pick!

  7. Erin @ My Rented House says:

    I love how the conversations you have with your husband sound EXACTLY like the ones I have with mine. He, too, makes me promise to never change my mind again. What a silly guy.

    Knowing my propensity for changing my mind, I would go with a subtle texture (like the burlap or #5-6), just because in theory that would not get on my nerves AS quickly as something with a larger pattern (say, 10 minutes as opposed to 5).

    I'd save the bolder patterns for curtains, since they'd be easier to change than a headboard…and would result in far fewer sheepish glances cast in my husband's direction, to which he would respond "NOW what?!" 🙂

  8. Aww, come on Andy, the burlap looks great and like it could go with many styles… 😉

    And I'm SO GLAD you said that about JoAnn Fabrics. What would I do without you? I'm redecorating my living room (finally! And no more couches so close together…I even got a new rug already!)….and I spend lots of time at Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics looking for curtains, but to no avail. And also curtains for my bedroom… Anyways, JoAnn was the only place I hadn't gone – thank you!!!

  9. I vote for snow! Love it and it will transition well with paint colors and other linen changes you might make later on down the road.

    Number 1 or 2 would look fabulous for curtains or throw pillows.

  10. I vote for # 6. Most versatile and has greater longevity (style wise)

  11. Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek says:

    Hey – I just found you by searching for binaria sand. You can get it here for 9.95 (or maybe less, they offer $3.99 sales to their email customers frequently.) I'm getting a yard for pillows for my living room.

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