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Stairway to Heaven

I have really smart friends. Smart, artsy, creative. I always say it’s wise to befriend people who have skills and talents you lack.

I don’t always say that. But I think it’s true.

In college, I had a friend, Mallory, who was an artist. A legit artist. I saw this incredible oversized piece she made, fell in love with it and wouldn’t stop pestering her until she let me have it. It’s EIGHT FEET TALL.
Oversized art piece: tree, leaves and sky on canvasMy knowledge of art and art collecting is about as in-depth as my knowledge of the mating habits of squirrels, but I think when you see a piece that you LOVE, that’s about all that matters.

(Update: Andy just read this post and offered to do a guest post on the Mating Habits of Squirrels. Which is just the kind of lifechanging education you’ve come to expect here at The View Along the Way.)

My friend titled the piece “Rising Above,” and said it was inspired by her desire to seek God in everything. I died. I loved it so much, I knew that it had to live at the top of my stairway, where it feels like you’re ascending into the sky when you reach the top of the stairs.

One tiny problem. My friend had to mail me the piece, so she rolled it up, stuck it in a tube and sent it my way. Because she used mixed media, the canvas had dried unevenly. I wish I had a better before shot (FAIL AGAIN! ARGH!), but you can (kinda?) see that at this point in our reno, it was hanging crookedly and didn’t even look square.
Oversized art piece at the top of stairsOkay, you can’t really see. Sorry. Promise: it was hanging weird.

So we whipped up this little frame using cheapo 1″ x 2″ inch boards.
DIY canvas frame

By “we,” I mean: I contributed by requesting that Andy build it, and then looking over his shoulder while did. Always happy to help, I am.

With the frame built, we wrapped the canvas around the frame and stapled it on, like wrapping a gift.
So much better!
I know art like this is not everyone’s cup-o-tea. Maybe you don’t love it, maybe you think it’s too huge or whatev. Totally cool with that. I love it every single day and it makes me a happy girl.

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  1. Carol@TheDesignPages says:

    I LOVE it. It's completely perfect exactly where you've hung it. You sure do have nice friends lady!

  2. What a beautiful painting with beautiful inspiration. I also love the placement of it at the top of your stairs, from below it looks like you can just climb right on up. 😀 Goregous!

  3. beautiful and meaningful…exactly what art should be. terrific piece!

  4. Erin @ His & Hers says:

    The very best art (in my opinion) is the meaningful and personal kind! So cool that it was made by a friend, too!

    (Who's excited for that post on the mating habits of squirrels?! It's just the kind of topic I look forward to learning about.) 😉

  5. The Lanes says:

    Thanks for posting. I have been meaning to ask you about this painting. Now that I know the story behind it, it is absolutely perfect for your house. Your friend is amazingly talented and your husband is very sweet! Love the painting and its new home!

  6. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home says:

    What a great piece of art. Anything that's original is good with me, even if it's from a toddler :). You asked where I got my fabric–I haunt Old Time Pottery and am able to find some great deals (you can't always get the amount you'd like though). Good luck!

  7. laurenjanelle says:

    I love that you made a custom canvas frame. Great idea.


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