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Bathroom Inspiration

Hidden within the deepest recesses of my house, behind a door which few may enter, lies a dark secret I’ve been hiding. It’s my master bathroom, and it ain’t pretty. We’ve been living in bathroom purgatory for *years,* and it’s time to fix it.


Starting with the countertops and floors. Can I tell you an amazing story with the happiest of endings?

Last week, Andy and I decided to check out the Habitat Restore in hopes that they would have precisely one carrara marble countertop, predrilled with sinks intact, that would exactly fit our bathroom, for a very reasonable price.

The Habitat Restore, if you’ve never been, has about three total bathroom countertops at any one time, and do you know what?

They HAD it!

They had precisely one carrara marble countertop, predrilled with sinks intact, that would exactly fit our bathroom — for a mere $240, and that day, countertops happened to be 20 percent off, making it only $200 for the countertop of my DREAMS.

Did I mention it was MARBLE?

I may or may not have squealed and danced right there in the ReStore, then TACKLED the nearest ReStore worker and ordered them to affix a “sold” sign to that countertop before I’d even found Andy and showed him.



And this is not a game. This is carrara marble.

I’ll have a “before” shot of our bathroom for you very soon, but first I want to show you all the inspiration shots that have been taking over my Pinterest account:


Marble, marble, marble. Floor to bright, shiny ceiling:



Maybe I can manufacture this view… with double glass doors… from my upstairs bathroom.



Wood floors, carrera countertops and amazing built-ins

Master Bathroom traditional bathroom



Gasp! Mirrored cabinet fronts! We could totally do this, right Andy? (*Batting my eyelashes furiously*)

Source: Dominique Vorillon for Coastal Living


Look at these amazing floors! WAY out of budget, for sure.

Designed by Christina Murphy. Source.


More warm wood floors

Designed by Brooke Giannetti. Source.


Herringbone walls! Sighhhhhhh….

Designed by Rebekah Sigfrids. Source.




So, the bathroom remodel is officially underway! I’m going to show you every step of the way, and I’m REALLY hoping you guys will give me lots of opinions so we can make *quick* decisions and get this baby turned around by this weekend.

BAHAHAHA. Okay. At least by 2013 or so. Shoot for the moon, that’s what I always say!


Huge THANK YOU to Carol at Design Pages for the Versatile Blogger Award! I love Carol’s blog in a major way – she’s SUPER funny, creative and knows her stuff! Thanks, Carol!

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  1. Carol@TheDesignPages says:

    Ooooh, you're making me blush! Love yours right back:) I had marble in our last house master bath. Do NOT leave a shampoo bottle on the counter. It will stain. Helpful tip #1. I'll be back with 2-200.

  2. Oh I'm so happy for you and jealous at the same time! Our Restore rarely has vanities and I desperately need one. I actually just put up a post about my bathroom purgatory! Except, I have yet to do anything to fix it. It is in a sad state, maybe I can go to the restore on my lunch break…

  3. rindercella @ neatheringourfest says:

    oooh i can't wait to see how it all comes out! i so so SO wish we had a habitat restore here! 🙁

    thanks for the shout out! i love your blog – you always crack me up – so it means a lot to feel the love back! 🙂

  4. Erin @ His & Hers says:

    Hey! Thanks for the mention! You know I love YOUR blog. 🙂

    I love the chevron floor in that last picture. Can't wait to see your before and afters!

  5. That herringbone wall is callin' my name. Too bad my name is Carrie and some rich chick somewhere named Carrie is laying (or watching someone lay, or paying someone to watch someone lay) cute little marble tiles in that oh-so-swoony pattern on their bathroom wall. Darn other Carrie's of the world.

  6. The Lanes says:

    I LOVE the counter top and cannot wait to see yours! Bo and I are going to look at a few houses this weekend. We will have to catch up soon!

  7. Just going through your most recent posts since I just became a follower.

    I keep meaning to go to the Habitat place here. I ALWAYS forget.

    I'm dreaming of a new master bath too. I'm hoping to at least make some cosmetic changes in the next couple of weeks.

  8. i, for one, am personally stoked about your bathroom reno.

  9. Great blog, how about links exchanging? Please contact me asap, Thanks.

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