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Happily “Insane”

I’m going way off-topic today to tell you how PUMPED I am that I finally finally


the Insanity workout program from start to finish!

Insanity is the most ridiculous, stupidly hard workout I’ve ever done. It’s 60 days of killing yourself, and ending up in a sweat-drenched pile of scorched muscles and accomplishment.

(Even though I could gush for hours about Insanity, this is absolutely NOT a sponsored post in any way. The links to the workout programs are affiliate links.)

I gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy, and pretty much the moment I walked out of the hospital, I wanted to get moving to get this junk OFF of me.

A good friend who I’ve known since high school told me about the Insanity workout. She had a baby not long before, and she looked ah-MAZ-ing. Even thinner than she was in high school! She had done the Insanity workout, and that’s all the encouragement I needed.

I started it at three months postpartum – after working up to it with the 30-day shred – and by the next month, I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight… and dropping. But I got off track, and didn’t finish it. I started back again to try to get in shape for sister-in-law’s wedding which was in November. I was about two weeks shy of finishing it when her wedding rolled around, and I felt amazing. Here I am at her wedding with my beautiful mother-in-law.

Feeling great should have been motivation to finish it right? Nope: as soon as I got home from her wedding, I ceased all physical activity and started eating every food-like-substance in sight. Not cute. I gained about seven pounds and lost all that strength I’d built up.

This is the longest story ever. I’m sorry! Back to the point. I started Insanity again in March, and today I am finished!

The workouts still kill me. They’re still hard and insane, but that’s what I love about this workout. You can always push yourself harder.

Anyway, so today, I am two pounds under my goal weight, five pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, and I feel GREAT. I’m not exactly at my ideal point yet, but I’m so happy with the progress.

I thought about posting before and after shots, because I love seeing other people’s before-and-afters, but you guys… I just don’t think I have the cajones, know what I mean?

I have a fitness inspiration board on pinterest, and sometimes I refer to it when I’m just not feeling the workout.

Have you done any workout programs like this before? Do you have any to recommend? I love hearing about good ones! And if you have good workout inspiration, I’m all ears!

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  1. Wow, way to go! So, is this something you do at home? I wonder how it compares to the P90x? Anyways, congrats on the weight loss and strength regained!! I SO need to do something…

  2. Thanks! I've done both P90x and Insanity. In my opinion, Insanity is better for fat-burning and P90X is better for muscle-building. I prefer Insanity, but I've known a lot of people to get great results with P90X. When I was in the middle of doing Insanity, I tried a p90x workout and found it to be a little too easy! I think 30-day shred is a great one to start with and get back in the habit of working out again.

  3. Now you have fully inspired me. I failed the Drop 10 Challenge because I think I started to soon after having Will. He's 14 weeks now so maybe I'll look into the 30 day shred and go from there. Oy. I may need you to yell at me every once in a while…especially since I'm done having kids and want this flab gone for good!

  4. Simply Kelly says:

    I've heard lots of good things about Insanity. Great job– it can be hard to stick with any program– I'm impressed!

  5. Wow. So much conviction just now! I had been doing so good about eating healthier and doing some workouts, lost a few lbs and was starting to see a change and feeling better about myself. Somehow, ice cream and burgers have been weaseling their way back into my diet. Well, you just gave me motivation to not settle! Summer Vaca is 2 weeks away! Pressure's on.

  6. InteriorGroupie says:

    wow congrats! This is the first I've heard about insanity. thanks for the tip!

  7. You go girl! Dedication like that takes a lot of willpower and motivation….so you should be proud of yourself for sticking with it! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  8. Carol@TheDesignPages says:

    Way to go girl! Way to rock the program. I had to laugh when I saw the inspiration about running as I sit here reading blogs telling my family I'm about to go for a run:) I'm going to check out the Insanity program. I've been doing TRX training lately and love it.

  9. I'm doing 30-Day Shred… only I can't seem to force myself to do it every day. Lol. Oh well.

  10. It's not nearly as intense but I love Zumba classes. I danced off my baby weight and then some!

  11. The Lanes says:

    I have been meaning to tell you thank you for posting this! We all need motivation sometimes and this post had perfect timing for me!

  12. I’m pretty late to this post, but I’d recommend Bonus that the whole site is free!


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