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Spray Paint Projects: Please Remove Glasses or Contacts Before Viewing

Remember in the last post, when we all agreed to squint and pretend things are perfect when looking at projects on this blog? (Your silence was agreement.)

That turned out to be a perfectly-timed *legally binding, contractual* agreement. Because today is about a project that did not turn out cute. But you won’t know that, because you’ll be squinting.

Here’s my old grandma pitcher, that I picked up from a yard sale for 25 cents. (The lady also threw in a free jack-in-the-box for my son, so lets call it free.)

I started by spraying her with a couple of very thin coats of white spray paint, letting it dry between coats like a normal, patient person would do.

Then, when the paint still wasn’t completely covering the flowers, I got crazy and wild-eyed, and attacked it with thick coats of spray paint that, of course, got all drippy and weird. Then, because patience is not my strong suit completely non-existent for me, I tried to sand off the drips before it was completely dry.

Cue ominous, foreshadowy music.

This is where I should have known to stop. But I didn’t. Because that would be logical. I got it to a point where it was almost okay, then decided to try my hand at a little monogram. I pulled out some navy blue acrylic paint, and decided to tape off an “M.”

A normal, patient person, knowing that I own painter’s tape, would have… found the painter’s tape. *I* chose to grab the nearest painter’s tape-like-substance, which was electrical tape.

Cue  LOUDER, more OMINOUS and SCARY music.

I taped off my “M” with electrical tape. (Stupid, stupid, stupid.)

Painted it with the acrylic paint.

Then removed the electrical tape… and the spray paint underneath it…. and ended up with this:

I tried to paint over the bad spots with white paint, but it just multiplied the ugly. Well, it would be ugly, but you’re squinting, remember?

See? It’s perfect! FLAWLESS even.

I’m going to sand it all off and try something different. (UPDATE: See how I rescued it temporarily here.) But I didn’t want to leave you on a bad (scary, awful) note. So…

LOOK OVER HERE! Something different!

(This is me being all frantic and doing jazz hands to distract you.) LOOK! It’s a birdcage!
That I got!
From the flea market!
For $3!

I painted it! LA LA LA! Things are fun!

Look! FLOWERS in it! Yay! Everything is GREAT!

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  1. Chandeen @ Designed by Chance says:

    Oh what a fun post. I make mistakes all the time. Some of those mistakes take me days to do and then they are useless, (if you want to read about that look up the bottle project on my blog). Anyway, no worries we all mess things up. Love the birdcage, and the vase does not look too bad either. 🙂

  2. The Lanes says:

    You are hilarious =) I honestly get excited when google reader shows a (1) beside your blog name and I know there is a new post to read. Thanks for being real Kelly! Happy Tuesday!!
    PS Lovin' that bird cage! And have you ever been to Last Chance thrift store on Thornton Road?

  3. I just did the SAME thing with tape over spray paint in an attempt to make stripes on a glass jar…it made a gross peely mess! I mean…it was perfect! (I was squinting, too, and I HAD to remove my glasses, otherwise they'd get a thin film of Rustoleum semi gloss gray on them) 😉

  4. InteriorGroupie says:

    Too funny!! Really bum luck with the electrical tape issue…I mean, who knew it would peel paint that badly right??? Your birdcage on the other hand looks absolutely fabulous – no squinting required!

  5. Carol@TheDesignPages says:

    I feel your pain sister. I have no patience whatsoever and can't wait for the 2 full minutes it takes something to dry. I think the pitcher looks great and I wasn't even squinting. LOVE the birdcage. You need to show me more!

  6. rosa @ flutterflutter says:

    Haha! Just found your blog, and am laughing because I just said the same thing in my last post! Squint, please. LOL.

  7. Oh my…you cracked me up! It’s fun to laugh when you find people exactly like you. 😉

  8. I Love It !!!

  9. You seriously crack me up the way you tell a story. And I related to every single part of this, including the “I’m ready to be done, let’s zap this sucker with a ton of spray paint!” and grabbing the first tape i could find. I love doing projects but sometimes a minute after I start them, I’m ready for it to be done so I might rush it along. I love how you ended on a positive note with the birdcage! 🙂

  10. I’ve had a long day (long week, really) painting walls in our old, ugly basement (trying to make it look better and not spend a lot of money) but it still looks horrible. I Googled “garage sale decorating” in hopes of inspiration, found your blog and ended up on this page. I giggled, and giggled, then laughed out loud reading this post ’till a few tears even came to my eyes (yes, I’m tired!). THANK YOU! LOVE IT! I NEEDED THAT!! I think I’m gonna keep reading! 🙂


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