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Yard Sale Fever

Yard sale fever has struck this household and it will not let go.

Where I live, we don’t have those fantastic thrift stores with interesting vintage furniture waiting to be restored. Our thrift stores have broken 80’s furniture and overstuffed black leather loveseats.

So we are expert yard salers. EXPERT.

Lately, I’ve been stocking up on some fantastic new things to take up space in our garage. I mean… to quickly refinish and start using immediately.

This little cart I picked up for $3 will someday have a fresh coat of paint and new life. (I’m thinking something fun and bright like Kelly Green?) As to where it will live in the house, I have huge plans… I just haven’t decided what they are yet.

This guy (25 cents) will get some sort of paint treatment, when the inspiration strikes. (UPDATE: see how that paint job went horribly wrong here.)

I’m not kidding, Andy and I had this conversation when he saw that I’d bought it:
Andy: Honey. We need to talk.
Me: What about?
Andy: This pitcher. Kelly. This is “grandma.” I’m concerned about you.
Me: I know it’s grandma, I’m going to fix it.
Andy: WHEW! After you put up that plate wall, I was starting to think I couldn’t trust your judgment on anything.

And here’s the most incredible yard saling story that will probably become legend. People will talk about it and say “I heard that story, but I think it’s an urban legend,” and you can tell them that you heard it from the source, and it’s true.

We drove past a giant yard sale with lots of furniture and a sign out front that said:


Everything was free. And it was not a dream. It was REAL.

I took home this dresser and nightstand so I could refinish them…

…but I’m having second thoughts about whether it’s worth it. I don’t LOVE them, and that’s a lot of work. If anyone you’re in the Atlanta area and want either the dresser or nightstand, it’s yours for only $200. Just kidding, it’s free. Serious, just be the first to call it.

This guy will hopefully someday make an pretty sweet ottoman for our living room, when I get up the courage to try a huge DIY project, and when I find the perfect indoor/outdoor fabric that can stand up to the RUTHLESS hands of a toddler.

And here’s my FAVE. I picked up these two little sunburst mirrors for about $3 total, and they’re living in my dining room. I heart them, guys. They make me happy.

I mean LOOK at this guy. Just look at him. Who could sell him?! He can have a happy life here now.

Have you been struck by yard sale fever yet? Any sweet finds?

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  1. Katie @ OhhBaby says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little cart! Oh my word. I could see it in my house! I am jealous 🙂

  2. rindercella @ neatheringourfest says:

    oh i loooove that little cart! if that baby ever comes up missing don't look at me. 🙂

    you totally crack me up! loved the comment "quickly refinish them…" that is so me!

  3. Carol@TheDesignPages says:

    Oh you are the queen of yard sales! I"m envious of everything. If I lived in the same country as you I'd be getting in my car and heading straight to your house to snap up the dresser and night stand. Im dying to see how everything turns out!

  4. Simply Kelly says:

    Wow– amazing finds!! I think the cart in green will look amazing!

  5. The Lanes says:

    You really are the yard sale queen! Maybe one day I can follow in your foot steps! I'm drooling over that cart my friend…

  6. Kristin says:

    Estate sales are my new thing! I love going through all the unique items ( and sometimes junk)!

  7. We are such opposites-our yard sales are awful and our thrift stores are hit or miss. After reading your post this morning, I stopped by goodwill and I ended up with a dresser that I have been looking for for at least two years. Seriously. I thank you for the reminder to go check 🙂

  8. Yard sale season is just beginning around here, since the snow just left about a month ago, but I love bargain hunting…and it looks like you found some good ones to take up space in your garage! 😉 (I totally know how that goes.)

  9. the cape on the corner says:

    those little mirrors in your living room are great accents on your dark wall. LOVE that! how fun is that cart! can't beat that for 3 bucks. and that free furniture, lawdy! wish i was that lucky..and had the space to haul it…and had the space to store it…and then work on it…so yeah, i'd probly just have left it there. popping in from the nester's party.

  10. Randi~Dukes and Duchesses says:

    Wow – you can't beat free! You got some great deals. I absolutely adore the cart … it'll look amazing with a paint job.

    Visiting from The Nester.

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