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Quick little bathroom update

It’s Monday morning again. GAH! Sometimes it seems like Mondays come as often as every seven days, you know?

Time for a quick bathroom update!

After we moved in, we replaced the faucets in the guest bathroom with oil-rubbed bronze, but we never replaced the drain or the — um, other thing, that’s silver in this photo. (Not sure what that’s called):

STOP JUDGING ME you guys! That bath tub is CLEAN, I promise you. It’s just stained, which will be fixed very soon thanks your helpful stain-removal tips in the previous guest bath post.

So we bought this little kit from the hardware store. I think they’re about $15 or $20 for the oil-rubbed bronze version?

Totally easy to install. Just unscrew that round thing (but save the parts because you’ll need most of them in a sec!):

And unscrew the drain:

Warning: What emerges from the drain, stuck to the bottom of it, is a giant mutant ball of hair and grossness. I’ll save you the photographic evidence, because it’s Monday and that would be cruel and unusual. You’re welcome.

Then you take your drain parts from the kit:

And screw it in the drain hole. Tighten it first with your hand:

Then with a nifty tool like needle-nose pliers:

Pause to give yourself a rousing round of applause.

Drop in the stopper plug thing, and pause for a second round of applause.

Now quit celebrating because you still have to fix the other hole you just made. Screw back on the insides of your old round thingy, leaving off the ugly outside.

Now screw back on the new piece.

And you’re done! Standing ovation!! BRAVO!

Before and after:

Now quit celebrating and go clean your tub! Gross.

It was such a quick, easy project, it made me wonder why we’ve been storing that unopened drain kit for A YEAR and not just fixing it. I think I could’ve knocked it out myself — if I hadn’t HAD to bow out of the actual labor to take on the role of the photographer, of course. The sacrifices I make for this blog. *Sigh.*

So did you guys get anything knocked out this weekend? Are you just dying to go unscrew the drain hole in your bathtub to see what’s stuck to the bottom? I won’t keep you. Run and go check.

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  1. I finally organized and baby-proofed the guestroom/playroom. I get my living room back! Yay!

  2. I loathe cleaning the shower. Rick always asks how I still have any hair left on my head what with the giant globs of gooey hair that we pull out of the drain. (Have you seen the Modern Family episode where Phil makes his girls clean their bathroom and they pull a rat-like gob out of the drain?)

    Okay. I’m grossing even myself out. Sorry. Happy Monday.


  3. I NEED to do this! Mine aren’t mismatched, but they are so ugly. I kept telling myself I would replace the faucet and “other stuff” when I retiled, but that’s a joke. I’m never going to replace the tile. I’m living in a starter home and we would never recoup the cost in the price of our home when comes to resell. It’s time to stop living in dreamland and snap out of it.

  4. You 2 make everything look so darn easy!! Once again you have proven that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Well done. Don’t you love blogging for forcing you to get to all those jobs you might otherwise have avoided for eternity?

  5. Love what you have done with the tub! Those fixtures make it look so posh. I saw a programme the other night about a guy who is actually addicted the taking the hair out of other people’s bath drains. He actually breaks into houses to steal it (wish he would do mine). Don’t judge either… I was waiting for Jersey Shore to come on!

  6. I’m gagging just imagining what you might’ve found in the drain… Thank you so much for not including photos of whatever came up!! Looks so much better, I love easy upgrades.

    Last weekend we finally tackled ALL of our papers and filed and organized everything!! Some stuff were from 2010, gasp, but it’s all squared away. Whew.

  7. Don’t you love how it takes a year to tackle something that takes 10 minutes? I have lots of those projects. I feel that it keeps me human. Being on top of things would just be too easy!

  8. Woo to the hooo!!! Congrats on the subscribers – I have no doubt many hundreds more will be coming mostly due to how much you make your readers laugh 🙂

    That being said WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH BACHELOR PAD, THE BACHELOR, & THE BACHELORETTE??? Like, making time to find out how to download it over here in Grenada. Too obsessed for my own good. 😉

  9. Lol. If it makes you feel any better we have a ton of those “unopened drain kit” type like projects to do around our house. I know it will only take less than a day to go through the list and get them all done, so why don’t I just do it already???

  10. We desperately need to replace our bathtub drain. It’s probably 86 years old. Original! Vintage! …and totally gross. You made it look super simple…maybe that’s all I need to get my butt in gear.

    Thanks for leaving a comment so I could find you! I’m totally off to creep through your archives and drool over your house. : )

  11. I just did the same thing in my tub. I hope you didn’t forget to put a roll of plumbers putty under the drain….or it’s going to leak into whatever underneath. Friendly advice: DO IT NOW!

  12. Susan Brown says:

    I have to know – did you ever find out what that round thingy is? I cannot imagine what it does. Awesome job, looks very swish.

    • It’s an overflow valve :)! If someone fills too high of a bath, the water will flow into the valve rather than up over the tub wall and on to your floor. It makes that annoying sucking sound when you try to fill a really deep bath. You can also turn it upside down so the slotted part is at the top, allowing for another couple inches of fill level ~ but it’s probably not as pretty.

  13. I just found this post on pinterest, exactly what I was looking for! And the descriptions are delightfully hilarious! Thank you!

  14. Looked pretty easy. Thanks for sharing. Now the round thing on back of tub that u pull up or down to hold or let out water…is that piece as easy to fix? Had a plumber put one in for me. Cost almost $280 n took him seconds to do. Would have watched but he was creepy!

  15. You totally made me laugh. Cheers to Friday!

  16. I wonder how are you gonna remove the yellow stains because I have that problem in mine for years.. Looking forward for your updates. Thanks.

  17. I have the same problem too! are the item shown available at Walmart or Target?

    • I clean my bath tub with a mixture of vinegar and dish washer detergent, you would need to heat the vinegar then pour in a spray bottle with the detergent. Spay everything ( tub, walls, fixtures )with the mixture and let it sit for at least half an hour ( the longer the better ) then use warm water and a sponge to clean. You won’t believe how clean the tub and the walls will look. You would need venalation if you don’t like the smell of vinegar.


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