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Domino Effect Room Change and the Beginning of an Office Update

You know what pregnancy leads to? New projects. Or maybe old projects that can longer be ignored.

I haven’t met this new baby yet, but it’ll probably come into this world expecting food and shelter, or something. Because small people are demanding like that. Seems like the best place to put a miniature person is the room we already have set up as a nursery, but that creates a domino effect of room-changing which will look like this:

That brings us to the new office! It’s the very first room you see when you walk in the house. Check this out:

Ever since we moved into our house 3+ years ago, that front room has sat empty. Like the very front room that you see when you first walk in the house. Awesome. I only have one very lame before photo of that room to showcase the popcorn ceilings, thinner crown moldings and old carpet:

Today, after removing the popcorn ceilings and adding thicker crown molding, new windows and hardwood floors, the room has collected a few odds and ends and now looks like this:

Yeah, it’s a giant let-down when you walk in the front door. Not exactly the look we’re hoping for.

Here’s a better description of what you’re looking at:

If you’re wondering what an electronics zoo is, it’s a place where you corral all your electronics when you have a husband who’s majorly techy and builds his own DVR and then needs a place to store all these electronics, but you also have a toddler who REALLY wants to press all those tempting buttons:

I realize we are probably the only family on earth to have an electronics zoo.

These electronics all connect through a hole in the wall to our TV, which is on the opposite side of that wall. Here’s an older photo of our living room to show you what that setup looks like from the other side:

All those electronics are going to need a better home when we redo this room to make it our real office. Which brings me to our goals for that room:

  • Plan and build built-in bookshelves along wall currently occupied by dart board and electronics zoo.
  • Build a desk to float in the center of the room.
  • Paint everything.
  • New curtains and blinds.
  • Some kind of art on the wall opposite the door.

We’re currently planning out how we’ll use the space and designing the built-in bookshelves, which is harder than it seems! Andy’s playing with google sketch-up and we’ll have a pretty solid drawing of what we’re planning in there very soon. This project has definitely become our main focus and hopefully it will take less time to finish than it takes to grow a person, right?

What projects do you guys have in the works? Ever attempted a massive domino-effect room change? Are we crazy?!

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  1. Haha. boob light…I will never see them the same way again (never liked before but now…haha). I can’t wait to see how you transform the room.

  2. Boob light and electronic zoo. I can’t stop laughing. Can’t wait to see the transformation!

  3. Electronics Zoo. That is a first world problem if I have ever heard one! That cracked me up! We have the same issue but it is all in the bottom of my tv stand and I hide all the cords behind the stand. I can’t wait to see how it all comes out!

  4. The electronics zoo totally cracked me up! That’s a first! I have never heard anything like that before. You are so hilarious, Kelly! Looking forward to see everything comes together!


  5. I love your transformation so far especially the ceiling and crown molding. If you don’t mind my asking,what method did you use to remove the popcorn ceilings? I have wanted this done for a long time but I’m afraid it would take a whole weekend.

  6. You are amazing. I think Webster needs to add “electronic zoo”. Just saying.

    I hope you aren’t right about joking about being preggo. Darned karma. Gets me every time. I need to start thinking things through.

  7. I know the domino effect:) Did ya see centsational girl’s IKEA billy bookcases to built-ins? – you should do that! Any reason to redecorate is fun – congratulations!

  8. hahaha love your electronics zoo. 🙂 And those new floors MAKE that room. SO much better!

    And I never knew that other people called those hideous things “boob lights” until I started reading blogs. Great minds apparently think…alike…or…dirty? 😛

  9. Totally normal. We moved all our stuff upstairs (out of the master on main) when I was pregnant with AB because I didn’t want to move EC upstairs by herself. Then I had to redo every bedroom in the house! Still not finished though. Better luck to you guys!! =)

  10. I love your illustrations! Lol I wish I knew about the electronics zoo years ago. It would have come in quite handy.

  11. Yay! That’s exciting. I have a similar problem… We have a HUGE and very long living room that is the first room that you see at our house and it’s empty and it’ll probably become a play room which isn’t ideal.

    Also I feel your pain on the boob light. I probably have around 8 in our house that look exactly like yours. They’re awesome.

  12. Speaking of domino effect, we moved our family upstairs! Did I tell you I am thinking of turning AB’s room into the office? We are just upstairs so much that I need our computer up here too. Plus, I really think the girls will like sharing a room while they are little. I slept in my brother’s room until I was like 5, then he kicked me out =) Little people do complicate every thing, but they sure are cute!


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