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Inspiration for the Office

Happy post-Thanksgiving-wallowing-in-remorse-for-overeating! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, whether you were here in the U.S. celebrating the holiday or somewhere else in the world.

Andy and I spent the first part of the vacation doing stuff like this:

And like this:

In places like this:
(Seriously, why do all our pics of the two of us on vacation look exactly the same?)

We took a cruise – call it a babymoon to enjoy the last few months of pre-newborn craziness – while my (fantastic and I’ll never thank her enough) mother-in-law stayed home and took care of Weston. It was woooooonderful. Then we came home and ate too much, but we made lots of progress on the office!

Here’s what’s happening with the office.

First, we bought lots and lots of wood. This is not most of it.

Then Andy got to work turning the wood into boxes for the cabinets. We’ll have two closed cabinets on either side of the desk area, like this:

(We still haven’t finalized the shelf placement above the cabinets, but that’s okay for now.)

Look, cabinet boxes coming together! YES!

Lookin’ pretty fancy, eh? Okay… still pretty rough, I know. But it’s time to make some design decisions! I thought I’d start by showing you some inspiring rooms that have the feel I want for our office, so that in the next office-related post, when we’re deciding on the right countertop surface, we can all be on board. Deal?

I love these pics for the open, bright feeling – happy whites with pops of color…

via design sponge

Fresh white cabinets are a definite theme in all my inspiration pics:

via splendid willow

via Cococozy

And I love the idea of doing something snazzy on the shelving wall, whether it’s wallpaper…

via Samantha Pynn inc

Or just painting the back some fabulous color.

But I haven’t given up the idea of mayyyybe painting the ceiling. Because COME. ON.

source unknown. anyone?
via apartment therapy
via shelterness

The striped ceiling makes my heart sing. Not sure I can convince the husband to take on the task while I’m in my “delicate condition” though. Also, it might be a bit much to have stripes on the ceiling competing with the horizontal lines of the shelves. But I can’t shake the idea!

So that’s the inspiration! Our next step is to decide what to do on the countertops and choose fabric for window treatments, coming soon.

Did you get much accomplished over the break, besides making sure leftovers don’t go to waste?

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  1. great inspiration. I love the purple ceiling too.

  2. I love the stripes on the ceiling. What a cool effect!

  3. I love the solid painted ceiling! That is definitely my favorite! Would a solid ceiling plus a funky backdrop on the white cabinets be too much? Just a thought – I would probably be all “yeah let’s do that” but then chicken out and just go with plain white shelves. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Love the inspiration ideas. Your office is going to look amazing!

  5. I love painted ceilings! Why do they have to be such a pain? Your inspiration pics are gorgeous!

    And is that lady in pink going to be a frequent lounger in your office? Because she might need to leave when I come live in your soon-to-be beautiful new room. 🙂

  6. How cool are those ceilings in your inspiration pictures?!?! It would be a tough decision for me weather to paint the ceiling or the back of the shelves…glad I don’t have to 🙂

  7. Oh I love those inspiration pics!!! Cannot wait to see how this turns out (painted ceiling pllllease). 😉

  8. All I did during my break was eat, sleep, and read. It was heavenly. I want it back. Now.

    Where’d you go on your babymoon?

  9. I would love to get away for a babymoon! Okay, maybe without having to have another baby… and without my kids. 😉
    Love the office pics, they make me want to wrap up the final bits of my office makeover already!

  10. excited to see how it all turns out! And hope you had a blast on your babymoon 🙂 What a good idea.. the calm before the storm! 🙂

  11. Glad you took some time off to have a wonderful vacation! All gorgeous inspirations, by the way! Can I have the green sofa and the trellis wallpaper please?

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a charm bracelet, if you like!


  12. LooOOOoove the purple and blue ceilings!!! Seriously LOVE. Can’t wait to see how your office turns out!

    I’m so glad you guys were able to get away for a while!! What a blessing!

  13. Emily Lane says:

    I LOVE the desk in the second image!! And those boxes have come a long long way! So glad I got a sneak peak this weekend!

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