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The Baby’s Gender — and Associated Nursery Decorating Implications

Thanks for all the sweet notes the last few days! We had our ultrasound on Tuesday which revealed a perfect, healthy baby… GIRL!

(If you were wondering about my clip-art baby’s prior weird head spots — see the bottom of this post for that discussion — then I think we don’t have to worry anymore. We can cover them with BOWS and FLOWERS!)

Of course I am SO excited about a frilly little thing that I can decorate with ruffles and ballet slippers, and who will probably have her daddy wrapped around her finger.

I thought I would only want boys – thought my husband only knew the recipe for boys – and never thought of myself as a mom to a girl, but over the last few weeks, I’ve felt my thinking shift. Adjusting to the idea that it might actually BE a girl in there, and then thinking that might not be so bad, and then thinking, I kinda hope it is. And then being thrilled to find out it was!

I think both grandmothers might literally explode with joy. Like, you know Kristen Wiig as Surprise Party Sue on SNL? That’s both of them. (Click here to see what I mean.)

Anyway, this of course has decorating implications, amiright? She’ll need something sweet and simple…

Via Spearmint Baby
…girly and happy…
Via Junk in the Trunk Trio — anyone know original source?
…bright and airy…
via Serena & Lily
…maybe with a little bit of sass, too.

Right? She will need this. Plus lots and lots of those gigantic flower headbands as big as her whole head.

via Annabelle Collection on etsy

Just being realistic. Babies need diapers, food, a place to sleep and impractically large flower headbands.

…But first we have to finish that office… 😉

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  1. Congratulations! Girls are fun :).

    I love the second pictures … those ruffly drapes are so adorable!

  2. Congrats! Woo hoo! As a mom of three girls, let me tell you, clothes shopping is awesome! I still sometimes see stuff when shopping for the bubs and think, if only you were a girl, look how cute that dress is. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see what kind of awesome room you’ll pull together for this sweet baby!

  3. I’m so FREAKIN’ excited!!! (for you)

  4. Yahoo!!! You’ll get lots lots lots of pink frilly things as gifts, it seems like everyone LOVES to buy girly clothes!! And I NEED a huge flower headband for Janella! 😉

  5. I was actually right……Weird!! Congrats!!!!

    I love your nursery inspiration pics! Decorating a nursery is one of the few pros I have on my “Should We Have a Child?” list. I need to work on that. 😛

  6. Awww congrats!!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!! Yeah for girls!!

  8. Congrats! So exciting. I think girls are way fun to decorate for. I have a “nursery” pinboard – and I dont have any kids – and its full of girly stuff.

  9. Yay for girls. I had my son first and when I was pregnant the second time I really wanted another boy. I found out it was a girl and ever since then I’ve been thrilled. There are so many times when I realize how lucky I am to have a girl to do all the girly things with. Million dollar family!!

  10. Aww yay! Congratulations! 🙂 Bows, frills, colossal flower headbands…I love it all. But it’s too bad you got rid of that ballet wallpaper border in your one bathroom, because I bet she would’ve enjoyed it. Hindsight, right? 😉

  11. Congratulations, Kelly! Having a girl is great, you can now decorate a girly nursery. When she grows up, you can do fun girly things together. I am so happy and excited for you!

    By the way, I am hosting two fabulous giveaways. You may participate in either one or both if you like. ($65 store credit for designer decorative pillows) (Vintage Alphabet Cards)

    Don’t miss these! Both giveaways end tomorrow!

    Wishing you and your family a warm and joyous Thanksgiving!


  12. Emily Lane says:

    I was so excited when you did this post… because I didn’t have to keep it secret any more!! I cannot wait to see baby girl’s room!

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