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Cabinet *BLIIIING* – Which would you choose?

Thanks for all your brilliant thoughts on the kilim rugs! After reading the comments you’ve posted so far, Andy and I both came away thinking we were “right.” 🙂 I’ve decided to temporarily take a head-in-the-sand approach and put off the rug purchase until the skies open and the perfect rug descends from the heavens. I’ll post pics when it happens!

* * *

Sometimes I just think I should be able to own this freaking brilliant peacock bracelet. That’s reasonable, right?

I asked Andy if he agreed, and if I could have it, and he said yes and yes, because he is a smart husband. But he may have backpedaled a teensy bit when he realized I was asking for a $140,000 piece of jewelry from Tiffany. (If you have a heftier jewelry budget than I, pick yours up here. Then please loan it to me. Just to admire. Talk lovingly to. Try on and wear for just a couple of years.)

Fortunately I had a little more luck when it came time to pick out bling for our cabinets.

Before we talk hardware, wanna see some more updates on our office? Since the last post, we caulked and filled in the nail holes (which is SO easy, btw!) Just grab some of this lightweight spackle and put a glob on your finger…

Smush some in the nail hole and wipe off the excess with a damp rag. Instant satisfaction.
What nail hole?
And we painted the shelves a nice clean Benjamin Moore Atrium White – the same color we used for all the trim in our house. Here’s a little sneak peek:
(The back wall is still unpainted.)

Now let’s talk BLING!

We looked at a few different options for cabinet hardware. Tell me which you like better! First up, some pretty glass knobs:

Deslaurier Custom Cabinets on Decorpad
Restoration Hardware: $11

Or maybe some big ol’ pulls like this:

Wendi Zampino via Houzz
But in a slightly more traditional take like these:
Restoration Hardware: $15

I even drooled over these library pulls for a while, but I think they work better with drawers, not doors.
library pulls

Source unknown, anyone?
via Ebay

And how about these gorgeous ring pulls? (Spoiler alert – I tried to get Andy on board with these but he wasn’t feelin’ it. I know – first the peacock bracelet and now THIS?! Outrageous. These are the things they should address in premarital counseling.)

Diane Bergeron via Tobi Fairley’s Blog
Via $4.25

And then there are these very cool cupboard latches.

By Splendid Willow via Simplified Bee
Restoration Hardware: $11.50

They’re a more authentic, traditional take – more like what you’d see in an old shaker style kitchen. Plus they’re just cool, right?

So which is your fave kind of cabinet bling? Or is there another kind you like better?

Oh and don’t worry – my birthday is in October, but you can still get me the peacock bracelet for my half-birthday in April, or for Groundhog Day. (Don’t let Groundhog Day sneak up on you this year!)

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  1. Gosh, I seriously love your kitchen. What brand is your stove? I NEED that, asap! I prefer the glass knobs because to me it is unexpected. Most would expect the metal handles and it gives the area a bit of sparkle. Smile.

  2. i love the library pulls but agree they work with drawers- i actually have a project coming with those next week!
    and i think i like the latches best! i just love the authentic feel! but i am always a gal for a little blingity-sparkly-bling so the glass would be nice, too.

  3. I’m a little obsessed over glass pulls right now, so that’s my vote. But Home Depot has them way cheaper than the Restoration Hardware (like $5 instead of $11).

  4. latches! latches! latches!

    I also really like the pulls but since your husband is debbie downer like mine….let’s stick with latches.

  5. Liked everything you showed (except the library pulls) but when I got to the latches – WOW!! That would be my choice. & I’ll bet it’s the most expensive choice too…

  6. I love glass knobs, so I vote for those! 🙂

  7. I’m in love with those latches for an office!!! All great choices, but that’s my vote!

  8. I’m feeling those glass knobs! And the bracelet. What if you could find pulls that looked like that bracelet?! My brain just exploded.

  9. I love, love, love those latches. Did I mention I love them? Because I do. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  10. I’ll take the RH ones for $15

  11. Like so many other’s who’ve commented, for me it’s between the glass ones and the traditional latches. How about printing out pictures of each and blue-tacking them on in the right place so you can get an idea of what they will look like? I’m wondering whether the latches might look unsymmetrical given that they’ll have more ‘chunk’ on the left door than on the right (although you could hang them opposite ways up so the far left door has the chunky bit and the far right door has the chunky bit (I’ll mail you a picture if that doesn’t make sense!!) that way they’d be mirror images of each other if you drew a vertical line down the center of the whole unit. You can tell I’ve really thought about this can’t you? Backing away…

  12. My birthday is in two weeks and I asked for our kitchen cabinets to be repainted and new West Elm sheets. Maybe I should for-go those and just ask for the peacock bracelet instead.

  13. I know this isn’t technically one of your options, but I like that handle below the library pulls – with the pop of blue. So you should go with that. 🙂 But if you want me to pick one of YOUR faves, I’d go with the clear ones. I think they go with some of the inspiration pictures you’ve been posting and they won’t distract from the fun stuff you’ll put in your shelves. But, what do I know, I literally know nothing about design!! Ha!

  14. It’s a toss up between the glass knobs or the latches. All great choices though. I’m getting so excited to see it all finished.

  15. Ooh bling! I’m indecisive when it comes to my own knobs, but I can make decisions for you no problem…I vote for the long pulls (after the glass ones). 🙂

  16. The glass knobs are so beautiful!!

  17. Glass knobs!!!

  18. Okay…I vote for the glass knobs. Classic, timeless and I think they will be the perfect bling for the cabinets!

  19. hahah I love this post. maybe we can do a peacock-bracelet-co-op share? ha. I can’t decide on the hardware – the glass looks nice but I know my hubby wouldn’t be fond of it everywhere. I’m a sucker for classics, like the restoration hardware pulls. good luck with the choice!

  20. I love the glass knobs!!

    (also, … hahahaha)

  21. This is a very difficult decision as I love all types of bling, even for cabinets! I own the Restoration Hardware pulls you showed and love them. I used them for a built-in closet. Lately I’m leaning toward those ring pulls! I’ve been seeing them around a lot.

  22. The ebay library pulls would be perfect if they were for drawers but I do like the latches very much…anything RH is great.


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