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What’s Your Take? – Turkish Kilim Rugs

“Why don’t I just throw up on the floor and we can call that a rug?”

That’s what Andy said when I showed him a picture of the turkish kilim rugs I was considering for our office. While his suggestion would be more budget-friendly, I’d already become pretty attached to the idea of
1. Not having vomit on the floor and
2. The color and energy of a kilim rug.


I keep seeing these flat-woven Persian beauties popping up in home decor, and I think they’re charming and happy. I thought something colorful and graphic on the floor of our office could be a nice starting point and inspiration for the rest of the room.

I mean really – how stunning is this?
By Amber Interiors via Glitter Guide

Or this cozy kitchen with its jaw-dropping rug?
High Gloss via Elements of Style

Stop, you’re kilim me! (Har har. #ComedicGenius)
By Cicely K. Nyman via Houzz

Now tell me – can you get this same effect with upchuck? I doubt it.

I found lots of affordable options and I’m ready to pull the trigger, except…

Hearing Andy’s reaction made me second-guess myself. Are these rugs “too much” or too busy? Do they have too much pattern, too much variation in color? Will I be sick of it in a month?

So I want to know your opinion in the comments section.

What’s your take on these turkish kilim rugs? Love ’em or hate ’em? Only like ’em in certain situations? Prefer Andy’s suggestion?

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  1. Luuuuuuuurrrrrvvveee ’em! I think it’s one of the only home furnishings that can inject colour, pattern, history, warmth and texture all in one go! Yes, it’s a bit ‘busy’ but you can find one that has a more simple pattern and muted colours? Another bonus is that they are timeless… therefore a good investment… therefore you will be saving money in the long term. Try sell that to him? We all know men like savings!

  2. Dudes don’t know decorating.

    I used to hate things rugs like this but lately I’ve had my eye on them also!! DO IT!

  3. I personally really like the rugs! One thing to note – the inspiration pictures you posted have mainly white decor and are more on the simple side. The rug is definitely the statement piece. I would say if you are planning on having a lot more color/business going on you might want to have a more muted color rug…? Just a thought! Can’t wait to see what you guys decide!

  4. I wasn’t seeing much, until I saw the first picture (the glitter guide one) and that looks really pretty. I think it goes well as long as it is with the right decor.

  5. LOVE! As long as the walls aren’t too busy. I’m not a big fan of pattern on pattern on pattern (i know it supposed to be cool but your eye needs somewhere call to land). I think these would be awesome in an otherwise clean space.

  6. Are you doing the whole room in whites/neutrals? It seems like all those images are all white/neutral rooms with that one, single pop of color. It is a lot of color but I think if that’s your only color, then it would be really pretty.

    I’m not sold, but I can see what you are thinking.

  7. The kilim rugs are beautiful! I agree with the other comments that the rug needs to be the statement piece in the room. Husbands just don’t always get it. 🙂

  8. I love them and would totally put one in my home! I agree with Katie though; the rug would definitely have to be the statement piece!! 🙂

  9. that is hilarious what he said! i personally love them- i love the look! it’s not me, so i t wouldn’t work in my home, but i always love the look of them as in the rooms you have shown!

  10. Okay, the colors are beautiful. And I love good design. I have to say, they are not my favorite. Also, they look quite thin. Let me get practical on ya. I have 4 kids. They tear stuff up. The kilims in the pictures above, don’t look very thick or heavy, which means everytime a child goes through that room, whether it be running or crawling, it’s quite possible that the rug will become a rumpled mess. That’s because kids have nails in their feet and drag everything they walk on with them (trust me I know!). Also, in our livingroom we have a very flat rug (similar to sisal). I have to say, that I wish I had picked something thicker, softer and a little more plush….just a little. I think you could get the same feel, without going with exactly that type of rug. Compromise is a beautiful thing. There are so many options out there, I’m sure you could find something you love with color, and something Andy can live with. 😉

  11. I love them, but only as the bright moment in an otherwise mostly neutral room. I think if you were to get one and then pull ALL your colors from the rug it would be a garish, moroccan-themed mess. Throw it in a room with wood floors, pale walls and lots of white/gray/cream and wood, however, and I’m in love!

  12. When you first posted about them on facebook I wasn’t sure but seeing the photos I like them. I think they work as the focal point and keeping everything else fairly neutral. I say go for it and let it grow on him. Our husbands would have too much fun hanging out. They sound very similar.

    Funny post too!


  13. I love them personally but I think they can go from fab to overboard if the rest of the room is busy in color, print, or texture. I think these rugs look best in rooms that are clean and simple so that they become statement pieces. Just my opinion. Good luck! 🙂

  14. Love, love, love, love, love them! Have I made myself clear?? I know you can decorate the office around one of these babies and make it fab!

  15. Love them! And my experience (with twin toddlers in the house) is that a good kilim rug is quite durable. Go for it!

  16. I think they are absolutely stunning. Especially when placed well like under the table with the fur chairs. (fur chairs?! need!) I say go for it!

  17. You are the best… know that! I laughed out loud at this. And, while Andy’s suggestion may have merit in some houses… are spot on with those rugs. You go girl!


  18. I think it could be really pretty in an otherwise neutral-ish room, like some other commenters said! 🙂

    BUT: if you were to rapidly consume multiple packages of rainbow Twizzlers and THEN upchuck, you might be able to achieve a similar effect. Something to keep in mind if your budget falls through. Do you think Andy would be up for that task?

    Ok. I’m grossing myself out. This comment needs to end. Vomit is the worst.

  19. I agree, as a statement piece I think they’ll work nicely! That being said, if your hubs is anything like mine he’ll make fun of it ’til you hate it. WHY do they SOMETIMES have OPINIONS on things?!

  20. Beth Rhamy says:

    l Love those!! You’d like Karma Living. Indian inspired home decor! Amazing pillows!

  21. that one with the fuzzy chair makes me squeal with happiness. I LOVE IT. when i was in Turkey i would hang out in rug shops drinking tea and watching the women make rugs. it was fabulous. you would have loved it!

  22. Love the colour, not so keen on the rugs themselves, as they seem the thin type that kicks up at the edges and you are forever putting straight (big bug bear of mine), but who am I to say, if we were all the same, our homes would be really boring.

    Go with what you want (you know Andy will love it once its down) but have to agree with the comments about not letting the room get too busy with other colours and patterns – just bring the colour out in cushions and knick-knacks for your shelves 🙂

  23. Love them…had my office. I got rid of it because it kept bunching up, tripped on it, too thin. I got an Oriental copy cat & I love the way it looks and functions. It also has the color I was looking for…just a thought. Good luck !

  24. The smell may get to you as well and not get much work done! Just found your blog and love what you did above your mantel. I think I may do that for my foyer. Looking forward to looking through passed posts.

  25. Love love love them!!!! I want one to layer over so bad!

    Xx. Patience

  26. It looks great under the rustic table with the sheep(?) skin. But your house isn’t so rustic. Personally, it’s a bit loud and Aztec for my taste. I’m gonna side with your husband on this one. I think something like this would really compliment your office:

  27. I have grown up with kilim rugs in practically all the homes I have lived in..they are versatile – great for neutral spaces or great as a color palette to work off and are so much fun. I think one would be a great addition to your home and is versatile enough with all the colors/eclectic to be moved to another space down the road.

  28. Sometimes men just don’t understand. I’d just buy it anyway and hope that eventually it grows on him.
    That’s the way these things usually go down in my house anyway 🙂

  29. Tammy Blackwell says:

    Kilim rugs are my favorite items in my house. They are so colorful and decorative. They go with any decor and give so much character to the room. Don’t ask men, they don’t see what we see lol. I have great finds if anyone interested, I don’t have any more room to put them in my house.


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