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Cabinet Hardware is in!

Guess who is a MASTER decision-maker? THIS GIRL.

That’s because I finally for once made a real decision like a grown-up and liked the results. (Okay I can’t really take credit — because you all weighed in last week on the type of hardware we should use on the built-ins in our in-progress office.)

By the way, Andy LITERALLY laughed out loud when he read the first line of this post.

Here’s what it looked like with no doors, unpainted, not caulked and with no hardware:

Then I showed you a peek of what it looked like caulked and painted and with the doors installed:

And here were the options we were considering:

Wanna see what I picked? Do ya? DO YOU?!! (Okay I know you already peeked. Cheater. I don’t know how you sleep at night.)

We went with some fabulous cupboard latches and I frickin’ love ’em.

Here’s why I went with them – aside from your comments indicating that they are mutually adorable. They have history. Well… not mine in particular, but these are what you’d find in old shaker-style kitchens. So I think they’ll be pretty timeless.

Plus they were EXTRA hard to install because you have to make sure they’re perfectly lined up with the door next to them, so you can pretty much guarantee that anything that requires extra work for Andy is unintentionally going to be my preference.

Sometimes I’m so glad I don’t have to be married to me.

But while I love the way the latches look, I wouldn’t want them for a kitchen because you have to open one cabinet to open the neighboring one. That would get pretty annoying if it came between me and my frosted flakes every day, but for an office cabinet that won’t get every day use, it’s pretty sweet. And right now they a great toddler deterrent.

Once that decision was made, I shopped around and read reviews before I bought. Turns out cupboard latches are generally pretty pricey. I found some (now deleted) latches from Rejuvenation Hardware which had great reviews. But we needed 4, and at $25 a pop, plus $14 for shipping, I was “inspired” to look elsewhere. I mentioned before that we’re trying to pull off this whole wall of cabinetry for minimal dollars, didn’t I? Like, if you could waltz into goodwill and pick up a wall of cabinets from their clearance section, we would’ve.

So I found these from this seller on ebay, for $6.96 each. After shipping, we were out around $30. Much better.

I don’t know what sets a FANCY, snooty, expensive cupboard latch apart from my little $7 guys, but I can tell you that they are getting the job done. Maybe they don’t have an expensive pedigree, but neither does Andy, and I keep him around anyway.

He is getting the job done.

So here we are!

We’re getting SO CLOSE to finishing that wall. All that remains is to paint the back wall of the bookshelves some color. More details coming next time. Anyone else get extra proud when you make a real, adult decision that turns out kind of okay? Just me?

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  1. Love your choices! Gorgeous!

  2. The cupboard latches look amazing!

  3. oh WOW. those are awesome!!!!!

  4. They look awesome. I definitely think that was the right choice.

  5. Way to go, you “wife of the year!” 🙂 Looks great! I always have a hard time making decisions like that – especially decisions that cost a lot of money (hello, living room rug). I’m always afraid I’m going to hate it after I spend the money/do all the work. Your wall is really coming together – can’t wait to see the whole room done!!

  6. grammar issue in last sentence of paragraph below “wife of the year” photo… 🙂

  7. Absolute perfection!!

  8. Great choice! I would’ve picked those or the glass ones. I can’t tell the difference between fancy 30 dollar knobs and 7 dollar knobs either.
    I think it will look great with painted walls on the bookshelves too.

  9. You are so funny! Love reading you. And your hardware is fabulous! Definitely the right choice! 🙂

  10. Haha. LOVE the latches! They look amazing! Way to go!

  11. Oh yay! So glad you went with those …..I love em!!!!

  12. Lush.

  13. Dude. Can we be IRL BFF? Because everything you said about being married to yourself I HAVE DEFINITELY SAID BEFORE. It is like we are the same person. Except you are way more motivated to get house projects done and I’d rather sit in front of the computer and design stuff. 🙂

    Anyways – the wall o’ reasonably priced cabinets are looking smashing dah’ling and I can’t wait to see what color you pick. My guess is a deep blue (a la YHL in their dining room) but that is just me! 🙂

  14. Nicely done girl! You show Restoration Hardware who’s boss!!! Looking good and I am dying here waiting for the reveal.

  15. Great choice! The whole thing looks SO AMAZING! I’m so excited to see how it all comes together 🙂

  16. So pretty, wife of the year! Andy is the husband of the year for helping you out with all of these projects. (Or should I be nominating my own husband for that?) 🙂 And do they give you those snazzy sunglasses when you get awarded wife of the year? Because I think I might enter next time if so…. 😉

  17. Good choice master decision maker! Where’s your ribbon for that one? You did good!!!

    Nate and I just had this discussion the other night.
    Me: “I wish I was a boy. It’d be easier.”
    Nate: “No it wouldn’t because then you’d have to be married to you.”
    This was after he told my hair “wasn’t my cutest hair cut ever”

  18. Looks sooooo great! I was wondering if you’d have to open both of the doors at the same time…regardless, the hardware looks beautiful (and super great work on the deal!)

  19. Marvelous! 🙂 They really look great and I’m excited to see what paint color you pick. It’s the simple things for me and usually it involves paint.

  20. Aaahhhhh! The suspense is killing me! I can’t wait to see what the whole finished room looks like!

  21. You’re hillarious 🙂 and I LOVE the latches!! I’m excited to see the room in person next month!

  22. I love this hardware…you made an awesome grown up decision on this one! I would love to follow your site through the Linky follower tool. It allows blogs to follow you on a daily basis without all the extra email stuff….Stop by anytime and visit, and I hope to be able to follow you soon. Lori


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