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What If Your Husband Had Free Reign to Decorate? {Honey Do-List Blog Swap}

Hasn’t this week been fun?! I’m sad that today is the last day of the Honey Do-List Blog Swap, but today is a SUPER fun topic: What would your house look like if your significant other made the decorating decisions?

You can read what I have to say – along with Erin, Carrie and Michelle‘s answers – by going to Hazardous Design here. But I’m dying to hear what you have to say too!

Did you miss any previous topics this week? Catch up here:
Day 1 – Erin @ His & Hers Blog
Day 2 – Right here yall!
Day 3 – Michelle @ Decor and the Dog
Day 4 – (Today) Carrie @ Hazardous Design.

And just a quick “THANK YOU!” to Carrie, Michelle and Erin for doing this blog swap with me! All three of their blogs are must-reads for me, and I hope you’ll check ’em out too!

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