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Decorating the Nursery: How would you do it?

Maybe the longer I delay finishing the nursery for this baby girl, the longer she’ll delay arriving. That’s a reasonable expectation, right?

Not that I want to be any more pregnant than I am. No – no one has ever been this pregnant before, EVER. This is me a month ago:

Imagine that, but now DOUBLED IN SIZE. Looks like someone who is pregnant enough to have a finished nursery, wouldn’t you think? You would.

But guess what? I have a plan. Which is incredibly useful in households where plans also get quickly implemented. (Which is not this house.) But nothing gives you a sense of urgency like a belly which can not EXPAND ANY FURTHER OMG I MIGHT EXPLODE.


So. Let me show you the plan and you can help me make final decisions, then we can all meet up together for that pizza-and-chocolate-and-nursery-finishing party we talked about a while back. (Attendance is mandatory.)

The plan might not scream “baby girl nursery,” but I like that. I’d rather something a little more modern than a pink lace tornado. Is that fair?

It all started with this fun, happy floral:

Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi Summer Totem Tart

That (large-scale) fabric will go on the windows as blackout-lined curtain panels. (Which will be sewn by me. Hilarious, right?) And maybe joined by some turquoise chevron fabric in the bedding somehow.

The nursery as it is now is a medium-toned green, which is pretty, but in that room it always feels a little darker than I’d prefer:
Baby boy nursery green with owls
So I want to brighten it up with very SLIGHTLY pink-toned white. I also picked up a white Jenny Lind-style crib which will replace the brown one. (Weston will be bringing his crib into his new big-boy room.)

And you KNOW I’m getting that pink chandelier I couldn’t have in the office. So here’s what all that will look like together:

But there are options. And I have questions about your opinion.

Option 1: Paint the crib

I’ve been researching and it looks like this can be done safely with the right paint, and a willing husband. (“Oohhh I’m just so pregnant and not able to paint at all… honey…?”)

The nursery has a half-wall of front-facing bookshelves right now. (Andy built them – here’s how that went down.) So the crib will be in front of that white half-wall, which makes me wonder if it needs some color. Maybe teal or red or pink?

Option 2: Paint the ceiling




I had my heart set on a painted ceiling until I started to wonder if I can still do a colorful chandelier with a painted ceiling. It would be too much, wouldn’t it? *SIGH*

Option 3: Paint the ceiling AND the crib

The same color? What color? What happens to the bright chandelier?

Option 4: Dress the baby only in colors that coordinate with her nursery

But is this really an option? Or is it a REQUIREMENT?

From My Sweet Baby Love Etsy Shop

Option 5: Something totally brilliant and insightful that you’ll now reveal to me in the comments section.

How would you decorate this nursery? Would you paint or not paint things, and which things, and when can you be here to finish this with me? Have I mentioned she’s due in less than FIVE WEEKS?!

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  1. PAINT THE CEILING TEAL!! The thought of painting all the spindles on a crib makes me cringe. Seriously, paint the ceiling. I think it would look awesome. And I seriously LOOOOVE your plan – it is going to look amazing when you finish it tomorrow. 🙂

  2. You are tiny! Compared to me (twins) – I had to move to the guest room near the end of my pregnancy because it literally took me 15 minutes to turn over! Not attractive!!

    Love your fun choices for the nursery! I am partial to a painted ceiling (my girls had a blue one and I painted bugs on it). I think if you go with the lighter pink, you could still do that amazing pink chandelier.

    And I will be there to help as long as there is chocolate and pizza!

  3. If the room looks dark with the green, I think it will look cave-like with a painted ceiling, unless you go with something light. Painting a ceiling generally makes it seem lower. I think a teal crib would be awesome, and would pop against the wall and look nice with the chevron material. Good luck!

  4. I vote no on painted ceiling, because I prefer the awesome pink chandelier, and I also think the white crib against the white-ish wall will look good, with the floral in the background and the chevron to add enough interest. My vote is to do all that you have planned, and then step back and look at it to see if it really does need something (a pillow or stuffed animal in the crib that’s pink or turquoise might be fun?). I am excited to see, get on that already! 🙂

  5. Paint the baby hot pink! Oh wait, that wasn’t an option. I am seriously digging option #4 though.
    I love the color scheme and the fabrics and think either a pink or blue ceiling would be really fun and unexpected!

  6. Will the brightly paint ceiling and/or brightly painted crib compete with that fabulous Chandelier?

    And look at me being timid about color after I splashed orange all over my son’s room!


    (And did you know you came through as a “no-reply” comment on my comment thread?)

  7. Nichole K says:

    I recently discovered your blog, and I am smitten by your wit and style!
    I vote to paint the ceiling TEAL! I think it will look amazing with the pick chandelier. You could even bring the ceiling color down the wall a bit, creating a border at the top of the wall. Something like this…

  8. Omg. I’m so excited about your plan(s) for your nursery. I love each and every one of your options. I vote to paint the crib or the ceiling (but not both) pinker. If the ceiling gets painted, keep the chandy white.
    And most importantly, always dress your baby to coordinate the room.

  9. First, that curtain fabric is killer! Love it. Now my humble opinions. I’d skip painting the crib for several reasons, not least that it sounds like a horrible task to do well (and you sure don’t want it looking like super obvious sad DIY–not that Andy would let it turn out that way, but you may want him tending to your other needs). I think a consistent white across the bottom half of that wall (bookshelf/crib/bookshelf) will work well, and won’t compete with whatever fabulous art goes on the top half of the wall (and/or a darling mobile). Also, if you paint the ceiling but not the crib, then later decide you hate it, it’s probably easier to repaint the ceiling than it would be to re-paint the crib. (Oh, Andy…) For the ceiling, I think the lighter pink could make for some lovely tone-on-tone action with the chandy and would avoid the possible dark color = cave problem. Maybe you could bring in a teal rug if you’re itching for more of that color. Good luck, you’re clearly off to a great start. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  10. i can’t say exactly how i would decorate a nursery, since i haven’t needed to thus far.. and while i’m all for painting a ceiling, i will just make this note. in my experience painting a ceiling seriously changes the lighting of a room, much more than painting walls. there are two rooms in my house now where the ceilings were painted a creamy yellow, and it gives everything a creamy yellow look. i don’t think cooler colors make as much of a difference, but it’s something to think about.. say, if you plan on photographing this baby like crazy.

  11. Love the fabric you’ve chosen! I vote to keep the crib white; I can’t even imagine painting all those spindles, and the teal chevron fabric pops against the white. Love the idea of a painted ceiling; however, maybe a pale pink so the chandy still pops against the color. And most important you must always dress the baby to coordinate with her room. Oh my–those shoes from My Sweet Baby Love–are gorgeous!

  12. i am soooo partial to teal, and i LOVE light blue ceilings, so i would paint the ceiling a light teal colour (which would be a super nice contrast w/ the fab hot pink chandy). as for the crib, i think with nice bright bedding, as well as the colour from all the books, there will not be a lack of colour/contrast with having the white crib against the (slightly pink toned) white wall.

    whatever you choose, it’ll look lovely.

  13. My votes:
    Don’t paint the crib, it is a horrible job and will look just great with colourfull bedding, instead of painting it.
    I would paint the ceiling, either the lighter pink or the teal (does the room have crown moulding? Because IMO painted ceilings require crown moulding). You could do it in stripes for it to feel less dark… Also I think you could still add the very pink chandy, just set it off with a white ceiling medaillion.
    Love the fabric and your ideas, can’t wait for the progress and after pictures!

    • Jennifer B. says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking! Esp. the white ceiling medallion to make the pink chandelier work.

  14. 1st best wishes on your bundle of joy on the way!!!! Paint the ceiling a white that has just a hint of teal enough to see but not enough to compromise your pride and joy the hot pink chandalier it’s the “Eye Candy” of the room and I would do the same to the crib. For two reasons it will them contrast slightly against the white wall and it builds continuity in the room. Also, How about a cute window treatment using your fabric with fun fringe on the bottom using your teals and hot pinks (if you kind find) or a valance with grosgrain ribbon trim in the colors. Also fabric wrapped boxes in your theme fabric would be darling. Keep me posted

  15. Just a another quick comment you need a third fabric-3 is essential in decorating-2 and it will always seem that something is just not quite right-I did not choose the soft pink ceiling because it has been over done (people do that all the time) You clearly love color and babies thrive with color- mix your Fabrics also meaning you could pick Fabric 1 for window treatment, use piping on the bias of fabric’s 2, and make a sweet ruffle in fabric 3 then add your trim. Also for bedding use fabric 1, on top, fabric 2 on bottom that way it is reversible and use fabric 3 as contrast piping on the bias. A cute rug would be nice too. Smallish maybe round or on shape of something under the “Chandy”

  16. So my only pros for having a baby are decorating a nursery and dressing the baby cute………I didn’t realize you could make them always coordinate!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE BABY NOW!!!!

    Anyways………I think you should totally paint the crib pink. At first I wasn’t digging the painted ceiling but now I think the teal would look mighty fantastic. And I’m in love with that floral. Love. If your baby ends up being a boy…..I’ll buy your curtains. I really shouldn’t say something like that to a pregnant woman, should I? I feel our blogship (blogging friendship) is at the point where I treat you as I would my real life friends. 😛

  17. i love the idea of the teal painted ceiling with the pink chandy! all the options are adorable- whatever you do will be great!

  18. Love the fabric, chandelier and rug. I think you should paint the crib the teal and the ceiling a slightly muted shade of the teal. Are ceiling stripes an option? If so definitely go with bright pink stripes on the ceiling. I saw this nursery on Pinterest and just about died it’s so cute with the stripes:

  19. Paint the ceiling teal!!! I LOVE that idea! And then coordinate the baby. Also a good idea. 🙂

  20. Um, you are not the biggest pregnant women ever, I think I hit that with my second, I was a whale:)

    I vote for painting the ceiling the first pink, the walls that almost-pink white, pink chandelier, paint the wainscoting teal (then you can leave the crib white) and only dress her in coordinating colors:)

  21. How about stripes on the ceiling …

    Pretty cool, right?



  22. dude! PAINT THE CEILING PAINT THE CEILING PAINT THE CEILING!!! put a medallion above the chandy to help break it up a bit and give it some pop. but seriously the teal ceiling with all the other colors looks awesome! I think that is a great idea!!

  23. Keep the crib white. Paint the bookshelves and chair rails and below in pink. (the pink that you picked up from your curtain fabric) Then paint the ceiling in a light pink. Maybe a two/ three tones darker (a hint of pink) than your new wall color. Sprinkle accessories with teal and yellow (area rug, pillows, etc.) Easy peasy!

    Hope it helps!

    P/S: Come by and enter my pillow giveaway if you like.

    Have a good weekend!


  24. Maybe the completed nursery is also in your tummy, and that’s why you feel like you’re going to explode?

    Your nursery will be adorable, no matter what. You can’t go wrong with pink. Well, you probably could, but that’s beside the point.

    I guess at the end of the day, though, your little girl really won’t notice what color the ceiling is or how perfect her room is. Her life would be no less amazing growing up in the nursery the way it is now. It would be no less amazing with ballerina wallpaper border and a boob light and stenciled birdhouses. In 5 weeks, you’ll have something BETTER than the perfect nursery. 🙂

    (And in 10 years, she’ll just want to tape posters of Justin Bieber’s children all over the walls, anyway.)

  25. Oooooh! I love the bold colors. The bolder the better IMHO! That pink chandelier is so awesome. And don’t even get me started on that fabric 🙂


  26. I’m not expert by any means (I live in a one bedroom apartment and haven’t painted any of the walls!), but I’d be worried a painted ceiling would also make the room look darker. Though I always thought a navy blue ceiling with stars would be cool in a bedroom…

    I love, LOVE that fabric! and I definitely think the baby clothes should match. 😉

  27. I like the idea of painting the ceiling a soft pink and leaving the crib white, it looks girly and sweet without any of the pink-laced-tornados! Your fabric choice is spot on as usual! Let us know what you chose?

  28. I LOOOOOOVE how the TEAL made that HOTT PINK CHANDY **POP** off the screen. I say TEAL!

  29. Stephanie says:

    Painted ceilings DO NOT make a room look smaller, actually opposite. My daughter has chocolate brown on her ceiling with teal walls and it is YUMMY & incredibly bright! In your nursery light pink or a light teal ceiling would be fab. (I would probably go with the lt. pink to make that chandy pop) Use that teal fabric on a chair & in your bedding. Pull in a rich chocolate brown (velvet?) on the bedding. Add in another fabric to accent (the gold from the wall?) little pillows, throw, etc. A white/cream curtain would be nice OR use the bold teal pattern in your curtain to ground the busy wall.

    Good luck with all~ can’t wait to see it!

  30. All really great ideas! I can’t wait to see what you decide!
    I would be a bit cautious about painting your ceiling a dark colour, since you already feel it is a bit dark in that room. Would a dark ceiling make it feel darker? A lighter ceiling may have the opposite effect and birghten things up….. but maybe your new chandelier will eliminate any darkness, so go bold!
    Good luck!

  31. They’re all such beautiful choices! I just can’t see how you could go wrong! I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  32. First, I would buy those shoes. Requirement.

    Second, I would buy an already colored crib from Ikea! (White, green, blue or pink -I think. We got the green one. Love it! Cheap and sturdy.) I would leave the ceiling white. I would paint the one wall by the windows pink, with the rest of the walls being your pink hued white color you chose. Love the curtains! How about a nice floor pouf in the same print?

  33. I’ve always steered away from painting a crib, something about has me worried it’ll chip off and the baby will eat it, but that might just be my paranoia! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  34. Mindy@FSLblog says:

    I like the idea of light walls and ceiling (to make it feel bigger and more airy) and bright punches of color with the chandelier and painted crib. I think that would coordinate with the inspiration fabric which is light with pops of jewel tones. Love it all.


  35. Wow, I have no idea what you should do but I do love the fabric! Gorgeous and also loving the pink chandy! Painting a crib sounds like hell on earth but I’m sure Andy right now would do most anything you asked of him. Being pregnant does have its benefits. 🙂 What about the soft pink or teal ceiling with the chandy and leave the crib white? I’m sure whatever you decide will be fabulous!!!

  36. I just found your website through and have been loving it all day! And now come to find out your having a baby girl soon… i’m even more in love – I’m due to have a baby girl on April 27th (i LOVE the photo of the exploding circular object… that’s pretty much what i feel like right now too!). I also have a son who just turned 2… Love reading about all your design ideas – I’m just finishing up our little ones nursery as well… white, hot pink and bright orange are the colors. Where did you find that chandelier? I need it!!

    xo ~ Erin

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