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How Not to Update a Spring Mantle: Procrastination Strikes Again!

There’s a hoppin’ spring mantle party today over at Lettered Cottage, which is perfect because my mantle has been staring at me, dejectedly, wondering why it’s been ignored since Christmas, and I can no longer stand the guilt and condemnation.

But that doesn’t explain why I did it all wrong this year. So here’s how not to update a mantle for Spring.

Step 1: Procrastinate

Allow the weekend to pass you by completely, telling yourself you’ll finish the mantle on Monday. Then allow Monday to also pass because you got distracted by a cool idea on Pinterest and had to go fabric shopping. Monday night, finally get around to doing something, but at this point miss any opportunity to collect beautiful spring greens from those amazing cherry blossoms that are EVERYWHERE.

Step 2: Assemble the Cast

This year I pulled in my trusty old Ikea prints…

Plus my handy little leaf plate from TJ Maxx a couple years ago, a handful of books and this happy little bird which is single-handedly spring-ifying my life.

Hello small friend. And welcome.

On the other side, I grouped together some blue, green and white containers. The green wine bottle is from our wedding. The “M” plate is just an extra one I had from my plate wall, and that white goblet? A 50-cent yard sale find from this weekend, which had an unexplained little note in it that said “From Fannie B.”

Thank you, Fannie B.

Then I added some lame greenery that is way less awesome than cherry blossoms would have been.

Step 3: Ponder the Value of Neighbor Relations

My neighbor has a beautiful cherry blossom tree in his yard. In his BACKyard. I can see it from MY backyard. I am coveting my neighbor’s goods. And wondering if maybe it’s not so bad to be the creepy neighbor who sneaks around stealing your greenery? Maybe?

Then I remember how much I hate awkwardness, and decide the less-awesome greenery will just have to work.

Someday you will be MINE! Muahahaha

Step 4. Wait until the morning to Photograph Said Mantle

The morning – when your two-year-old is eating breakfast. As soon as he heard me clicking the camera, he started saying “CHEESE! CHEESE, Mama!” and making faces for the camera. Get further distracted by the HAM and eggs.

Step 5. Quickly Blog Spring Mantle, Until Panic Strikes

…and you realize that friends will be coming over in 30 minutes and you are still lounging in bedhead and pajamas. Quickly wrap up blog post.

Have you updated your mantle for spring? How far would you go for some cherry blossoms to display?

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  1. I think you should ask the neighbor some sprigs! If you ask once, it counts forever! 🙂

    • It counts forever?! I did not know this rule. I would totally ask him, except this is the ONE neighbor who is completely unfriendly and has never acknowledged us. Once we brought him Christmas cookies, rang the doorbell, saw him inside and he didn’t answer the door so we left them there with a note. Then six months later he finally said hello for the first time. Apparently he’s playing hard-to-get with his neighbor relations/greenery.

  2. Wierd! This is EXACTLY how I did my dinner table on Sunday. 🙂

  3. Kelly! You did an awesome job on your mantle. Hey, I got the exact goblet that you found…mine was from a thrift store and did not have a note in it but they could be long lost sisters. I am really impressed that you got so much done this morning AND fixed breakfast for your cute little fellow AND were one of the first to get your blog post in the Spring Mantle Party at Layla’s. You go girl!

  4. i love the blues and greens! so pretty!

  5. Hahaha. Love the pics of soon-to-be big brother! As for those gorgeous cherry blossoms, I think a little late night reconaissance is in order.

  6. Very nice! I missed the mantle party this spring. Couldn’t get my act together!

  7. So cute! (the two year old and the mantle).

  8. Ha. I was coveting a neighbors tree too for some pretty tree branches, but chickened out. lol

    Hopefully can finally take some pics today, the sun is finally out, and get mine posted tonight.

  9. LOVE those hammy pictures of Weston. What a cutie. 🙂 And your mantle looks loads better than my fantle that is currently housing a lot of junk that does NOT belong there. That green leafy plate is so pretty!

  10. And you even had time to bake muffins before we arrived! I’m impressed 😉

  11. your mantle looks beautiful!! cherry blossoms are amazing…we don’t have them around here. i may or may not sneak under cover of dark to clip some!

  12. It never occurred to me until now to update my mantle for spring. I pretty much leave it the same all year. I like to make things easy on myself 🙂
    Your’s however was well worth the effort. It looks fantastic (even without your neighbor’s blooms!) And your son is just too stinkin cute! You should put him up on your mantle. hehe.

  13. Kelly! I love your blog. I get to see really pretty things AND get a good giggle out of it.

  14. Too funny!! Our Bradford Pear is blooming, but I don’t think the pretty white flowers are worth the house smelling like tuna!

  15. This is too funny. My neighbor has a beautiful lilac bush in full bloom that i have been coveting too! It smells wonderful right now. As i drove home from the grocery store last night and it was dark it ran through my mind to grab some scissors and chop a couple branches before anyone noticed (it is right next to the road) I am good neighbor though and would never do it, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it. 😉

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