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Odds & Ends

1. I am not a headless belly.

I just realized that all the pregnancy pics I’ve posted here cut me off at my neck. Suddenly I got insecure and nervous that you all think I am a walking belly with no head. That’s just awkward. Fortunately we got some family photos taken recently which can prove the existence of my face. Plus there are some cute ones of Weston, and I am obligated as a mother to make you look at them.
Oh yeah, Andy’s cute too.
Look, I didn’t say it was anything worth writing home about. Just that there’s more to me above the neck.

2. The nursery has been primed

Which you might know if you follow me on Facebook. It’s almost painted too. Almost.

I ordered a few fabrics to see what works with the curtain fabric that I love:


These were the options I ordered to evaluate:

Obviously I wouldn’t use them ALL, but I was hoping I’d find a combination I loved. My feeling when I saw them all was… “eh.” But today I ordered a couple more that I think I’ll like better. If someone wants to call and tell them that this fabric shipment is urgent and critical, that’d be fabulous.

(If you’re thinking: wow, isn’t it late in her pregnancy to be making these nursery decisions? – Then welcome! You must be new here.)

3. May I introduce you to a superwoman?

I’m guest posting today over at Primitive and Proper, which is one of those incredible blogs where there’s a new finished project about every five minutes, and they’re all gorgeous. Cassie at Primitive and Proper is superhuman, and I have photographic evidence! Click over and say hi to Cassie!

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  1. I saw your guest post at Primitive and Proper – it’s just gorgeous. Looking forward to your finished nursery !

  2. jumped over from primitive & proper and so glad i did. i wish that i could work at cassie’s speed too. we’ve been in our house for almost 2 years and 2 rooms are “complete”. can’t wait to see more–and your family photos are lovely.

  3. I dont think there’s ever a day that I read a post here that I dont laugh out load (and then my coworkers give me a wierd look). Your family photos are great! I love that you had some taken right before the baby so that you can remember this time. I think a lot of people take them right after the baby comes and then there are no pictures of the belly 🙂 I love your primary fabric. I do like the red and pink stripe with it but think it might be too heavy for a nursery? Can’t wait to see how it comes together!

  4. Hi! I’m here via Cassie…and so glad to have found you! You are hilarious and your family pictures are beautiful! And Cassie and I are bff’s IRL and she is really that awesome and superhuman. I don’t know how she does it!

  5. I LOVE your family pictures!! Can’t wait to see you as a family of 4. Oh, and did I mention I think you are funny?

  6. Cute, cute, cute! You are all three cute. And I’m jealous of your pretty, curly hair!

  7. Love the blue fabric on top and the stripes on the right! Can’t wait to see them in person! And I still love the pictures!!

  8. Your family pictures are adorable!

    And, I’m excited to see what you choose for the nursery 🙂

  9. thank you so much for always making me laugh and for an awesome guest post! i LOVE the stripe on the right! i think it’s perfect- do you have bedding or are you making it? it would be an amazing crib skirt! 🙂
    and i am so glad to see you have a head…. i have been really worried.
    love, superwomaniamnot

  10. Beautiful pictures! I’m jealous that you are so pretty and cute looking while pregnant, I always looked like part of a touring circus, I was the big tent. Anyways, excited to see what fabrics you chose. Maybe you should just mail me the samples you don’t want so I can work on my daughter’s curtains. 😉

  11. Lovely family photos!

  12. i totally thought you were a headless belly so THANK YOU for clearing that up. i was so concerned. 😉

  13. Maybe your new little daughter can help you with those sewing projects!

    I was thinking the stripes. I’ve always been drawn to a stripe and floral combo.



  14. FE-087, really nice match with your main fabric, IMHO. Enjoying your posts!

  15. Your posts always crack me up 🙂
    Gorgeous photos, you have such an adorable family. Heading over to Cassie’s now to see what you have to say.

  16. oh, you are the cutest little pregnant gal!! wish I’d looked that good all those years ago. 🙂
    lovely pics, gorgeous fam.
    happy weekend!

  17. I like how you threw the one headless on in there.. so we were sure it really was you! 😉

  18. Hi Kelly I found you through our friend Darlene!! Your family is darling!
    Going over to Cassie’s….

    Please come visit to enter the amazing Cross Bottle Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  19. What awesome pictures of the three of you before you are a foursome! (Actually you’re already a foursome but you know what I mean!) Just beautiful and I’m sure you’ll always cherish those photos! Also, the color combination for the Baby Girl room is so pretty – can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I am so impressed at all that you’re up to considering Little Miss is just about to arrive! Hang in there – looking forward to seeing her!

  20. I LOVE that last picture of your family. Definitely frame-worthy. And Cassie IS superhuman! I am in awe of her 5 minute projects! Off to check out your guest post. 🙂

  21. You look so gorgeous lady!!! I don’t know how I missed seeing your fabric selection but I LOVE it. I actually like all the choices you’ve already made, especially the one to the left of the middle.

  22. you look so beautiful in your photos!! i love #087 for the fabric…so pretty!

  23. Your preggo pictures are gorgeous! I love your posts, they always make me smile. 🙂

  24. I’d wondered how a woman with no head could post such great stuff!

  25. Cute pictures, Kelly! I love these fabric choices and can’t wait to see the others. I’m with you – my baby is already 4 months old, and I’m still working on the nursery. I’m sure yours will be beautiful!!

  26. I absolutely LOVE the fabrics that you picked out! They all go so well together!

  27. Phew. I was worried the baby ate your head. Phew.

    You all are too stinking cute. Can’t wait to see this new bundle of cuteness….but not until you get the nursery done…I don’t want to stress you out.

  28. You look so beautiful Kelly! Headless and all, ha.
    And I love those fabrics, I actually think you can get away with using all of them. They cordinate so well.

  29. Love FD-463 but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of your choices! That room is baby-licious!

  30. Kelly,

    What an adorable family! You look so sweet and I know you are excited! The nursery is going to be beautiful. All the fabrics look great, but I really love EZ-802!


  31. Omg!!!! Love love love the family photos!!! Super adorable!

    Xx. Patience

  32. It’ll be so fun to see what you choose…or at this point you can just wait a few more years and let the new arrival pick. 😉


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