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Secrets we’ll keep from the baby girl

This is just the internet, right? A perfectly safe place to post confessions and trust that they’ll stay right here, between you and me?

And we’ll agree to never, ever tell my little unborn baby girl.

Like how we didn’t clear out her nursery until about four weeks before her due date…
Baby boy nursery green with owls

And how we didn’t start priming until about three weeks before her due date…

“Gasp! You caught me on camera!”

And as excited as we are to have a little girl, how it was still pretty painful to paint over the beautiful mural her grandmother had hand-drawn for her brother.

And how we didn’t get the first coat of paint up until about 2.5 weeks before her due date. (And how I can’t take an accurate photo of this paint color to save my life. It turned out slightly more saturated than I’d hoped for but I think it’ll look okay once all the other stuff is added.)

And how today, just two weeks and one day before her due date, I’m just starting on her crib bedding, still searching for a dresser for her room, still need to change out the ceiling fan for a fabulous chandelier, and still have a hundred projects between me and a finished nursery.

No, we won’t tell her any of that.

But if she asks, we’ll tell her…

How positively giddy it makes me to have the room painted, new crown molding installed (more on that soon!), her crib assembled and a completely blank slate just waiting to be decorated.

How much fun I had going through all her clothes and getting them arranged and ready for her in her closet. How her dad tried to tell me that she’s not just a baby doll for me to dress up. (PSSSSSSH yeah right.)

And if you want to mention how excited I am to meet her, that’d be okay too. But let’s keep everything else between you and me.

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  1. ooh i can’t wait to see it come together now that it is like a clean slate! and aren’t little girls clothes the cutest!

  2. Awesome. I think it’s a part of second-child-syndrome. I have a feeling we’ll be sharing a room with #2 this summer (something I said I’d never do…) even though we’ll have 2 months of mostly-uninterrupted-time to finish the basement… 😉

    • We shared a room with Weston for a couple months, and I’m counting on that time to get things wrapped up in the nursery! You’re right about second-child syndrome. I’m a victim myself. 🙂

  3. This is really sweet, Kelly. 🙂 And that is one very lucky baby girl to have you!

  4. Oh, I just love a pale pink nursery! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  5. you’re secret’s safe with us. 🙂 i can’t wait to see the finished product (both nursery and baby hehe!)

  6. It must be real fun shopping for little girl’s outfits. Looking forward to see the finished room and meeting the baby!

    P/S: Come by and enter my online room design giveaway, if you like.


  7. Good thing you didn’t post this on the internet for her to dream later in life. Good thing!!

    The nursery is looking so good already. I’m guessing as long as she has a nice warm spot to sleep, eat, and poo…she’ll be just fine!

    • She’s going to need a warm spot to poo?! So much for our outhouse idea. 🙂

      • Michaela says:

        Sorry but your response cracked me up and now I’ve got that ‘ripple chuckle’ every time I think about it. Just tickled me!

  8. Baby girls ARE SO here for us to dress up! Psssh to Andy! 🙂

  9. The nursery looks so pretty. It’s the fun part now! As for the clothes, it is irresistible to change a baby girl’s outfit 10 times per day. I go crazy for little, itsy bitsy baby clothes.

  10. Looks like your off to a good start! The finishing touches will come together! Lucky little girl! Can’t wait to see the first pics of her!

  11. YAY!!! It’s so close! I love the color. It’s so calming but just slightly feminine.

  12. Oh you’re just giving her fodder for the years of therapy she’ll need later in life …

    … that’s what I tell my very own little princess when she gets angry at me …



  13. Karen At Home says:

    I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I am still wrapping up our son ‘s nursery and he is 2 weeks old!

    • You’re probably still ahead of me! I’m impressed that you can think straight enough to type coherently with a 2-week-old. 🙂

  14. My lips are sealed. (Anyone else have an 80’s flashback moment just then?)

    You’re almost there! So exciting!!

  15. says:

    I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking through your older posts. After six kids, I can totally relate to the mixed feelings about shifting your older child’s things to make room for a new baby. I’m sure your baby girl’s room will be beautiful and I’ll be popping back in to see! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment! Six kids – you must be superwoman! 🙂 Bestow your wisdom upon me, please! Off to check out your blog. 🙂

      • says:

        No special wisdom, just perseverance, flexibility and some finely honed crisis management skills 🙂 . Thanks for visiting my blog- you were my very first commenter!

  16. omgoodness, you are down to the wire!! i really like the color, at least how it photographs :). and the crown molding too!

    and of course she is for dress up! what was he thinking?? 😉

  17. So sweet, Can’t wait to see the reveal. I just love seeing nursery’s 🙂

  18. It looks like it is going to be worth the wait! Baby girls are such fun!

  19. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s nearly time to meet her! The room is looking wonderful and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  20. It looks so cute! Love the closet organization, too!

  21. Late start or not, her nursery is looking so perfect! And I’m totally jealous of her closet, shes organized already!

  22. I will also tell your baby girl how lucky she is to have you as a mommy! Can’t wait to meet your “non-baby doll”! 🙂

  23. What a fun post! What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right. 😉 How fun to have a clean slate…and your husband seems so fun. Love his comment about the dress up doll. PSSSSSHHHH is right. 🙂


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