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YOU. GUYS. I haven’t been able to stop beaming all day.

You know I love blogging, right? Hands-down the BEST part about blogging is the relationships you create with people across the country and the world who share similar interests. Today I was SHOCKED to find out that 12 of my favorite ladies from blogland threw me a surprise virtual baby shower!

Here’s me, virtually attending my virtual baby shower today. Just poking my head in the interwebs to see what’s up…

Wait – what’s going on?!

SHOCK! You guys GOT ME!

This is my first virtual baby shower, so I’m glad you’re here to celebrate too!

Look at this beautiful invitation Skye created based on the fabric from our nursery:

Two of my best blogging buds, Erin at His and Hers Blog and Skye from Neathering our Fest, co-hosted the shindig. Such sweet, amazing ladies!

They rounded up a group of incredible women and bloggers.

Jen & Katie from Paisley Print Shoes decorated for the virtual party, with some SUPER creative ideas you’ve just got to go check out.

Ange at The Blooming Hydrangea created some tasty appetizers, which I enjoyed thoroughly, in large (virtual) quantities, like this veggie pizza and a taco dip (click here for recipes!):

Faith at the Stirring Place brought some crazy virtually-delicious strawberry whoopie pies. I ate a hundred, with ZERO calories!! (Seriously. Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies. You need this recipe.)

They were bigger than they looked.

The cookie went beautifully with the baby shower sherbet punch that Carrie at Hazardous Design created.

And there were gifts!

Cassie at Primitive and Proper, Michelle at Decor & the Dog and Carol at the Design Pages crafted some incredible homemade baby shower gifts. Click here to see Cassie’s tutorial for a sweet, sweet DIY photo frame out of vintage children’s book covers:

Michelle knocked it out of the park with University of Georgia-inspired hand-appliqued onesies! Her tutorial makes it look so easy – this is a fantastic idea for a baby shower gift and my baby girl is going to ROCK them.

We ask you to join us in praying that she arrives with all her limbs. And a proportionate head-to-body ratio.

And Carol – queen of the gorgeous fabrics – created this amazing diaper tote! She’s doing a full tutorial on her blog tomorrow that I can’t wait to see. (And look what she tucked in the bag – how did she KNOW?)
Maury at Life on Mars Blog kept the fun going with two fantastic baby shower games. I didn’t even have to try to guess the melted chocolate bar in the diaper!
I wish someone would have told me we weren’t playing that game before THIS happened.

And Jean sent us all off with a GORGEOUS favor idea! (Amazing – this is one of the prettiest baby shower favors I’ve ever seen!) Click here to see how she did it!

Totally worth stopping by and checking out what each of those women created. They have BLOWN me away today with their generosity, kind words and thoughtfulness – not just today but in all the time I’ve known them. This fun surprise made my MONTH and I’m saving this with some other pregnancy memories to tell baby girl when she’s older (but we’ll still keep a few secrets).

There aren’t enough exclamation marks and “thank yous” in the world to tell you ladies how much this means to me! THANK YOU so much for such a fantastic day and a fun surprise!

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  1. Happy shower day!!!! Now get to sleep. Seriously. Stock up.

  2. So I cleaned out our truck today and was putting everything in Bo’s car (we were at a car dealership), when I saw two of your baby gifts in his trunk!!! I need to bring those to you asap. Sorry friend! I love this post =) particularly your illustrations 😉

  3. i LOVE the pictures you took today! you are the best guest of honor ever!!!!

  4. Oh goodness gracious – you are so much fun! I love the surprised looks on your face! So stinkin cute!!! I’m glad you had a big surprise and enjoyed all the games and snacks! I gotta give props to the girls – they all did such a wonderful job! So much fun!!!

  5. Kelly you have some wonderful friends in the blogworld – and I love your response with these great photos – you never cease to entertain! Glad you enjoyed your virtual shower – so much fun!

  6. you are too funny!!! doing a mini photo shoot of yourself “attending” the shower is hilarious which makes me love you even more. 🙂 we were so honored to be apart of such a fun event! we were so glad skye and erin hosted it. i’m with michelle though…go to bed…now…we’re all your virtual friends so we won’t be able to pop over to babysit while you take a cat nap. 🙂

  7. Congrats Kelly! Great party post, I feel like I was really there!

  8. Wow, you looks so surprised!! 🙂 I didn’t realize Faith’s cookies were that big. Ha ha!! This was so much fun!

  9. So glad you liked it! This post made me laugh out loud. Those pictures are PRICELESS. This was my first virtual baby shower and I really had fun!

  10. What a fantastic idea. Love the pics! (Visiting from Flower Hill Design.)

  11. Haha. You had me rolling! SOOO glad you enjoyed everything. It was a blast to participate in and couldn’t have been for a sweeter bloggy buddy. <3 Now get your feet up and get ready for that pretty girl to make her debut.

  12. As always, you’re the life of the party:) If only they had virtual showers when I was pregnant I could have avoided all those “make a hat out of bows” type games. Big hugs!

  13. This is awesome! What a sweet way to celebrate your baby girl 🙂

  14. haha love these pictures! So glad you could “attend” your shower and that it was a surprise! (Maybe a virtual surprise party is the only true way to really make sure it STAYS a surprise?)

    But EW–do some shower hosts actually make you EAT the “poop”
    to guess what it is? I’ve only ever had to smell it/endure comments about “Oh this one has nuts in it; it looks so real; buahahsnort”

  15. Oh, I so wish I was invited! I would have absolutely whipped up something cute for your impending baby girlie! Looks like such fun. You have an amazing group of blog friends ..



  16. I absolutely love this idea! You had me laughing hysterically! So glad you enjoyed attending your shower!

  17. i have to admit that your photos are the funniest part of this whole thing! the one of you guessing the melted candy is the best!!

  18. This is the cutest thing ever! And your pics are hilarious of course!!

  19. Such a precious idea! And how much fun to celebrate your little girls’ voyage into the world. 🙂
    All the best, my dear!
    xo Heidi

  20. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this idea! and the pics you took are so fun…expect the ones with your mouth that close to the diapers. 😉 What a fun bunch!!

  21. I read about this on Carol’s blog and I thought it was brilliant! I love your pictures of the surprised face!

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