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The Hunt for the Elusive Craigslist Dresser

If you follow my blog on facebook, you know that I’ve been on the hunt.

I’ve been hiding in the shadows, watching…

Image by Brian Lary via

Quietly, sneakily stalking my prey.


The prey: the elusive craigslist dresser, in excellent condition with beautiful lines, within my budget, for the nursery.

But this particular breed is fleeting, quick, evading capture.

They run in packs, hiding on the other side of Atlanta from me, where I cannot go get them. Once, I caught one in my sights.

It was pretty. With nice lines. Within the budget. A simple coat of paint and refreshed hardware would have made it a meaty feast for my decorating appetite. I sneakily approached, careful not to scare it off.

Image by Ozan Uzel via

But alas! It evaded me, with its hour-and-a-half drive away. I grieved. I mourned the loss.

But I was hungry.

I returned to the hunt.

Day in and day out, I stalked craigslist with the best, most effective methods I could muster. Finally, a lone listing caught my eye.

I did not postpone.
I did not delay.

And dragged its lifeless body back to my den, where I feasted upon my catch. I brought it immediately to the nursery and placed it in its new home.

It’s a little vintage piece, much more feminine than furniture I usually buy, but it’s sweet. Happy. And the size is perfect for that room and perfect to double as a changing table. The previous owner replaced the hardware, and I’m thinking it might want to be changed. (What do you think: would you keep it or replace it?)

I know there’s probably a blogger rule somewhere that says I’m supposed to now paint this dresser, but guess what? Not gonna do it. I like it white, and I’m a rebel rulebreaker.

I’m happy to finally have a place to store frilly little onesies and minuscule diapers. And I’m especially proud to have finally made the kill.

(P.S.: Check back in for the full nursery reveal on Monday if all goes well!)

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  1. Awww, I love it! I really like the hardware too. It’s sweet!

    Don’t go having this baby on us after you promise a nursery reveal. 😛

  2. It’s a lovely little dresser perfect for a little girl!

  3. I love the hardware. It’s sweet and fresh.

  4. Lol I love this post because this is exactly me right now. My goal is to have 3 dressers by the end of the summer. One for both of our closets and another for the half bath vanity.

    I like what you finally snagged. So cute. And I wouldn’t paint it either! You could always switch the hardware out to something else, but I don’t mind it at all!

  5. I love it! And I think the hardware is a super cute touch for a nursery! Maybe you can change it when the baby gets older, but for now I think it works!

  6. I like it white, too. And I actually think the hardware works! It’s perfect for a little girl. 🙂

  7. LOVE IT!

  8. I wouldn’t paint it either. I love the white and I really like the hardware. Don’t change it. or do, and I wont say anything, but I will swipe them when I come to see you.

  9. I think it is perfect for a baby/little girl! And not having to do anything to it is just a bonus (seriously, y’all have enough to do, right?!). I like the handles, but I guess it depends on your style/color for the room, right?

  10. Oh, the game of Craigslisting. It can be tricky!
    I say keep the hardware for now. Live with it for a while, and if you want to change it down the road, you can! Great find!

  11. Bonus! It looks like it already had a makeover. Sweet! Great find =)
    Plus, you can always tweak it later if you want to.

  12. Yay, so glad you finally snagged a dresser! And a super cute ready-to-use one that doesn’t have to linger in undone project purgatory? Perfect! It’s really quite sweet and looks like it was just waiting to find a new home in a little girl’s nursery. Forget about the handles, at least for now. If you find that staring at them somehow lengthens the endless hours of nursing and rocking and such, you may want to take action. Otherwise, give yourself a break and move ‘dresser’ to the done column. And be sure to pat yourself on the back for a hard fought Craigslist victory!

  13. I have been looking for a dresser from craig for a YEAR! I must be the very slowest person in the world because they are always taken before I call/email! Congratulations to you for your hard-won victory!

  14. I wouldn’t change a thing….So sweet!

  15. i love it- so soft and pretty! keep the hardware and then decide later…. or if you see something you think is “it” then get it. but i think it totally works.

  16. So rare… a CL find that doesn’t need to be painted?! Great find, you sneaky huntress!

  17. The hunt is half the fun! Accept the gift and don’t change a thing. It looks awesome and girly as is. I am looking forward to seeing the finished nursery!

  18. totally jealous…i still haven’t gotten one yet!! it looks so great! i like the hardware. you could at least keep it until you found something you fell in love with. awesome!

  19. It’s perfect! I love the curvy detailing on the bottom! Will definitely be checking back to see the big reveal!

  20. I love the hardware.

    And now you make me want to go scour Craigslist for furniture I have no place to put.

    • I *know!* I don’t need a single other thing from craigslist but it keeps calling my name! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


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