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Capital letters for this one, because it’s finally (mostly) done! The only thing remaining is a fantastic little chandelier which continues to elude me, but enough about that, right? Let’s see the pics!

Here’s the room when we bought the house:

And here it is when we redid it for my son:

And here’s the room now:

If this baby comes out male, I’m sending him back.

The crib skirt is Premier Prints Lulu Stripe in True Turquoise – the same fabric that you all agreed to love whether you really did or not for the sake of my tender, pregnant sanity. Making the skirt was a stupidly easy DIY project (crib skirt tutorial here).

The beautiful LOVE print is by the incredibly talented Katie Daisy on Etsy. I seriously love every single thing in her shop. The frames were $1 yard sale finds. Here are the rest of the details on the art.

(If you’re wondering what the “M” stands for, as of writing this post, it stands for “Maybe there’s a Minuscule chance this girl will get an actual real name before she turns 5.” We don’t know what we’re going to name her at ALL, but our top favorites right now start with an M, so we’re going with it. UPDATE: She’s here!)

The wall color is Olympic Irish Lace, and it’s low odor/no-VOC! Love that. The front-facing bookshelves were a DIY project when we were preparing this room for my son – see that post here.

The curtain fabric is Anna Maria Summer Totem in Tart, and it was the jumping-off point for the whole room. They’re black-out lined back-tab panels and um, I made them myself (WHAAAT?! For reals!). Here’s the full tutorial on that. Can I say this again though? I made them myself. With a sewing machine.

Enough, you guys! Quit asking about that.

(Some people avoid drapery panels in nurseries because supposedly their tarzan children swing from one panel to another and smash into the wall or something? I’m not sure. But we have them all over our house and our two-year-old has never had a problem with them. We used valances + blinds for his nursery, and could never get the room quite dark enough, so I think this will be MUCH more functional. But I’ll probably still have a tarzan child.)

You can also see our DIY crown molding in that last photo. Tutorial on how to install it like the pros do is here.

Let’s take a quick stop in the closet, which was another DIY project (details here).

I picked up that snazzy little dresser on craigslist in a brutal hunt-and-kill game. The amazing white upholstered rocker which is going to change my life was another craigslist STEAL. Total steal. It’s the Pottery Barn Dream Rocker. (Read this post for craigslist shopping secrets.)

I whipped up that little pillow out of this fabric, and it’s kinda wonky but we’re ignoring that. We’re so thankful for the little blanket on the chair which was made with love by Mildred’s Millicent’s Maude’s baby girl’s talented grammy.

And that stuff flying away above the dresser/changing table?

It’s a little DIY pinwheel art installation project which was so easy, and by the way? The pinwheels WORK. I’m planning on this being super-entertaining for Marjorie Mabel Minnie the littie one while she’s getting her diaper changed. Here’s the tutorial for the pinwheel art installation.

Update: Since posting this room reveal, I added a DIY chandelier. You can see how we made the chandelier in this post. I updated some of the pics here with pics that show the light too.

Total cost for this room is disgustingly cheap. The furniture (crib, dresser, chair) was $275 total. Curtain fabric was the most expensive thing, about $100 total – $25 per panel. I already had the curtain rods from our last house. Another $30 for paint, less than $20 for the art over her crib (most of the stuff I already had on hand), $15 for crib skirt fabric, $6 for the fabric and filling for the wonky pillow, and about $5 for the supplies for the pinwheel art that I didn’t already have on hand.

Total cost for this redo? About $450 for the whole room. I’m pretty happy with that, especially considering that upholstered rockers usually start at around $350 alone.

I still want to add a chandelier and a floor lamp to read by, and I’ll probably want some kind of footstool, but it’s as close to finished as it will get for now. I’m pretty happy that Minerva Mavis Martha the baby girl will have a place to call her own, and that it’s finally just about finished!

No need to spend lots to get a beautiful nursery! Lots of real, affordable ideas in this beautiful room!

And PS – I think this is my favorite room in the house now. I usually get about halfway done with a room redo, and start to loathe everything in it and regret it with all my soul, but not this time!

Thanks for all your help and input in the comments section while I’ve been working on it. You guys are brilliant!

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*I received free product from Katie Daisy.

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    Kelly this baby girl room turned out so beautifully, I love all the elements of it. The pop of color from the drapes (I can’t believe you made them 9 months pregnant!), the pinwheels, the pictures & M over the crib – the bedskirt!! All so lovely and perfect. Having real drapes really makes this room to me. (And I have always had full length curtains with kids & no problems either.) You did such an amazing job and must be so thrilled with the outcome. You should decorate whilst pregnant more often!!

  2. Seriously wonderfuly AMAZING. I LOVE it. The colors are just perfect!!! Now I can’t wait for the big reveal of the baby!!! (And to think you got this all done in like 2 weeks or something, right?! WOW!)

  3. those curtains bang the nail in the coffin of awesomeness on this room. meaning they make it final and complete for me. weird analogy. need more coffee.
    seriously looks awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful space. Looking forward the drapery tut.

  5. Wow! Madison?, Madeline?, Melissa? is going to love her new room! I especially love the curtain fabric and I am so impressed that you made them yourself. I am encouraged that there is hope for me on the sewing front! The pinwheel art is adorable and will keep Marsha?, Molly?, Mandy? entertained during diaper changes. Best wishes!

  6. says:

    You did an amazing job! What a beautiful, colorful room. I wish I had your luck on Craigslist- great bargains! My toddlers are a two-person circus, and every design in our house is planned to withstand a full-on acrobatic assault, but the curtains for some reason have never inspired them- knock on wood. So now you’re ready? Yay!

  7. Looks very cozy and comfy…
    Nice job!!!

  8. ADORABLE! ADORABLE! ADORABLE! I love every bit of it! Wonderful job!! Pinned!

  9. Oh this turned out beautiful! The fabric curtains are so pretty, love the print above the crib with the M, the pinwheels, the skirt, everything! You rocked this nursery, way to go girl and you’re still pregnant, so you did it! Love this nursery!

  10. Yep. It’s official. I’m in love with this nursery!! The curtains and pinwheel wall are both AH-mazing!!! Wow, they couldn’t be more perfect!! If I weren’t on my darn, pinterest free, phone, I would totally pin about 3 times over. Will definitely come back later and do just that!!!

    Whew! Now go have that baby!!

  11. It looks AMAZING. I love the colors. Now you just need a baby girl to put in it.

  12. Wow! Your bargain-hunting skills are seriously impressive! I could definitely stand to take a page out of your book!

  13. You are incredible! The panels are the focal point…so well done! I bet your mother in law will be so impressed with your skills!

  14. You knew you would get there in the end! It looks absolutely amazing. Love the pinwheels – 3D artwork is fun for a nursery. Well done, Kelly, you must be thrilled. Also love the LOVE artwork, drapes, skirt.

  15. You have created a gorgeous room for you little one! The pinwheels are such a cute idea! And I love the drapes!!

  16. Absolutely stunning! What a lucky little girl Mable Maria Miffy is going to be! Have to pin pinwheels. Pun intended. 🙂

  17. It’s beautiful! I love that you did your own thing, and went your own way. I’ve seen so many pink and brown girl nurseries lately, that I’m extra double in love with what you did. Lucky little girl!

  18. Kelly! This is amazing!!!! I LOVE everything but I’m over-the-moon about those pinwheels. If I had a little girl I’d want to give her a room exactly like this. Gorgeous. Whew. Now you can relax.

  19. Oh my goodness what a beautiful room! I adore that wall color! ADORE! And that print is perfect!!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  20. It’s so wonderful! I love the curtains and the pinwheels so much!

  21. So, so pretty! The curtain fabric especially is my absolute favorite part!

  22. WOW, beautiful! What a perfect balance between peaceful and playful. That’s tough to do. Unlike sewing blackout curtains, which sounds like a breeze. Wait no, it sounds totally intimidating. You made those?! By yourself?! So impressed! They are gorgeous. May they bring you many hours of peaceful baby sleep.

  23. This turned out amazing! I LOVE, love, love the curtain fabric … so gorgeous and bright and fun! And, I super love the little pinwheels on the wall. So cute!

  24. This nursery looks like a million dollars and you did it for less than $500? You are my hero! It is truly beautiful … I am in LOVE with the pinwheel art! I have another M name for you … Missi (or Melissa). Ha!

  25. Oh little Mildred has such a lovely space to rest her colicky little head …



  26. I LOVE it!!! It is so cheerful and happy. The subtle wall color makes a perfect backdrop for the pattern and color! I seriously can’t decide what my favorite part is.

    And–I think Matilda will love her room, too. 😉

  27. This is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I love it!

  28. Oh my, oh my,. oh my! This is one of the most adorable nurseries I’ve seen! I am IN LOVE with the pinwheel art, serioulsy

    The curtains are to DIE for.

    Wow is all I can say *picking jaw up off the floor*

    Congrats on the beauty and congrats in advance for your little girl Macy/Margaret/Melinda.


  29. amazing job!!! It looks so great…the fabric for the curtains is amazing – and those pinwheels totally steal the show. You did a fantastic job!! I can’t wait to read about (and pin) all your upcoming DIY’s!

  30. AMAZING. Little Maeve/Maddie/Marley will love her room! I can just see her now, spinning those pinwheels and not swinging from the drapes. She’s going to love it, Kelly!

  31. Oh I love it all! Did you use 45″ wide fabric for the curtains? Love the Anna Maria loulou print. The pinwheel wall is fabulous.

  32. I am so in love with those curtains and can’t wait for tarzan pictures of your kids. 🙂 And I can’t wait for the pinwheel tutorial!! Would that be awkward if I put them in my bedroom as a 28 year old??

  33. OH MY GOD!!! what an incredible, amazing transformation! the curtains are just an amazing start to an incredible design all around. i think they are my favorite part and i cannot wait to see the tutorial!

    and the skirt, and the yarn-wrapped “M”. i can’t stand all the beautiful-ness!!!

  34. I love the room! You did an amazing job! I am still not finished with our little one’s room – almost. Great job! Can’t wait for your little one to arrive. 😀

  35. Ummmmmmm, this is one of my favorite nurseries. Seriously. Perfection. All of it.

    You did good. Now would you have this baby already?

  36. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful Kelly. The curtains, the pinwheels, that beautiful dresser and the lovely crib is just oh so perfect. Outstanding!

  37. L-O-V-E IT! Seriously, one f the prettiest, not over the top, girly but not too girly, rooms I’ve ever seen.


  38. OH that fabric on the windows is STUNNING…

    …and on a side note — I LOVE artists that you can see from a mile away and love that that is a Katie Daisy through and through 🙂

    Beautiful room Kelly — I want it~!!!

  39. I La-Huv (pronounced like hub) it! Love it, love it. Look at your workin’ that sewing machine. I totally pinned it.

  40. Now this is one lucky baby! The pinwheels have got to be my all-time favourite thing! I also really love the crib skirt!

  41. AMAZING!!! Hold on to your little pregnant self because I’m about to blow you away with the longest comment in history.

    1 – LOVE the fabric on the bedskirt and the curtains. So pretty, so feminine and so bright. Perfect.

    2 – I seriously laughed out loud at the M. Maury’s a good name. Just sayin’. Maude, Minerva and Marjorie is not are not. Mostly because of the nicknames. i don’t know why but I always think about that. Millicient could be cute little Millie… Marje is not a good nickname for a 2 year old.

    3 – The pinwheels are awesome! So cool. How many hours did that take?

    4 – You kill me with your Craigslist finds. The rocker and the cabinet are awesome.

    5 – I so do that! I am already regretting some of the decisions in the guest room and I’m not even done yet! Why is that? I love it for the first 3 days, then I’m like… ok, let’s change it again.

  42. Kelly, I LOVE it!!! The bold fabrics are so great with the soft pink walls, and the pinwheels and gallery wall complete the room so nicely. Good choice on doing panels – they are gorgeous!

  43. Looks awesome. Love the fabric! My daughter is turning one next month and I already have some plans to switch it up. Bought paint over the weekend!

  44. By the way…found you through Life as a Thrifter and I am your newest follower 🙂 I love when I discover awesome new blogs!

  45. Your curtains are really pretty!

  46. What a fabulous room – so glad you can keep the M and not send back any boy babies!!!

    I had drapes in my girls nursery too – but your fabric is amazing!! I want it (whaaah – sorry, you have enough of crying from Mila)!

    So happy for you and your family and the nursery is perfection!

    • Ooh! We just finished panitnig our boys nursery a similar shade of grey, and we have been just pulling out our hair over figuring out a dresser, bookshelf, changing table combo (okay me, I don’t know why I say we, my husband doesn’t care about the dresser that much.)But that’s exactly what I’m looking for! Do you happen to remember what those drawers were called? I want to shamelessly copy you.

  47. What a beautiful job! It’s beautiful and stylish, while still being fun and playful. Love the pinwheel collage!

    Found you via “My Life as a Thrifter.”

  48. Absolutely heart-stoppingly GORGEOUS. What a lucky little lady she is to have such a creative mommy! xxx

    PS Pinning the heck outta this one.

  49. Love it! Love the color of blue, the simplicity, the curtains. Well done!!

  50. Thanks for linking this up at Show & Tell! I have been pinning & shopping for our nursery today, and I had just popped over to see yours again and order that LOVE print from your link. I LOVE your inspiration!!

  51. Oh My Gosh Kelly- this room is adorable!!! I don’t even know where to begin…maybe with that super gorgeous drapery fabric?!!! And the pin wheel wall!!! I love this nursery so much I’m ready to have another baby just so I can decorate a nursery! 😀 Awesome job!!!

  52. Too cute! I love those pin wheels!

    • What an amazing and beiufatul room! Just love the colour combinations. I am doing my nursery too at the moment (nothing like leaving it to the last minute, my due date was today!). We don’t know what we are having however I love the bookcase turned into a dresser. Can I ask if you purchased the drawers at Ikea or if you had to make them? I’m all the way over in Australia and both my husband and I loved this idea and were wondering if the drawers were bought or needed to be made especially. Congratulations on a beiufatul room very talented pair you two!

  53. Everything is so beautiful!!

  54. Gorgeous!!

  55. That looks amazing! The pinwheel collection is beautiful, love it all! I would love for you to share this (and any other house projects) at my “May House Par-tay” at!

  56. I found you through TT&J and I’m so glad I did! I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this nursery! I’ll be pinning it and using it as inspiration for my girls room when we move to our new home this summer.

    I’d love for you to link this up to my party:

    Hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m your newest follower!

  57. Beautiful nursery. Simple lines with great WOW factor. This will be one of my featured favorites from this week’s Piece of Cake Link Party. Thanks for linking up. So glad Melissa found you!

  58. Kelly, your nursery looks fantastic! Love the soft paint color 🙂

  59. Thanks for passing by and linking up this super super cute room!

  60. LOVE IT! A beautiful design on a dime 🙂

  61. Gorgeous darling! If I ever have a girl, I’m copying your nursery! 🙂

  62. GREAT job! I love everything about this room! I have a Mila too, she is 16 months 🙂

  63. WOW! so cute – that might be the cutest nursery i have seen in awhile. I love the grouping above the crib with the letter. great job!

    We are running a Before and After Link party to support Habitat for Humanity, with a chance to be featured on other big blogs and win gift cards. Would love if you entered!

  64. Thanks again Kelly for linking up!

  65. Oh wow, Kelly! This is gorgeous!! I love your style and you seriously crack me up! I would never think to put that drapery fabric with the crib skirt fabric but it works beautifully! Great job!

  66. Wowzers, I LOVE this nursery. The curtains are unbelievable, and the pinwheel art is awesome. I also adore Katie Daisy art. Fabulous job, and congrats on winning the Habitat Before & After week 1!

  67. i found u via organizing made fun – your nursery is gorgeous!! i luv the panel curtains! i’m nervous about doing mine for our living room. i know what you mean about blinds and valances not blocking enuff light we had the same problem with our sons room.

  68. This nursery is absolutely amazing. Your little girl is super lucky to be able to wake up and stare at such a beautiful space. Thanks for the info on Katie Daisy – I just love finding new etsy shops.

  69. GORGEOUS ROOM! I have a similar Dresser I got off craigslist that I am refininshing and I love your glass pulls. Where did you find them?

    • Thank you!! Would you believe they actually come on the dresser? I didn’t change them out. But I have seen some similar ones at home depot and lowes. Good luck with your dresser!

  70. Cute! Cute! Cute! I came to your site to find out how to make an easy crib skirt, but I love the whole room!

  71. Beautiful job! I love all the bright touches! I’d love it if you stopped by my weekly link party and linked this post up. 🙂

  72. It’s so pretty! Love the colors.

  73. Hey Kelly! I love, love, love your nursery – the colours in your drapes look great with those pinwheels and everything just looks so well put together. I’ve got this linked to my post on nurseries too today, for inspiration!

  74. I am pinning this to my nursery board & link back to you. I hope that is ok. If not email me & I will delete it. Love, love, love how this turned out so bright & pretty! Thanks for following me on twitter.

  75. Where did you get the crib? It’s classic and doesn’t look so monstrous!

    • I got mine used from craigslist but you can still find them in stores.. The style is called Jenny Lind, and this one is Delta brand, but there are other brands that make Jenny Lind cribs too. I think Target might even have some.

  76. The curtains are beautiful!! I love that fabric and the colors 🙂

  77. I love it! So bright and airy, but still fun and playful! 🙂

  78. WOW! I love everything about this adorable bedroom, you did a fantastic job, with some great DIY projects. LOVE IT!!!

  79. Love your nursery. Check out this sweet nursery at

  80. Gah! A couple of months ago I was mulling over the same curtain fabric. I Googled the fabric name and clicked on “images” hoping to see a real life swatch…and up popped your nursery! They look so amazing and happy and cheerful…..and I’m glad you didn’t have to send back a boy. We’re going to attempt a canopy with the fabric and here’s hoping we don’t end up with a lopsided tent!

  81. I LOVE this nursery! I love how you made the light blue look great for a girl’s room. All the colors collaborate beautifully. I’ll definitely need to use the color scheme as inspiration when I’m remodeling the girls’ room as they get older.

    Coordinately Yours,


  82. I love the bed! Do you guys have a boxspring? I want to make a bed like this but an unsure if the plans are for a boxspring or without. I would think without since there are slats but I’m not sure. Thanks.

    • You don’t need a boxspring for it, but you can have one if you want. It’ll just make the mattress sit higher up.

  83. I loved it so much Thank you so much for sharing this blog. Because I love the colour combinations of them.

  84. This is such a beautiful room. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this in a nursery roundup if you don’t mind.


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