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A Built-in Romance, by Thistlewood Farm

EEEK! I am SO giddy about this post today. Because it’s not every day you read a blog post that’s actually a romantic comedy, especially not on a home blog.

AND it’s not every day I get to share an original, one-of-a-kind post especially for you from my sweet, hilarious friend Karianne at Thistlewood Farm.

Hello you handsome built-ins.


We’ve been waiting to meet you.

We’re the little ‘ole built-ins from Thistlewood Farm.

And we’ve had our eye on you for a long time.

We can still remember the first time we ever saw you.

We were just sitting here. Covered in linen and pom-pom pillows and a drop cloth or two….. with way too much “freshy decorating” going on.

It was in March. Back when we still thought there was going to be a winter and we wondered how Brenden and Rachel were going to make it through the Amazing Race and it felt like the Mad Men premier would never ever get here.

And then we saw you.

You gorgeous built-ins.

And we forgot all about Brenden and Rachel.

I mean who cared about a guy getting a PhD and an ex Las Vegas showgirl when Kelly debuted you on her blog in all your navy and white glory.


With your bright, shiny cabinet hardware.


You really know how to turn a girls’ head.

And don’t even get us started on those inset hinges.

But we were shy.

And a little nervous.

And we didn’t really want to put ourselves forward.

So we whiled away the hours making little burlap chalk bags to keep us company.

And hung a vintage sign.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Until one day Kelly called and asked us to stop by for a visit.

So here we are.

After all this time.

Still waiting for a little coffee and conversation.

So let’s hurry. Time’s a wasting and we really don’t want to “shelve” this relationship any more 🙂

Aaaaand my office built-in wall just turned from a handsome shade of turquoise to a sweet shade of *BLUSH*…

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  1. Kelly,

    You are such a rock star 🙂 Truly, I remember when you first posted those built-ins and I knew we were going to be BFF’s….
    …..for + ever 🙂

    Have an awesome day!

  2. LOL! A double dose of Kari in a single day! And my built-in-less walls are all up in my face and closing in on me and demanding a built-in. And I have to like remind them that I don’t have a handy husband with power tools like Kari and Kelly and they’ll just have to settle for some board and batten like in the entry and the powder room. And then they’re all like demanding when WHEN will that be happening. And I have to remind them that I’m not made of money. And I have the master bedroom to finish first and pillows to make and kids to care for …



  3. SO FUNNY! I love Karianne’s blog. It’s one of my new favorites as well. She’s hysterical and manages to make me guffaw at least once in every post.

  4. I’m here via Thistlewood Farms. What a fabulous blog you have! I have seen a pic or two of your home on pinterest!

    I am thrilled to be a new follower! I look forward to reading your posts, and getting to “know” you. (I am a fellow Kariann devotee!)

    Your home is lovely, and your built ins are just GORGEOUS!

  5. Hahaha! You two crack me up! And make me want some built-ins! My poor bare walls!

  6. Hahahaha, this is awesome…a built-in romance, who knew?!?!? I heart both you and KariAnne so this post was extra special. 🙂

  7. LOVE karianne’s blog… and gorgeous home!

  8. Bwahahaha! Classic Karianne. Love her!

  9. One of my fave posts, EVER, girls — I mean who can resist a boy meets girl (er built-in) story?? I had to turn my computer screen away from my own built ins so not to start something around here. Yep, a little censorship to keep the to-do list safe. 🙂
    Happy Friday, girls!
    xo Heidi

  10. If I’m remembering correctly, you once wanted a healthy dose of pink in that office, so how perfect that it’s blushing now. Does Andy approve? 😉

  11. what a great new read!! and i love both of your built-ins :)!

  12. fun, fun, fun and beauty! love both of your blogs!

  13. Now I just want to see them make out:)


  14. Seems I have another blog to start stalking. That room is awesome!

  15. Kari can even make built-ins funny! You two are a built in match made in heaven!

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