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Decorating with Birds’ Nests… Unintentionally

This post was accidentally published for a brief time last week, so it may have been in your readers/email subscriptions. Just pretend like you’ve never seen it before, k?

Birds nests in decorating are all the rage. Or so a little bird told me. You can find lots of ways to incorporate them, like in art:
birds nest artwork, bird art

Via Fauxkiss on Etsy

In jewelry:birds nest ring, bird jewelry, avian trend
Via Karismabykarajewelry on etsy

Under a cloche:birds nest in a cloche, decorating with cloche, birds nest decor
Via Air Kissed

As table decor:
birds nest table decor, nest centerpiece
Or – of course – in a birds nest fascinator. Probably the first thing you thought of when I brought up the nest trend.
birds nest fascinator, bird hat
I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new, extravagant fascinators to wear as I go about my glamorous days, doing things like attending royal weddings playdates, eating crumpets wiping spit-up, and other glamorous British traditions finding new ways to discreetly breastfeed in public.

Fortunately, it turns out I’m right on top of the nest trend, unintentionally. Because look what made its home in my ultra-stylish, definitely-internet-ready, not-at-all-embarrassingly-disorganized catch-all garage shelf:

Did you see it? Or were you too distracted by how expertly I styled those the piles of pool toys, newspapers and stray decor items? Look again, right under the arrow:

Yep, some poor misguided finch chose that very spot at the far end of our garage – far away from the garage doors – to make a home for her eggs. Right in that Kohls bag. (Note to self: Try to push Kohls bags as the next big decorating trend.)
Finch nest
We felt sorry for her as every time we opened the garage door, she swooped in or out, on her way in to sit on the eggs or flying out to go do bird things. There was no way the eggs would hatch. How could they? The mama had limited access to the nest for egg-sitting and whatnot.

But take a closer look inside that nest:
baby finch in birds nest

It’s a tiny avian miracle!

Not just one, but TWO tiny finches, just waiting for some breakfast.

I tried to get better photos, but the whole time I was snapping pics, the mama finch was standing outside the garage door, YELLING AT ME. Flipping me the bird, if you will. She was irate. People think finches are happy, peaceful little birds who mostly hang out with Snow White, and flit around being all nature-y but that’s not true. This bird was cursing at me in Finch-ish (Finnish)? Not very polite.

But I’ve gotta hand it to her: she’s keeping me on top of the trends.

Update: mama bird has been helping herself to our garage through the cat door (?!) and there are now THREE little tinies in the nest. We might need to start charging rent.

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  1. Now why did I think the end of this story was going to be that you went out, pursed a worm between your lips and fed it to your newly hatched garage guests?


  2. So cute! I always have a fascination with birds and nests. Love the adorable ring, by the way!


  3. Lol. I’ve always loved the bird’s nest trend but this is well beyond the norm! And that fascinator is RIDICULOUS.

    I had a little brush with nature myself……

    It has no aesthetic appeal in any way, lol. But kind of cute?

  4. Kelly,

    I did see it in the feed last week….and then I couldn’t find it! Thanks for including my nests and I am so glad Mama Finch’s babies are okay!

    Happy Memorial Day!


  5. I think you need to be thanking that angry bird! Something’s gotta keep you up with the times. Cute birdies!!

  6. hahaha…maybe if you’d tried singing to her in a warbling breathy soprano like Snow White she would have stopped yelling at you?

    I’m liking the fascinator. A fascinator like that has great potential. It’s, well, fascinating. We’ll probably see Countess Grantham wearing it in the next season of Downton…

  7. Adorable! I guess you can’t just leave your garage door open all the time, right? Or move the nest outside? Or go with Bliss’ suggestion and feed those birdies yourself? I bet they’d take some extra milk if Mila’s had too much:)


  8. You new momma bird should be totally able to relate to that pissed off finch …

    … I mean, how did she know your camera was a harmless camera and not some fire throwing machine of death that was being directed at her little miraculous they ever hatched babies ?


    • You’re right. I would’ve flipped someone the bird if I thought they were aiming a fire throwing machine of death at my children too. I might even have cursed.

  9. Crazy that the eggs hatched! Wow! And fun! Did Weston see them? We had a mama robin lay eggs under our deck – we spied on them for weeks, and then we got to watch the babies learn to fly. It was seriously SO AMAZING!

  10. I read this in my reader, and loved it, and clicked on it, then it was gonzo! So I’ll comment today instead. 🙂 Soooo sweet!!

  11. That’s awesome! I have two hanging ferns on my porch and the robins decided to claim both of them as baby-raising-spots. Unfortuantely, that meant I had to choose between drowning adorable little baby birds by watering the ferns or letting the ferns die. I let the ferns die.

  12. OMG! That is adorable! I bet she was mad at you — talk about defending her young! 😉

    I wonder how she’ll teach the baby birds to get out the cat door?

  13. Nature has a way of “making do.” A few years ago I found an active nest nestled in the decorated grapevine wreath hanging on my front door. Coming & going was done sparingly until the little hatchlings took wing. It was a heartwarming adventure. Enjoy!

  14. finch-ish. um. how cute are you?

  15. I apparently haven’t caught on to the bird nest trend either but thats not to say that a couple of bird nests haven’t landed on my property as well. Love this post Kelly! Note to self step away from the nest ; )

  16. haha this post was so funny!! What cute little babies! So funny that the mama chose the Kohls bag in your garage to build her nest. Look at you, all on trend now! (Don’t worry, I haven’t got this trend in my house yet either.) 🙂

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