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Master Bedroom Before and After {Guest Post}: Decor and the Dog

Nothing warms my cold, calloused heart like a well-done DIY version of an expensive store-bought thing. And nothing tickles my awkward little funny bone like Michelle’s blog at Decor and the Dog.

…Making this post a beautiful combination of my favorite things. Check out this goodness, yall:

Well hello, dear View Along the Way readers.  My name is Michelle.  I blog over at Decor and the Dog.  Don’t worry.  My blog isn’t one of those blogs where I pretend like my dog writes the posts and we discuss what fire hydrants he peed on or how many bones he ate that day.  Although some days, that may be better.

Today I am going to share with you one of my least shared before and afters.

When I started blogging, our master bedroom looked like this…
blue bedroom with white bed


The room just didn’t feel like us.  The comforter was actually cute but had seen better days.  Thank you, darling puppy.  The headboard was a hand-me-down that now lives in our guest room.  The end tables are from Crate and Barrel.  They were one of our first furniture purchases.  Everything else in the room was useless junk. 

While browsing the interweb one day, I found the most beautiful headboard.  The window headboard from West Elm.  It cost way more than I was willing to spend.  I jokingly asked the husband-figure if he could build it.  He mistakenly answered “probably.”

We He got to work building the copy cat headboard.  I got to work finding new bedding.  I figured since I was ripping off West Elm’s headboard, I should at least buy their lovely parachute duvute.  Why don’t we throw some striped sheets in too? Sure.  Why not?

Here’s our bedroom today…

blue bedroom with white west elm headboard
We have plans to build a bed frame and add some crown molding but this room has come a long ways!!

Thanks for having me over mama of two!!

Did you see her pretty bedside lamps too?! They remind me of a long-lost love of mine. Michelle has great tips on an affordable way to DIY curtain rods too – check it out here.

Then don’t forget to stop and ogle her AMAAAAZING guest bath. AMAZING. Amazing amazing amazing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful bedroom, Michelle!

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  1. Ok, 2 questions for Michelle! (Hi Kelly!! I didn’t forget you were here!) 1) I’m currently researching DIY headboards and was going with an upholstered look, until I saw this. The clincher for me is that I need to be able to lean against my headboard because I read at night before bed. Is it comfortable to lean against with a couple of pillows? and 2) Could you figure dimensions for a twin size? My little girl needs a headboard and this would be adorable for her if I choose to go upholstered. Thanks!

  2. So much cozier! The stripe sheets are totally fun too. Ya know what I wonder, why are duvets so darn short on the sides? I hate that about mine. I keep tugging at it wanting it to cover the entire mattress.

  3. love michelle and her distinct style! gorgeous room!

  4. Love that bedroom Michelle (via Kelly). The color palette is awesome (of course we all know that I’m obsessed with blue) and I completely agree (and think West Elm would too) that it’s just polite to buy the bedding and the headboard together!

  5. says:

    The West Elm duvet just look so soft. I don’t think I could walk into my bedroom without wanting to lie down. And with six kids (two of them three year olds) that could be the kiss of death! The house would be “remodeled” by the time I woke up.
    Your master bedroom redo is beautiful. The shade of blue on your walls is so peaceful and the DIY headboard is gorgeous. We love your blog- our Boston Terrier likes to visit and check out the pups 🙂

  6. Love that Michelle! She’s one of my faves.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments!

    @Andrea- I would say that it would be super comfy to lean against. I read in bed every night but I’m more of laying down kind of reader. E-mail me at decorandthedog (at) gmail and I can send you those dimensions…it may be a week or two..but I’ll get them!

  8. what a great space, I LOVE that parachute duvet!!

  9. Love Michelle! And, her bed project. That comforter looks awesome on the bed. Loving the new look of the room!

  10. Yay for Michelle! They totally rocked that headboard project.

  11. Okay Kelly. Now I must hurt you. I have not been familiar with Michelle before. But she’s funny. And I like funny. And now I have yet another blog to add to my reading list … and then feel terribly guilty when I don’t visit and comment every day …



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