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So much for May! Yep, it’s June. That happened.

On May 28, Andy and I celebrated seven years (!!) of marriage…

…which, of course, is outrageous.

It also means the seven-year itch has struck.

Where I start to itch for more…

…more years as Andy’s wife.
…more laughs and funny memories.
…more mid-night conversations about our goals and plans.
…more moments of growing together as parents.
…more spontaneous laughter.
…more dancing in the kitchen.
…more candlelit dinners of hamburger helper while two kids sleep upstairs.
more of the same.

Because there’s no one I’d rather do this life thing with than this guy.

No one who could as easily calm my moments of craziness, remind me what’s important, tolerate my shoes everywhere, let me take daily naps or make me laugh so hard it hurts.

No one who looks so good in a shimmering blonde mullet wig, wifebeater and fake tats.

(Halloween. And Saturday night.)


Mila is SIX WEEKS OLD. Proving that time warps and no longer proceeds at its normal pace.

I’ve been afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but this kid started sleeping through the night at TWO WEEKS OLD. (Don’t worry, she’s been gaining weight so fast that her doctor okayed it.) I’ve been pinching myself because it can’t be real. I’m pretty sure this is cheating at parenthood.

And also. Andy turned 30.

Don’t worry, we’ve been tracking his growth too:

(OMG I can’t believe he let me do that.)
(We will both probably regret posting these photos.)

So here’s to June. Andy finishes teaching this week, which means two months of time flying faster than necessary. We have a beach trip planned, and a trip to visit family in Michigan, and lots of time playing outside and trying to stop the clock.

What do you have planned this summer? Is 2012 flying by for you too? Should we quickly delete these photos from the interweb?

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  1. Love this post. Please don’t delete any of it, it’s awesome… I love the way you write 🙂

    I didn’t realize your anniversary was the 28th! Our 7-year was the 21st. 🙂 Add that to the list of things we have in common… (my hubby turned 30 six months ago, and his last week of teaching is this week too)

    I just hope my second child sleeps as well as yours. My first was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks… I’m afraid my second will be everything Abby was not…

    P.S. Hamburger helper after the kid(s) bedtime = awesomeness.

  2. Andy you are a good sport! Too funny.
    Happy anniversary, birthday, and baby-sleeping-through-the-night!!!!! All wonderful things….wishing you many more wonderful things in your life together.

  3. aw, happy anniversary to a gorgeous, silly couple! i am also married to someone i can be a goof with- keeps life fun! and milla is the cutest 6 week old! love her!

  4. LOL! Your daughter is beautiful and your husband is such a good sport! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Absolutely DO NOT delete them. Hilarious!! And just to warn you, time goes faster as they get older. Just enjoy the ride. : )

  6. You two are just hilarious …When I saw your hubby´s pics I started loughing out loud and everybody looked weird at me.
    Anyhow – Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Andy! I can’t believe you’ve been married for 7 years! That’s craziness. You must have been a baby when you got married. 🙂

    I laughed out loud at those pictures of Andy and Mila is SO SO SO ADORABLE.

  8. Hahahahaha! Those photos of your husband are HILARIOUS! My hubby turned 30 in May as well and I am just kicking myself for not documenting his growth like that…

  9. Those pictures of Andy are too precious. I don’t think you’ll regret them. 🙂 Congratulations on another year, and here’s to many more!

  10. Haha the pictures of your hubby are hilarious!!! Happy anniversary to you guys!! Oh my goodness…and what a BEAUTIFUL baby you have! She is a doll!!!

  11. Oh my gosh, Kelly! I am laughing so hard right now! You’ve got yourself one heck of a good sport right there. Congrats on all the milestones. You’ve got a beautiful family and I wish you many more happy years!!

  12. Hahahaha I love this sooo much!!
    Here’s to many more years of a loving and hilarious marriage and lots of baby love 🙂 Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!!

  13. congrats on 7 yrs and your sweet 6 week old! What beach are you going to? I know we live in the same state and I’m looking for ideas for this summer. 🙂

    • Thanks! We were thinking Destin, but we haven’t found a great hotel there yet, since we’re planning to use reward points to pay for it. We might try Myrtle Beach for the first time. We love Savannah but we’ve been there several times in the past few years. I’m open to ideas if you have good ones too! 🙂

  14. Happy anniversary! Mila is ADORABLE! And Andy? Well, those pics had me laughing out loud at work. Well done 🙂 And, happy birthday to him!

  15. OMG – I am doing the ugly “cry-laugh” at those pictures of Andy. That is so so so funny. What a good sport! You know who will regret those pictures one day ….your baby girl! “OMG Mom and Dad you are soooo embarrassing!!”

    Trust me …I have 4 teenagers.

    • Hahaha, so true! “OMG you guys put that ON THE INTERNET?! Did you KNOW that lasts forever?” Poor children. 🙂

  16. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet and hilarious post!! OMG, those pics of Andy on the couch made me spit out my coffee!

    Sounds like you have a fun summer planned. Enjoy every moment! Soak it all in. So far, I have not found a way to stop time, and believe me, I’ve tried!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  17. hahahahahaha, i need to show my husband what a ‘good blogger husband’ will do for the sake of the blog. Congrats on all of the milestones!

    • Thanks! Yes, a good blogger husband will sacrifice his pride for all time in the name of one fun post. Oooh, we should write a contract for all the things good blogger husbands are required to do!

  18. That is just too funny! I think it’s great to post first, question second:)


  19. I much think I prefer the fetal position on the couch photo to the mullet wig one. Yeah Andy what a good sport.

    May you have many more years together full of fun photos.


  20. Happy everything, Kelly! Mila looks soooo much like Weston. 🙂

    Maybe Andy was delirious over the prospect of 2 months away from teenagers when he agreed to take those photos? It makes you do weird things. Here’s hoping that one of his students doesn’t find your blog. 😉

  21. What a LOVELY post!!

    SCORE – sleeping through the night at 2 weeks?! AWESOME!!

    And Andy’s arms look HUGE in that first photo. 🙂

    Have a LOVELY month, Kelly!

    • Thanks! Actually, Andy has the most disproportionately-long monkey arms of anyone I know. Turns out to be pretty useful in sports and reaching tall things. These are things you don’t think to add to your “future husband must-have list,” but are great unexpected bonuses in a mate.

  22. holy hilarious post. you’re amazing. 🙂 congrats on the anniversary!

  23. You guys make the perfect couple. Beautiful family! Your husband reminds me so much of mine – a clown. I love that about him, there is not one day that goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh. I’m sure you feel the same way about yours : )

    Happy Anniversary

  24. This is all sorts of sweetness mixed in with hilarity! Those pics of Andy are awesome, don’t ever delete them! Happy Anniversary you two.

  25. I just happened across this post today and about died. This is hands-down the funniest thing I’ve seen. Andy is my hero.

  26. While battling a bad allergy attack today, I sat down to check out some design blogs to hopefully get good ideas and also cheer me up some after a couple of really difficult weeks (months). One click led to another, and somehow I stumbled across your blog. I spent way too many hours reading through lots of posts, and then found this one. Oh my gosh! When I saw those pics of Andy on the couch, I literally burst out laughing and could not stop!! That was the funniest idea, EVER, and anyone who has had a baby can totally relate, lol! I’m laughing now, just thinking about it! Since I work with pregnant gals and new moms every day, those “growth pictures” really looked familiar, lol! Thanks so much for the fantastic laugh, and I’m totally signing up for your blog!

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