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Just for fun: Weston’s First Video Tutorial

In this house, you learn the important things first:

  • How to say “mama”
  • How to crawl
  • How to spew pureed bananas all over the floor
  • …and how to use a screwdriver.

All by the time you turn 2 1/2. Because we have priorities, you know? Gotta raise these kids up right.

And with that, I bring you Weston’s first video tutorial and the debut of Andy live and my awkward video voice. I caught Andy teaching Weston how to use a screwdriver, so naturally I grabbed the video camera and Weston’s worldwide career in broadcast was born.

Yes. IS safety first.. (??)

Whatever. Don’t question it.

And now you’re an expert on the use of screwdrivers.

PLEASE tell me you guys are dying to see more Weston tutorials, because I caught Andy teaching him how to use a stud-finder the other day…

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  1. Erin @ His & Hers says:

    Ahhhh! Why must I be sitting in Dorschel right now waiting for an oil change?? Do you think the guy next to me would like to hear Weston’s tips and your awkward video voice as much as I do? I think I will ask him.

  2. Please make this a weekly thing. That was too fun. Best tutorial I’ve ever seen. I really feel enlightened and I’m glad you’re safety-first.

  3. So, I’m really glad today is my day off because I don’t usually watch videos. I died. Adorableness. And impressive. Little handy man genius you have right there. The ending was totally the icing on the cake!

  4. Adorable! You must share the stud finder video too! Love the disclaimer at the end – too funny!!

    PS – D really likes using stud finders. He makes it beep on himself. ~rolls eyes~

  5. Omg, dying! DY-ING! You know, it’s hard to find video tool tutorials for my two year old girls. Weston could really fill a niche in the market there. He’s natural on camera. Definitely explore this further–maybe a paint sprayer next. (Btw, I spy an awesome rug in the background.)

  6. Aw, how cute! That’s one to keep and show later for sure!

  7. Impressively cute and talented!! He’s quite proficient with the screwdrivers and the vocabulary already. Way to go guys.

  8. Yes, more, more, more! Weston is a darling and reminds me of when my daughter “helped” assemble her baby brother’s crib:) That’s what we get for having DIY blogs. She already wants to take pictures of her food before we eat, I see a problem emerging:)


  9. Oh I love this tutorial. It is great that your husband is teaching these skills to Andy at such a young age. I’ve always said that no matter what they want to pursue in life, learning to use their hands in a trade can never hurt. Yes, show more tutorials – this was wonderful ! 🙂

  10. That was so darn cute!!!

  11. Ohhh my goodness! So cute! Yes, PLEASE share the stud finder video! I have a feeling Weston is going to be a YouTube sensation before he turns 3! 🙂

  12. Hahaha! Please make this a regular thing! He’s such a cutie! And a genius! He’ll be building you coffee tables and painting before you know it 😉

  13. Connie Necaise Starita says:

    Yes, we want to see more. This child is precious and we want to watch him grow up.

  14. Oh, sweet niblets, your child is adorable! And I couldn’t help but marvel at his fine motor skills. He’s definitely above the curve. (That’s my professional opinion.) I say more videos! Get this cutie a toddler tool belt!

  15. Can I have him? (Weston, not your husband. I already have one of those.)

  16. Oh my goodness that was [almost] the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!!! (other than my 11-day-old of course 🙂 )

  17. Very good! I have a 27 year old that I’m not sure knows the difference between a flathead and a phillips head. Don’t you ever wonder who Phillip was? And why a flathead screwdriver didn’t get the name bobs head? It’s the little things I ponder!!

  18. First, LOL!! Second…. I suppose I could volunteer to help Andy find a stud. Or something like that.


  19. Way to go Andy! See, this is what’s wrong w America – more dads need to teach their boys the importance of tool function and usage.
    Weston is seriously too cute to be real.

  20. i coud eat him up…. SO cute! and i feel compelled to teach my kids to use power tools with the last week we have before school starts. sound good?

  21. LOVE!!! That is the cutest…I need more!!! 🙂

  22. This is awesome!
    (and now I know how to use a screwdriver)

  23. hands down the best video tutorial i’ve ever seen!!!

  24. Too cute for words! More please 🙂

  25. LOVE. That is all 🙂

  26. Too cute! More please

  27. Kelly, this is adorable!! would love to see more! Can so imagine if I had kids (boys or girls) that this would be them. Loving it!


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