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DIY Mason Jar Drinking Glass Charms

The measure of true friendship is a bud who will craft with you, I’m pretty sure. It still counts if you lure them in with the promise of getting to play with Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint. And true friends, when they walk in your house for a craft night and see that you’re totally slumming in a t-shirt and old ratty shorts, will say: “Oh good! I was worried we were supposed to look cute today.” (Ha!)

But here’s the thing: I ain’t ashamed-a no ratty clothes. I’ll still post pics of our craft night on the ol’ blog.

When the nice folks at Plaid sent over this sweet stash of Plaid’s new Martha Stewart glass paint, stencils and tools
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Supplies

Image via Cherished Bliss

…Lauren, Emily and I got to work!

In true southern fashion, Lauren and her family drink out of mason jars. (She is so fabulous. You guys would love her.) Her family often gets their drinks mixed up, so Lauren used the glass paint to add little charms to her mason jars.

Look how cute they turned out!
DIY stenciled mason jar charms

Now there’ll be no confusing whose good ol’ southern sweet tea is whose! The glass paint is top rack dishwasher safe, so these will be golden for a long time to come.

Supplies used:

  • Mason jars
  • Martha Stewart opaque glass paint in various colors
  • Martha Stewart adhesive glass stencil
  • Stencil pouncer
  • Optional: wine, chocolate, friends.
  • Not optional: husbands who will babysit. (SEVEN kids under four years old between the three of us.)

These little stencils were so easy to use. The little leaf came in a stencil pack that looks like this:
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Adhesive Stencils - Bold Sans Alphabet
Lauren whipped these jars up in about 5 minutes flat. You just clean your glass with rubbing alcohol…
Mason Jar Rubbing Alcohol
And stick the little stencil right where ya want it. (They’re adhesive so they don’t move while you’re painting.)
Stenciling a mason jar
Then dab on the paint with the little foam pouncer dealie:
applying glass paint with a stencil
And remove the stencil and you’re done! SO easy.
Mason jar charms with martha stewart crafts glass paint

Emily stenciled her wedding date and monogram onto these Christmas ornaments. (I’m kicking myself for not taking a finished photo!)
Wedding gift christmas ornament with martha stewart glass paint
Wouldn’t these ornaments make a perfect wedding gift?

And I made a little money jar for Weston:
Stenciled money jar/piggy bank

(Weston is independently wealthy.)

Do you have to fight your family to keep away from your glass? What would you make with glass paint? Wanna come over and craft with me? Ratty pjs welcome. 🙂

Update: Lauren said her little charms came off in the dishwasher. We may not have perfectly prepped the glass, but just thought I’d let you know in case you want to use the paint on something that needs to be washable!

PS: More for crafty inspiration, follow Plaid products on Facebook, twitter and pinterest.

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Glass Paints and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Craft nights are the best. I love making a huge mess and just letting the creativity fly. Love the ornament!

  2. ohh, How I wish I had some ladies to craft with! This looks like a LOT of fun, and I love Martha’s products! I use her brushes and pouncers all the time!
    great job girls, love all the projects!

  3. Hey, this is neat! I’ve been threatening a fall crafty night with some pals at my place. We’ll see if we ever actually get around to it though. 😉

  4. This looks like the most fun night a dorky blogger like me could ever ask for (maybe wine could make it better)! I love doing this sort of thing with friends and the chance to try out some new supplies is awesome. Nice job ladies!

  5. I love craft time and those paints are amazing!!!!

  6. I <3 mason jar projects!

  7. This is so cool! I love the Christmas ornament! 🙂

  8. so cute! i love the money jar!!! i love money! ha ha. love the wedding ornies, too!

  9. Erin @ DIY on the Cheap says:

    How fun! I love everything you girls made! I’ve promised my friends a craft night with my glass paint too. Can’t wait!

  10. Great ideas! The ornament is a super cute idea. Leave it to Martha to figure out glass painting.

  11. Those are all so cool! I’m with Cassie on the money thing… Too bad we can’t paint that for ourselves…haha..

  12. I want to have a craft night! Nobody I know in real life likes crafts. I must find someone.

  13. Looks like a fun night! I wish I had girlfriends that wanted to do that =( The mason jars are so cute and I love that ornament!

  14. Girlfriend craft nights in ratty clothes are the best. 🙂

  15. What a FUN night and loved how your projects turned out! The money jar would be cute for my girls as they start collecting allowance!

  16. My ratty pj’s and I will be there in, um, like 12 hours or so …. I think that’s how long the drive will take!

    Love your mason jar creations. And I love the sticker stencil idea! That Martha really knows her stuff!



  17. Ratty clothes, good friends and a night of crafting – my kind of night (all that’s missing is the vino)! Love the ornaments!

  18. I’ve lingered over Martha’s glass paint aisle a couple times now without making a purchase. I just didn’t have any ideas on what to do with it. Now I do 🙂 Great projects!

  19. Love the idea of a girls craft night. In our family we just assign each kid their own colored sippy each day, or I go super ghetto and add a rubberband and a name to each one!

  20. #1) Those outfits look like evening gowns compared to what I usually wear for my “projects” and 2) Adhesive stencils?! Genius! I am totally getting some!

  21. Not sure about the Martha paints but DecoArt Glass Stains can be baked on so they will be dishwasher safe.


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    How to Make Mason Jar Charms with Martha Stewart Glass Craft Paint

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