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Free printables and a laundry room sneak peek!

Oh yeah, the laundry room. I knew there was something I was forgetting.

We’re about 90 percent done. And you’re just going to have to take my word for it because I’m waiting to show it to you until it’s complete. So far we’ve painted the floors, stenciled a wall, added new cabinets and shelves, installed a small jacuzzi recessed into the floor and replaced the sheetrock with jello.

Not really on those last two counts. I’m just shamelessly taking advantage of your ignorance.

We still need new lighting and some sort of ironing board storage… but we’re close, friends. We’re close.

Ready for a little sneaky-peeky?
Art and photos in a laundry room
Oooh *mysterious!!*

I added some art! I picked up these four frames. The two larger ones were $2 each from a thrift store and the smaller ones were .50 each from a yard sale.
Four medium wood picture frames
Have I mentioned we’re on a $100 budget for this whole room? Yeah.

But I didn’t love the medium wood color, so I spray-painted them. I just grabbed the first dark spray paint I found in the garage, which a metallic oil-rubbed bronze. I thought — metallic? For a frame? — then shrugged and decided my mantra for this project is: It’s only a laundry room. So I got to spraying.
Spray painting picture frames
I actually liked the color in the end, because it reads like a glossy black.

Then I hopped on my computer and whipped together two little bible verse art posters to pop in the two smaller frames. I picked two verses that relate to cleanliness, since this is, after all, a laundry room. I’ll pause for a moment while we all reflect on that pure genius. (Hmm. Nevermind.)

This is what I ended up with:
Free Bible Verse Printable: Create in me a clean heart, O God

“Create in me a clean heart, O God.”

Free Bible Verse Printable: Wash me and I will be whiter than snow
“Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”

If you like those, you’re welcome to download them and print them – just CLICK HERE for the first one and CLICK HERE for the second one to view them in full size, then right-click on the image and select “Save image as” or “Save target as.” They should work perfectly at 8 x 10 inches and smaller.

For the larger frames, I decided to use two pictures of the cutest people I know. I don’t actually have a lot of family photos displayed around the house, but the laundry room is primarily used by me. I just wanted to display things that would make me happy while I’m busy removing muddy stains from tiny socks. I chose these two:
Portraits of small children
GAH. ADORBS. -Biased mama

I ordered the prints at good ol’ walmart, one-hour photo printing because patience is not my strong point. While I was there picking them up, I looked for some simple white mats but they didn’t have two of a kind that would work for me. I thought: Self, what a great chance to save a buck. I’ll make my own.

So I bought this five-pack of posters to cut into makeshift photo mats:
White posters

It did not go well.

Seriously. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson… unless you’ve been reading here for a while, in which case you probably know better than to expect me to learn lessons on things.

Here’s what the verse prints looked like:
Framed bible verse art
Yeah, NotSoMuch. Problem number one: the photo print background didn’t turn out bright white, so it clashed with the white mats. Problem number two: apparently I cut straight lines like a five-year-old. The mats were not straight or even. Or cute.

So instead, I just printed the verses with a color printer right onto standard printer paper, cut them to 8×10 and skipped the matting.
Paper cutter

…and popped ’em all in their frames.
Framed bible verse art
Much better. I still cut my own mats for the larger photos. Yeah, they’re imperfect. But let’s just recite the mantra:

It’s only a laundry room.


Let’s all just agree that there’s nothing more terrible in life than trying to hang picture frames evenly. I’m SOOO glad we discovered this photo-hanging hack! I whipped out the paint stirrer and had them hanging on the wall evenly spaced within minutes. (For real. Click here and check out the hack if you haven’t seen it before. Total lifesaver.)

I hung two frames over the washing machine and the other two over the dryer.
Bible verse art and child photos in a laundry roomBible verse art and child photos in a laundry room
The verses aren’t photographing well but they look better in real life, promise.

Total cost for four frames, “mats,” and prints: about $15. Not bad. And I’m most definitely enjoying the view while laundering our intimates.

Anyone have tips on easy, cheap ironing board storage? Or on how to cut mats without a mat-cutter or any basic scissoring skills?

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  1. I dunno about the ironing board storage — we just stick ours in the guest room closet; my mom slips hers in the space between w/d and wall 🙂 Re: mat cutting, my local college sells passes to use a workshop on campus that has all sorts of art/craft/jewelry making tools. I’ve often thought that it would be very economical (if I were organized enough to have > 1 project on hand).

    btw – your kiddos look adorable! I wouldn’t avoid laundry like the plague with your laundry room

  2. I don’t know what kind of door you have leading to your laundry room (because you’re withholding!), but I put a heavy duty over-the-door coatrack on the back of our door hang the ironing board on that! There are a couple of left-over hooks and I hang the broom and steam mop there too! Can’t wait to see the rest of the room!!

  3. YEAH for the printables!! THANKS! I can’t wait to see the finish project. I would never stencil. And your kids are super super cute!

  4. oooh i am totally loving what i am seeing!!!
    and your kids are so stinkin adorable!

  5. I can hardly wait for the full reveal! This peak is killing me! Your kids are adorable, no biased momma stuff there. My laundry area is so horrible it isn’t worhty of photographing. This may give me the boost to make some changes. And the printables, LOVE! I will be printing them off as soon as I finish this comment. Thank you so much and nice job!

  6. Love the bible verses and it’s looking so good even from the little corner of the room that you showed us. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  7. I love the stenciled wall…I can’t wait to see how you did it!!!

  8. Cute prints, even cuter babies! 🙂 I have a behind the door ironing board and iron rack. Pretty cheap (less than $20) at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  9. The sneaky peek looks awesome so far. I have a laundry room in an unfinished basement and always struggle with how to make it a more appealing room. I love the printables and the stenciling idea. Hmmm…. Looking forward to your big reveal!!

  10. Design nerd question – What is that font you used for “create” and “wash me” because my heart is all aflutter for them.

    In other news – your kids are some of the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen so you have my vote there. I can’t wait to see the full reveal!!

    P.S. – I’m totally hopping in the hot tub next time I’m in GA.

  11. but seriously, how fun would jello walls be?!?!?

  12. Love the verses, so perfect for a laundry room! I’ve been trying to incorporate Bible verses into our home too so the kids will become familiar with them as they grow up.
    I’m enjoying the sneak peek! I would love to make our laundry area more beautiful but unfortunately it is in our basement which is unfinished and will always be unfinished due to low overhead pipes and moisture problems (we have an ooolllld house). And, let’s face it, we have lots of other areas that need a reno more. 🙂

  13. Hmm, ironing board storage? I’m thinking something back of the door… hate ironing and certainly hate ironing boards. 🙂
    Kiddos are so cute… and blonde!! Cracks me up — you with your gorgeous long dark curls and these little blondies!
    xo Heidi

  14. This is so perfect! I love how God sends ideas my way right when I need them! We are in the middle of redoing our laundry room and I had NO idea what to put on the walls – this is perfect! Bible verses about being clean! Love it! Can’t wait to use your printables. Thanks so much for including them for us to use!

  15. I love this sneak peak! Ahh! It looks so pretty!

    And your kids are totally adorbs, says this totally unbiased stranger 😉

  16. Haha I love your mantra! And your versus say it all…perfect for a laundry room 🙂

  17. I love the quotes you chose and the pictures of your littles!! Great progress so far – I can’t wait to see the whole room reveal! 🙂 xo, Reannah

  18. The verses you picked are not only great, they crack me up. Laundry washing type verses, who would have thought? love 🙂

  19. I spy a pretty peacock stencil in aqua! I knew you could pull it off 😉 The printables are adorable, too! I’ve spray painted frames with ORB before and I like it.

  20. Just as long as when you look at the kids while doing laundry you think they are so cute you don’t mind doing the laundry. When you start to curse them and their whites and colors, time to change the pictures. And I can’t wait to see the reveal.


  21. Love the laundry room themed verses! I am so doing that! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  22. Ooooo, it’s looking good in there. Love that stencil! I would have guessed it’s wallpaper, which translates to: holy cow, good job! Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  23. looks great. YHL did a post a while back on hanging their ironing board, maybe that solution would work for you. I too am putting verses in our laundry room, I think I’m going to hang ones on gratitude and everything you do, doing it as if unto the Lord (b/c laundry is not my favorite task and I find those encouraging/perspective shifting type verses). also hung a stain removal chart reference…anyhoo…looking forward to seeing how it turns out and love the stencil you used!

  24. Thanks for the printables! I love this idea! I’m thinking I’ll do pictures of my 2 boys at their “messiest” to remind me how adorable they are when I’m doing load, after load (after load!) of laundry =)

  25. I LOVE this laundry room. I might just use those printables myself!

    Regarding mat-cutting, it is best to leave it to the professionals. They have lots of special tools that do all the aligning and angling for them. Instead, consider mounting your artwork or photos on top of card stock, decorative, or poster board. I usually use double-sided tape, but If you want a classier look, you could use photo corners–either store bought or DIYed from triangles of coordinating papers.

    Thanks for all of your tips–I’m definitely adding you to my BlogLovin’ list!

  26. Beautifully done…

    Have you considered a permanently installed “closet style” ironing board. I purchased a brand new, unfinished one at a salvage store in the Pittsburgh area for $15.00. I did the stain, varnish, and installation myself. When I need to iron, I just open the door and drop out the board. Then, when I am finished, it pops up and the door closes. Looks just like a closet door in my extra bedroom.

    • YES! We have been looking everywhere for something like that. We saw one at yard sale once for $20, but not having shopped around for them, we had no idea what a good deal it was. They’re at least $150 to buy new! We’re kicking ourselves for not snagging that one. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  27. Super-Love your Laundry Room (and the rest of your easy-to-follow-hilariously-honest-blog)! Regarding a drying rack… Find one of the recalled “dropside cribs” and use the slatted sides… fix to the wall or hinge them together and stand them up teepee style on the floor.

  28. I think these would be great in the bathroom as well! 🙂


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