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My Least {MOST} Favorite Things about Fall

Lots of bloggers these days are talking about the return of autumn and their favorite aspects of the season.

Well NOT ME.

I thought we could all discuss the very worst parts of autumn today. The things that make us loooong for snowy days, or pollen season, or the melty-sticky-sweatiness of summer. Like…

1. The Changing Leaves

…which, where I live, set the whole city ablaze with ombre branches fading from green to burnt orange to deep, deep warm burgundies.
Fall Leaves


It’s like — just pick a color already, you know? The leaves don’t match the grass anymore and everything clashes.

2. Football

For huge fans of college football like Andy and me, this is one of the WORST parts of fall. Come Saturday, you’re forced to dedicate at least a three-hour chunk of your day to lazing on the couch with sticky chicken wing fingers, drifting into a restful nap at halftime.

Or worse: watching the game with a rowdy group of friends who invade your living room and bring pumpkin-flavored desserts to share. RUDE.

Or even worse: Actually GOING to the games under the saturated blue sky with the slightest nip in the air and the pulsing excitement of being part of a huge crowd who’s living in the moment and all hoping for the same result. The excitement is just exhausting.

We have a long history of taking weird photos together. The couple that takes weird photos together, stays together. Isn’t that what they say?

3. Pulling out the Fall Decorations

…like I did yesterday. I found this art piece that a friend gave me, and knew it had to be hung in the office just for the season. But I was surprised to find that the color of the trees I saw through the window match the ones in the picture.

Sorry about the weird lighting here. It’s hard to take a picture of the inside AND outside at the same time.

See what I mean about autumn? What fun is hanging art when it looks the same outside as it does in the picture frame?

Just look at how autumnal my dining room looks right now:
Dark brown dining room decorated for autumn

With the new little vignette I added of old fall decor I’ve had forever: the vase fillers in apothecary jars, the cloche covering the little green pumpkin, the bed of maroon leaves…

It’s like, seriously? I’m bombarded by images of autumn every time I step outside the in the fresh, cool air, and now it’s all over the INSIDE of the house too?!
Table decorations for autumnGIMME A BREAK, you know?

Plus the new season FORCED me to make over my mantle like I showed you a few days ago (more on that disaster here):
Autumn/Fall Mantle

And just look at this. The light streaming in so bright that I cannot even get a photo of the cloche with fall decorations that now sits in the breakfast nook.
Breakfast nook with fall centerpiece
Just once I want it to be dreary and snowy and so-cold-it-hurts outside, instead of these 65- and 70-degree days made for sitting in the backyard with snacks spread out on blankets just soaking up the sunshine in comfort.

Is it winter yet?

Signed, Autumn Scrooge.

What are your least favorite parts of fall? Have you brought out the autumn decorations yet?

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  1. THANK YOU! It’s time someone had the courage to stand up to fall. It’s been so sunny, breezy and perfectly chilly here that I’m seriously about to lose it.

  2. Hate leaving the windows open. It’s like, what do we have this AC & heater for if we’re just going to use FRESH air? Sheesh.

  3. your home looks awesome in the fall, and i love everything about fall. you can never take that away from me.

  4. You are so right, Kelly. These beautiful fall days are just disgusting! (PS I’m still in love with your wrap around the corner plate wall!!!)

  5. ha. Autumn makes me happy. Your decorations look beautiful. Please tell me that you found that tree online somewhere. if its in your yard, I might die of jealousy.

  6. I refuse to decorate for fall. Saving all my time money and energy for Christmas! 🙂

  7. Lol. Cute post. Your dining room is beautiful =)

  8. Seriously? You are just such a fun read, I would read you even if I weren’t a blogger, which is saying a ton, I mean seriously! My least favorite thing about fall is that around every corner you have the excuse to eat something totally delicious, I’m a fall-food kind of girl:)


  9. Hehehehee…. Cute. 🙂

  10. Soon I shall rain or snow on your parade.

    ~Mother Nature~

  11. My least favorite thing about fall is that all the brilliant bloggers out there go and start decorating before Labor Day has had it’s last gasp and the pressure to keep up kicks into overdrive. Boo. 😉
    xo Heidi

  12. Whatever … I’m ignorant to it all. Sincerely Signed, Summer 4Eva!

    And is it wrong that when you said ‘the leaves don’t match the grass’ I though ‘the carpet doesn’t match the drapes’ … in a totally non decorating sorta way? 🙂

  13. At the risk of sounding like a troll, this post comes across as obnoxious. Very obnoxious.

    • Aw sad! Fair enough. I hope you read the whole thing enough to know that it was really about how much I love the season. Have a great week!

      • Kelly, Jennifer was right, it was obnoxious…obnoxiously (love that word), cute. I love your humor. Most people know, you are using sarcasm, and the funniest jokes and quotes out there, are sarcastic. You can check out my humor board on Pinterest, to know that I love sarcasm. Shoot, that is how I get through my day working for, Wally World. My customers, love it. You, are so down to earth, and I hope you stay that way. Oh, by the way, I love the dining room, (drapes and rug, included). It is beautiful just the way it is.

  14. Who needs pretty colors and tasty desserts? Seriously, the deadness of winter is so much better 😉

  15. Hahaha love this! I don’t own any fall decorations so I feel like an outcast in the blogging community. But come Halloween? It’s on like Donkey Kong!

  16. I like your post. It made me laugh.

  17. You’re funny! I love your dining room though. And your mantle. Simple but oh so classy. 🙂

  18. Well, you’ve just turned me off my favorite season …

    … thanks bunches. Especially since I live in Chicago. Where we only have two seasons. And now I must hate one of the two …



  19. Oh, seriously! I totally hate the cool, crisp Autumn I-don’t-really-have-to-wear-a-jacket-yet weather!

    It’s exhausting trying to just figure out a way to avoid the vast array of colors going on outside… ugh. Shoot me now… hahaha…

  20. Rick and I are incapable of taking a normal picture together. Good to know it will add to our marriage’s lifespan. 😉 Have a great (fall) weekend!

  21. What about sweaters? You forgot about sweaters? Seriously….we HAVE to drag out all those cute sweaters and wear them with matching scarves. Really…..the injustice of it all 🙂

    Have a great day rock star!

  22. Hate it! Going along for months without touching a clock.

    Love the time-change-thing, of course. It’s good to reset the time on 10 or 20 clocks in one day


  23. This is hilarious! So glad I found your blog 🙂

  24. Sorry no complaints coming out of this fall lover 🙂 but I will agree with you on one thing…hurry up winter!

  25. This was just about the best start to my Monday that I could have asked for.

    You are hilarious.

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