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Andy Judges the Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge

Sometimes Andy and his friends have whole conversations using only Star Wars quotes. The amount of Star Wars geekiness emanating from my husband at that moment sends me into a state of shock and awe, and I have no choice but to pat him on the head and remind him it’s a good thing I’m already committed. We’re in this for the long haul, for better or worse, whether Andy is installing a light fixture for me or channeling Yoda a little too accurately.

Pretty sure that was in the vows.

R2D2 card from DarkroomandDearly etsy shop

And in all fairness, I may have my own sources of geekiness too. Sometimes I talk in “Blog-ese” and he has no idea what I’m saying, so it’s fun to occasionally drag him kicking and screaming invite him politely into my world.

Today, for example. Andy has the privilege of judging the entries of the Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge hosted at His and Hers Blog, where entrants submit creative crafts they made using random supplies from the hardware store. You can check out all the entries here, but here are Andy’s official favorites:

Most Elegant Solution
Andy liked Erin’s galvanized coupling tealight holder for its simplicity.

He thought it was funny that Erin used the galvanized coupling without knowing what it actually is, and I giggled awkwardly to imply that I am well versed in the common uses for galvanized coupling. (Galva-what?)

Most Useful Idea
I loved Katie’s spray-painted washer necklace, but I was certain that Andy wouldn’t “get it.”

He proved me wrong. He said: “That’s really nice. I can imagine someone paying five dollars for that in the store,” which to Andy means that it would be really nice and expensive. (He believes no article of clothing should cost more than $7, so a five-dollar necklace is straining the top of his budget and therefore fancy.)

He also went into this oddly long and thoughtful discussion about how you could spray paint this necklace any color to match whatever outfit you were wearing that day, even customizing the look in the morning and having it dry in time for a date night that evening.

I wish I’d caught this conversation on video, you guys. I think he could’ve moved a few million units on The Home Shopping Network.

Most Inspiring
Andy was really digging these industrial shelves made of wood and plumbers pipe at Anythingology.

I think he was ready to find some new wood and weather it himself. I didn’t try to stop him.

Most Impressive Overall
I was really geeking out over Christine’s awesome mirror frame which used the diffuser material for fluorescent lighting to create this cool texture:

– but I tried not to influence Andy’s decision. He thought it was the best project overall, declaring eloquently: “Nice use of that stuff. I like stuff she used.” And he dwelt for a while on the fact that she made the mirror out of pine. He said, “Hmmm. She made it out of pine? Pine. Pine, huh?” And I was like “Hmm. I guess so,” nodding as if I understood why pine was worth remarking over, and as if I even realized it was pine before he said so.

All in all, it was fun going through the entries with Andy and seeing what appealed to him. The force is strong with that one.

Did you take part in the craftiness challenge? Do you have a significant other who likes to DIY? Are you completely confused as to why Andy is always such a good sport about bloggy things? (Me too. Me too.)

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  1. That is so awesome that Andy is such a good sport about bloggy things! I really like all of the picks too, especially the mirror… I have to admit that it’s intriguing and looks like it would cost A LOT more in the store! Would be awesome to have two hanging in a bathroom over a double sink or something!

  2. I love that he’s such a good sport about it! It almost feels like he’s a regular contributor these days 🙂 and you dont have to pay him. I’m pretty sure that wood and pipe coffee table is my favorite. It’s pretty amazing.

  3. Great picks! I think Christine’s mirror was awesome!

  4. You guys are too sweet!! Thank Andy for me – I am super flattered!!

  5. Haha! My husband and I are huge Star Wars nerds, so I’m used to the Yoda impressions too 😉

  6. If Andy’s selling it, I’m buying it. The End.


  7. i only knew the home shopping anchor wasn’t really andy because of the hands. 😉

  8. Andy was kinda scaring me over that whole washer necklace thing … but his picks are awesome!



  9. It’s a good thing the husbands don’t write ze blogs. That’s why they must continue to be our slave laborers. Mwah ha ha.

    Good picks, Andy. Good picks.

  10. hahaha Andy on HSN….

    What a good sport these husbands are. 🙂

  11. I think Andy should write a commentary about a day in your life, Kelly. It would be HILARIOUS, I can only imagine.

    Thanks for picking the necklace. 🙂 I wore it Saturday!

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