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Crushing On: Navy Velvet

I have an obsession, an itch I’m trying to scratch.

Via Traditional Home, Photographed by Greg Scheidemann

I want to cover my entire world in navy velvet.
Design by Emily Henderson

I want to find a pair of ugly, needy chairs on craigslist for next to nothing and recover them in plush, deep blue, soft velvet.
Shine by S.H.O.

(I also want to know how to recover a chair. Like, for real recover it, not like I did with these Chinese Chippendales.)
Fusion Sofa Set by Sandy Wilson

I actually want to take a million yards of navy velvet, throw it into a giant empty swimming pool, dive inside and live in my happy navy velvet hole for approximately eleven weeks. Or until I get hungry and/or smothered.

I think my living room wants a pair of navy blue velvet club chairs right there where the Chinese Chippendales are sitting.

They will be luscious. They will be delicious. They will carry over the navy from the curtains just perfectly. And they will be clean for four point six minutes until Weston smears peanut butter fingers all over the back, then Mila spits up avocado juice on the front.

Designed by Sara Gilbane Interiors via Lonny Magazine

I guess for now, I’ll stick to my shot of navy velvet softness in an accent throw blanket.

Just don’t tell anyone that my soft navy throw is actually a snuggie in disguise.

What are you crushing on? Would you ever allow a snuggie to be left out in the open at your house?

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  1. Mmm, snuggie. Such a magical invention.

    I like the look of velvet but velvet freaks me out. I don’t know why. I think it reminds of velour jump suits. I hope I don’t freak you out.

  2. I want to cover MY world in navy velvet! We are twins. Lets have matching houses.
    No seriously, I am going with navy in my bedroom and have been coveting all things navy. At the fabric store the other day I was crushing all over velvet – there’s just something so tactile about it, I can’t resist. It would look so yummy in your family room with those striped curtains!!! I know you will find the perfect chairs on CL!

  3. Oh, Kelly! I love love love it! That will bring that room to a whole new level! I think you should go for it! I have only upholstered small things, but I have a pair of chairs I want to do…if I can work up the nerve to take the plunge! xo Kristin

  4. ha! The navy chairs are gorgeous but you might nee to wait 5-10 years if you plan on keeping them in any kind of decent condition.

  5. Haha- the swimming pool for eleven weeks (that seems very specific… )!! These inspiration photos are gorgeous! I agree that navy velvet would look amazing in your living room. It might not be great for children though- you could always do the chairs with those great plastic covers- that’s a totally inviting and comfortable look. Plus you can’t beat the sound of the plastic cover crinkling when you sit on them! haha

    **Disclaimer: that was 100% sarcasm**

  6. Gorgeous! I can totally see why you have a crush on it!

    And that throw is super cute! 😉

  7. I vote yes! I love navy velvet!
    Can’t wait to see what you make with it!

  8. I vote for the navy velvet chairs! And the color blue on the chair in that first pic….oh my, major drool. Love

  9. Well I wasn’t crushing on anything before but now I am! I just so happen to have two black tufted chairs that are similar to the one in the first photo you posted. I think they could benefit from a new upholstery job! 🙂

  10. I can’t get enough velvet lately either. I want a headboard in velvet. It’s pretty durable I hear – dunno if that’s true but makes me feel better.

  11. That last couch just makes me want to melt. Making velvet look soft, comfy, worn, and beautiful all at once? yes please.

  12. Love love love navy velvet!! Actually I love everything velvet, slight obsessive here as well. Death by velvet? Welcome here.

    I actually instagrammed this gorgeous velvet number the other day… I think you might like it.

    Do it.

    Also, when you are done with your Chippendale chairs, I’ll be glad to take them off your hands. I’m pretty good like that.


  13. I once got my hands on a pair of matching velvet in powder blue and proceeded to try and dye them navy. Couldn’t get them to darken up enough and the velvet got crunchy! :/ We did have a good laugh! I have scoured your sight looking for info on your stair railing update. It is visible in your dining room photos. Did you blog anything about this? Thanks! Love your sight!………………….Wendy.

  14. Yes, yes, and Yes. Gorgeous — and you totally need some chairs in navy velvet. 🙂
    We have a couple of snuggies lying around here… shhh. don’t tell anyone. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  15. I support your desire to cover your entire world with navy velvet, and while you’re at it, can you cover my world too? Haha. If my husband were on board, we could throw in some magenta velvet too!

  16. My fingernails are a similar color currently, because I’m crushing on that color too.

  17. Obsessed with navy velvet–me too! Do you think there’s help for people like us?

  18. I love navy velvet too! I was wanting to upholster my new dining room chairs with navy velvet but Newly Woodwards Kim talked me out of it. Psh. I do love my light blue velvet chairs. They would be even more awesome if they were navy velvet though.

  19. I think navy velvet might be a love for lots of us. I blame Emily Henderson for that, she just made it so accessible, like *anyone* can just wake up at 5am, go to the flea market, find a couple of chairs, and recover them in navy velvet for you living room, wham-bam-thank you-ma’am.

    None of that is happening in my house unless I can order them off of Amazon:)


  20. Hey, here’s a thought: Why don’t you get some of that luscious navy blue velvet and reupholster your Chinese Chippendale chairs with it? It would look fab with the white of the chairs and the blue in your draperies. And, by the way, I am soooo jealous of your Chippendale chairs. I have been searching thrift stores for two years looking for them and have yet to score. Although I have found some other great chairs I have purchased!!
    Love your website!

  21. I’m probably not being original here (didn’t read the previous comments) but… are you also crushing on crushed navy velvet???? Ah haha! In other news, my spiritual grandparents got me a leopard print Snuggie a few years back. It was so not me, it was hilarious. I used it with pleasure.

  22. I am just crushing on velvet in general. And navy also, so I guess navy velvet is the top of the list!

  23. Me too! I have been looking all over for some nice navy velvet for a project I am working on.

  24. yummy!!!!!!!!


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