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Easy Thanksgiving Banner

Andy and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year. My parents will be out of town, so it’ll just be us and and some friends whose families live out of state. And you, if you’re nearby. And if you know how to make a spiral-sliced ham.

Now that I managed to weasel my way out of making a turkey – whew! – all that remains is to whip up a few side dishes and whip my house into Thanksgiving-hosting shape.

Step one: Clean. Procrastinate on cleaning by crafting.

Step two: Create “Give Thanks” banner.
Cheap, easy and beautiful Thanksgiving pendant banner tutorial! "Give Thanks!"

If you’re looking for a good way to put off cleaning, here’s a quick little tutorial for making your banner. It was fast and mostly easy, except for a brief interlude of impossibility courtesy of my evil sewing machine.


  • About half a yard of burlap
  • Jute twine
  • Alphabet stamps (I bought this set on recommendation from a blogger friend. I love it! The price goes up and down a lot, so I’m not sure how much it is at this very moment as you’re reading this post, but it’s a nice little set.)
  • Acrylic paint and foam brush (not pictured)

Step One: Cut a buncha triangles out of burlap

I made a template using a piece of cereal box, and cut all my triangles roughly that size. I specialize in imperfection around here, so my triangles “have character.”
Burlap triangles for pendant banner

Step Two: Stamp ’em

I started out using an ink pad for the stamps, but I couldn’t get the letters to appear dark enough, so I switched methods to painting acrylic paint onto the stamp with a teensy foam brush. Jackpot.

Then, using my jute twine thing as a spacer, I stuck each letter roughly in the center of each triangle, pressed down evenly all around, and carefully lifted the stamp back up.

This photo nicely showcases my imperfect cut lines. Clearly I was aiming for the “shabby chic” look here. #ConvenientExcuse

(I wish I’d realized when I wrote that recent post about Andy’s hands that my next post would have many pictures of my own freakish hands. Perhaps I should have made fun of him a little less?)

(No, probably not.)

Step Three: Sew (or not) the top of the triangles

If I’m being honest, I had written this step of the tutorial in my head before I actually did the step. I was going to tell you to just quickly fold down the top of the triangle, run it through your sewing machine super-speedy-like, and be done with it.

That’s what’s supposed to happen…

…if your particular sewing machine doesn’t delight in your suffering.

ARGH. It took me way too long to do this step. I may have yelled. I may have threatened to cut, throw and/or torch my sewing machine. YOU won’t have this problem, because you’re not trying to sew a teensy, simple line using satan’s sewing machine of doom.

YOU will just fold down the top edge of each triangle and run a little seam right over it, leaving a tiny pocket at the top to thread the jute twine through.


You will use no-sew iron-on hem tape instead. And you will be a winner.

Then just snip off that corner so it looks like a triangle again.

Step Four: Thread it all together

Just slip some jute twine through the pocket you just made and hang that sucka.

* * *

Easy burlap banner for special occasions. "Give Thanks" for ThanksgivingQuick, cheap and easy burlap banner for special occasions
I started out by hanging it over the windows in the dining room, but it’s hard to get a good picture of it there, so I moved it to the kitchen looking into the dining room for a bit. Not sure where it’ll live for Turkey Day.

And that’s how you postpone cleaning for a couple more hours! Clearly this project was a must-do before Thanksgiving, right? How would we enjoy the spiral-sliced ham you’ll be cookin’ up without the reminder to give thanks?

How do YOU justify postponing your chores? Any Thanksgiving crafting goin’ on at your place?

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  1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, but I just wanted to say how much I like your banner. I guess you could do them for every occasion, like Christmas and birthdays. Do you plan on doing more?

    I don’t justify postponing my chores, I guilt trip myself into doing them and instead of doing them 🙂

  2. Your banner looks beautiful and your dining room – gorgeous! Thanks for posting your banner, I’ll have to save this idea for next year!

  3. Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one with an evil sewing machine. Mine almost got chucked from our second story this past week-end.

    Your banner is darling. As is your dining room. I’ll bring over some sliced deli meat next week. That’s what you were looking for, right?

    • I too have an evil sewing machine! 10 years after asking my husband to fix it – he finally did – because he wanted to use it! Hopefully I can use it now to make this cute banner! Thanks for sharing! !

  4. The banner is just such a special touch. Way to go! Gosh, if you reconsider the turkey making I will bring the side dishes. lol

    PS I would like a banner too…sort of a thank you to me

  5. This turned out really cute! I am in full Christmas mode since our Thanksgiving was back on the first week of October. I think my mom might have the brother machine to yours- Lucifer’s Sewing Machine of Destruction. Haha

  6. This is too cute! So simple and chic, I love it!

  7. So cute! I love the shabby chicness 🙂 I’m up to my ears in Thanksgiving crafts! I say it’s because I want our first Thanksgiving in our new house to be special but it’s really because I’m avoiding cleaning and trying to figure out how to make a spiral-sliced ham haha 😉

  8. Kelly this looks SO great! So, so cute. Love your pics, too! 😉

  9. Cute!! I am hosting too and need to get my decorating on – thanks for the inspiration, Kelly!

  10. How To Make a Spiral Sliced Ham:

    1. Go to the store.
    2. Buy a spiral sliced ham.
    3. Stick it in the oven for a couple of hours before everyone arrives.
    4. Eat.

    Easy Peasy. 😉

    Love the banner! I’m not even brave enough to own a sewing machine so… yah. You got me beat there for sure! 🙂

    • It’s going to be fun to see how I manage to mess up that simple four-step process. I bet I can conquer the fourth step though.

  11. Lovely banner! I would never make one. If I did it would look hideous and I would be irritated instead of thankful every time I looked at it. 🙂

  12. So you managed to make that look CRAZY easy but I know it’s not and you’re just going to laugh at me when I attempt it and it all goes very very badly.

  13. Like your thinking!!… And your banner. Mine would be the no-sew version for sure. 😀
    xo Heidi

  14. I like any reason to postpone cleaning. It doesn’t even hafta be creative in nature. I’m like kid at bedtime. Need a drink. Scared of monsters. Gotta pee.

    I’m also wondering if you have any links concerning that luscious dear of a chandelier. You prolly made it, right?

    • Hahaha! Yep, I just whipped up the chandelier out of some broken pieces of glass I found in the trash can. Pretty much threw the broken glass and some tacky glue in a ziploc bag, shook it up, and out came the chandelier!

      … And then I woke up. And remembered that I actually paid real dollars for it. 🙂 Here’s that post:

      Your kid at naptime comment: hilarious, especially in light of the fact that Weston at this very moment is stalling to postpone his bedtime.

      • So I clicked the link and toured your dining room. Could you feel my ghostly presence? I have mixed feelings about it: a) I am bitterly jealous, and b) even in the photos walls change color [me: “definately brown. How could that be called purple?” Then: “definately deep plum.”], and c) do your children eat peanut butter in those chairs?

        You should be so proud of you.

  15. I have not done any Thanksgiving day crafting – I’m not much of a holiday decor girl, so if we are going to be elsewhere for the holiday, I don’t bother much. But, I love your banner! You made it look so easy despite the mean sewing machine. I think all sewing machines are out to get us. 🙂 I may actually make one of these next year! Thanks for the tutorial.

  16. This looks so cute! I absolutely love it! I definitely want to make one for Christmas, I’m kind of bypassing Thanksgiving decorations 😉

  17. I like your banner. I covet your dining room chairs. I need new chairs. Trade you a sewing machine for them? And a spiral ham?


  18. Beautiful project! And I love the inspiration for chore-avoidance activities! My parents usually host the entire extended family for an evening of extra eating, extra story telling, extra everything. The simplicity and elegance of this type of decoration might be just what we need for this year’s event. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I love the banner. I am hosting Christmas (Thanksgiving is at my sister’s house, we switch back and forth every year). I think I will make one for that. So easy! Except for the sewing part. I don’t sew! And I think all sewing machines are evil. 😉

  20. The banner is as adorable as you are! Which is to say, very. The sewing machine pic made me laugh. Stitch witch is my friend.

  21. Ummm…I’m in love with your dining room. Seriously, it’s so chic and luxe! What color are those walls? Love them!

    And that banner is darling. So impressed with your skills :). Can’t wait to see what you make for hosting!

    • Thanks! The dining room walls are “warm caviar” by Benjamin Moore. Some people swear it’s purple, some see navy, some see black, but it looks dark brown to me. It’s a really interesting color. Hope you’re having a great week!

  22. I love this!! I want to make a PPS one for my trunk show! Thanks for the tutorial (and for making me laugh). 🙂

  23. That’s beautiful! I love this. I’d probably go cheap and hand-letter the words since I’m pretty good at that kind of thing.

  24. I made one too! But I just used paper and skipped the sewing part entirely. I’m a little scarred after my last encounter with that beastly machine. Here’s the link to mine:

  25. It’s adorable, and looks beautiful in your beautiful dining room. 🙂 I know nothing about spiral hams or even regular hams. I am a holiday cooking bum.

  26. That’s really cute. This reminds me I have a Thanksgiving banner that I need to bust out before Thanksgiving is over, lol.

  27. It looks great and I myself am a true to heart hemming tape girl. I won’t dare touch a sewing machine!! By the way, your dining room chairs are awesome…they are fabulous to look at and look super comfy too!

  28. I know the cleaning procrastination all too well. It’s a major issue in our house. 😉 The banner looks awesome. I love the stamped look. I always have trouble sewing burlap. My machine hates it and it clogs it up. But, I love it so I deal.

    Great project! I don’t think you can go wrong with a banner. As for ham, I don’t eat it so I’m very little help. =)

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! I hope you have a chance to visit some of the other projects. And we’d also really appreciate it if you could link back to the linkup at one of the four hosts. Thanks!! =)

  29. The banner (and the room) looks amazing! I need to go buy some of those stamps!

  30. So cute!
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one that has fights with my sewing machine. It gets pretty ugly sometimes.

  31. Absolutely beautiful. Perfect font, perfect fabric. I love it over the door way so you can see a bit of transparency. Awesome!!

  32. Looks great! Love your dining room!

  33. I’m swooning over your beautiful dining room. It is so gorgeous! And I love the banner–so simple and sweet, and it looks perfect in the room. I think I like it best over the doorway–that looks fantastic! Thanks so much for joining in!

  34. Such a nice addition to your already lovely dining room! I love the banner when it’s hanging in the doorway!

  35. What a pretty reminder to be thankful! Love the banner, and I love your dining room – very nice!

  36. Nice banner! We’re ‘give thanks’ banner/bunting twins. Thanks for linking up to the Dare to DIY party!

  37. I love this idea. Where did you buy such nice burlap? I bought some, but it is very course and hard to work with.

    • Thanks! I bought it at Joann. I know they have lots of different types. This one is definitely more fabric-y. 🙂

  38. Beautiful! I’d love for you to join the Pinworthy Projects link party!

  39. You are so funny, and make me laugh out loud. I have just recently found my love for crafting and I can’t wait to look all through your blog. You definitely have skills girl!
    Thank you for sharing all of your tips and I especially love the if I could do it all over again tips.

  40. How did you hang your banner? I wanted to hang mine in the doorway like yours, but am having trouble trying to think of easy ways to hang it without messing up the newly painted walls. Thanks!


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