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Quick Tips: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping

I haven’t been actual real-life Black Friday shopping in years. I’ve found that you can get equal or better deals sitting at home online in your fluffiest, most record-settingly unsexy pajama pants, so that’s totally how I roll.

But I will TEAR UP some deals from this here keyboard, so I thought I’d share a few quick little tips for you for today (Black Friday) and Cyber Monday.

1. Favorite Decorating Deal I Buy Every Year

Every year, Lowe’s sells a nice poinsettia plant for about 99 cents each. Last year, they were the pint size, but this year they’re the larger quart size. I’m buying TEN.

They make the BEST cheap, easy Christmas decorations. Group three together on your dining table and it looks plush, cozy and festive. Throw a couple on your fireplace hearth, or two on your front porch and it looks like you actually tried. I’ll be giving a few away as housewarming gifts and a couple as just-because gifts to our sweet neighbor. There’s no shipping charge if you pick ’em up in store.

Even better: go through for an extra 6 percent cash back.

(The ebates link is an affiliate link, but I’m not getting paid by Lowes in any way if you buy those. I just think they’re a frickin awesome buy and everyone should have several.)

2. Best All-Around Deal Santa Just Bought Me

Santa has been slacking for the past few years, because every year I wish for a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and never has he left me one, propped under the Christmas tree, tied with a large, floppy bow like I’d hoped.
kitchenaid kitchen aid artisan stand mixer
Let’s just say I have a good feeling about this year, thanks to this little deal I found. Last year, the best deal I found was $180 for an Artisan Stand Mixer, so that was my goal this time around.

  1. Add one Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer to your cart at Kohls and watch the price magically drop from $349 to $314.
  2. At checkout, enter the coupon code CCYT115 to drop the price by 20 percent.
  3. After the purchase, submit this rebate for another $30 off. The rebate comes with a free magazine subscription, but if that’s not your thing, you can decline the subscription and pocket an extra $12.
  4. You’ll automatically get $75 in Kohls cash to spend later.
  5. Total paid: $209 (plus taxes and shipping surcharge), plus get $75 in Kohls cash. If you spend the cash, it’s like paying $134 for stand mixer that normally costs at least $350.

Even better: Set up an account at and go through ebates to Kohls for an extra 6 percent cash back.

And apparently, that is right within Santa’s budget this year. Or so I hear.

(The ebates link is an affiliate link, but other than that, I’m not paid in any way if you buy this deal.)

4. Most addicting online shopping experience

I love to stalk the amazon lightning deals for sudden, low-inventory, quick deals which come and go all day long.

It’s high-reward, no-holds-barred, sucks-you-in-and-won’t-let-go online shopping.

5. Great Home Decor Shopping

  • One Kings Lane has a great best-of home decor steals sale going on right now, and when you sign up for a new account, you get a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more.
  • Urban Outfitters takes 10 percent off anything and gives free shipping over $50 when you use the code PURPLEWISHES. Go through ebates for an extra 5 percent cash back. I’m JONESING over this helping hands catch-all dish but don’t need enough other stuff to get over the free shipping threshold, so I’m trying to talk myself out of buying it but not doing a great job so far. Santa, can you hear me?
  • Crate and Barrel takes 15 percent off everything with free shipping.

6. Must-do Tips for all online shopping

  • Always, always get cash back on your purchases when you can. We have Discover card and a Chase Freedom card that usually give pretty generous cash back incentives when you click through their site to the merchant, but I use ebates a lot too. I love ebates and have never had any trouble getting paid when I shop through them.
  • Monitor for outrageous steals on things you might need-slash-want.
  • Always check for extra coupon codes through sites like Retail Me Not to see if you can take an extra percentage off.

See this post for more tips on how to save money shopping online.

I’ll be stalking checking more online deals today and Monday and will update this if I find something too good not to share. Happy bargain shopping, friends!

Are you doing any Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping this year? What are you hunting for this year?

This post contains some affiliate links.

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  1. Wow! I am loving this post. If I didn’t already own a KitchenAid mixer (Long story, but bought a millennium series $499 model at a garage sale for $10… wasn’t working, required a 1.97 part, works great now 🙂 I would absolutely be all over that deal! I didn’t know about the Amazon lightening deals… and I can see how that would be addictive! haha… and the poinsettia deal is awesome too! Thanks for sharing these deals with us!

  2. Walmart had a sewing machine for $50 last night, and it was so hard to not buy it for you! 😉

  3. I loooove online shopping this time of year- stores are far too scary. Today I got a sweet laser level on Amazon marked down from $50 to $12. On cyber Monday my fiance and I are buying our wedding bands online! woo hoo!

  4. Ok, I am a little bummed that I am here in the UK and am not able to use these shopping tips but I am still amazed by your serious ninja shopping skills!

  5. A ton of rugs at Rugs USA are 75% off + free shipping right now…and all Waverly fabric is 50% off at, with free shipping and return shipping AND an additional % off with a coupon code! How can you pass it up? …not that I speak from my own shopping experience.

  6. You shop like me right down to the jammie bottoms. I saved more money shopping on line yesterday for exactly what I wanted then if I would have gone to the store. Although I didn’t get lunch out and I didn’t know about those .99¢ poinsettias, but I guess then you could consider I saved that cost too.


  7. Great tips. I’ve never used ebates, but I think it is time I started!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Kelly.

  8. You have the best ever online shopping tips! Have I said ever?

    Of course our microwave decided to give up this weekend … and our grill is on the blitz too … but I’m too stuffed to shop. So I’m probably missing amazing deals. Though, I have noticed in the past that prices sometimes get slashed even more during these next few weeks …

    Wish me luck you shopping superstar!

    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!



  9. These would be super helpful if I had ANY idea what I wanted to get people this year! I’m completely stuck. Normally, I’m really on the ball and this year I’ve only bought 2 presents!

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