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Christmas Eve

…and just as quickly as the Christmas season swooped in, all glittery and smelling of cinnamon sticks and peppermint, we reach this day: Christmas Eve.

A season of waiting and hoping, of anticipation, culminates in these next few hours. In these next few moments as we catch up with family and friends. As we mourn those we lost this year and learn to celebrate the holidays with empty places at our tables and in our hearts.

As we make new traditions with tiny new family members…

A season of waiting and hoping, of anticipation, culminates now, on Christmas Eve… as it did two thousand years ago in a manger under the stars. Expectations, answered. Hope, secured.

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas day. From our family…

And our tiny Christmas elves and reindeer…

To you and yours.

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  1. merry christmas to you and your family! i am thinking of you, as i know this year has not been the easiest. but underneath it all, we always have hope. so lucky to know you and have you in my life and i am looking forward to an ATL trip in 2013!

  2. Adorable pics! Merry Christmas!!

    Thinking of you this Christmas. Thankful for Jesus and the hope that he brought.

  4. Wow, two adorable blessings! Peace and good tidings to you and yours.

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