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Progressive Dinner of Recipe Features

Oh good! You’re right on time for our progressive dinner of features from Monday’s recipe link party!

Before we get started, two things.

1. Did you remember to download the free heirloom recipe e-book? It’s right here, and by the way? Totally free.

2. Quick funny story about Monday’s post where I shared the chocolate pie recipe. I was snapping pics of the finished pie in the breakfast nook by the window when Weston got home from playing at the neighbor’s house. I stopped and moved the pictures from my camera to the computer to check them out, and suddenly I heard Weston in the breakfast nook saying, “I’m okay! I’m okay! I’m okay!”

Which translates in my mother-of-preschooler-brain to: “UH OH.”

Kiddo had stuck his hand IN the pie.

I guess I should’ve seen that coming. Two-year-old hands are drawn to pies like tiny magnets. No sense in fighting it, right? Might as well eat-slash-wear it.

3. Time Fer Eatin’! This is a progressive dinner, and while on the surface it might not seem like the most well-balanced meal you’ve ever eaten, it will be the tastiest feast for your eyes AND zero calories. Because it’s all online. Ready?

Let’s start with our appetizer: Momma’s pepper jelly from Designed by Dawn Nicole. I was skeptical of the whole pepper jelly thing until I tried it. Have you had pepper jelly before? It’s killer. Have it for an appetizer and you’ll leave no room for the main course.

You’re going to need something to wash that down. How about Aunt Ruth’s Hot Chocolate Mix from Prairie Girl to Southern Belle?

Time for the main course! It’s the beautiful festive pumpkin stew by Always Learning. Look at that presentation!

Or you might prefer something a little more down-home-breakfasty, like this Sunny-Side-Up Breakfast Casserole from Little Oak Creations?

Dessert is Chocolate peanut butter cracker cookies from Country Chic Cottage. (My family makes these too!)

That’s a lot of sweets. You’re going to need something healthy to go with that. Maybe fruitcake cookies from Stay-at-home-ista? (It’s fruit, guys!)

Now that your guilt over all these sweets is alleviated, I’d like to send you off with a favor: sista’s famous cookies by Lori Alexander. Look how nicely she packaged them for a gift!

Head to each of those sites via the links above the photos to pin the full recipes. Thanks for stopping by – and thanks *so much* to everyone who linked up and shared those beautiful family heirloom recipes!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my cookies!!

  2. Holy. Crap. I just about fell off my chair. I am new to this blogging gig and I’ve never been featured in anyone else’s blog post! Especially none as big and and as AWESOME as yours!!

    Thank you for making my morning (eeeee how exciting!!) and featuring my sunny-side up casserole. I appreciate it very much and hope others will give it a try too. 🙂

  3. Great features Kelly! Off to check them out!

  4. Oh yum! These all look so delicious!

  5. Mmmmmmmm! My belly hurts, I ate so much!

  6. Love all your features and the recipe book is incredible! I’m with Beth….LOL!


  7. Cute story! So sweet. The recipes look fantastic!

  8. They all look so delish! Thanks for hosting the awesome party — and for the free dowload too!

    🙂 Linda

  9. Too cute about the pie incident, who can blame him though! Great features here too, they all look soooo good!

  10. I tried pepper jelly on cream cheese at a party about 2 months ago. I felt like a geek when I said can I have the recipe. I am now the proud owner of a jar of pepper jelly.


  11. Mmm, I’ll eat that dinner any day! Thanks for featuring my fruitcake cookies:)

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